One Self "Children Of Possibility"
02-02-06: okay, if we're really lucky, we might get all the 'urbansmarts year end wrap ups' lists up, before the end of 2006. anywho, more lists up by folks like Subtitle, Maker, Peter Agoston, Omega Takeshi, DJ Hen Boogie, Draino and several more.
01-19-06: there are new 'urbansmarts year end wrap ups' lists online now, including Supastition, Ra LaMotta of Apsci, Locke, SoulStice, Braille, Funkghost and several more.
01-15-06: Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages. What'd be a year without the look back, the pondering of what was good and was wasn't so much as. And whilst it has been a quiet year for these four corners , public demand... uhm... demanded for another one of the by now traditional 'urbansmarts year end wrap ups'.
So sit back, enjoy and visit back, because as long as there's no wrap up of the wrap ups, there's still more lists to be added and we'll do that frequently now.
12-26-05: what happened? don't ask. what will happen? don't ask neither. none the less, here's a late, whilst unlikely x-mas gift for you guys, three interviews (yes, interviews): 50 Cent, Mobb Deep and M.O.P.
07-16-05: three interviews: Prince Paul, Cadence of Raw Produce and Dumi Right of O.U.O / Zimbabwe Legit
06-12-05: two new interviews, one with Ralph M. of Funkdoobiest and one with Rick Whispers. on top of that two reviews, one of The Landlords "5-Day Notice" and the other of the One Self "Children Of Possibility"
05-28-05: another bundle of reviews: Mercury Waters "Destiny Or Destination", O.U.O "Of Unknown Origin", Common "Be", Hezekiah "Hurry Up & Wait...", Prince Paul "Itstrumental", Blak Prophetz "The 2nd Coming" and the compilation presents "Served - The Compilation"
05-16-05: see, we promised you more J.Cross and here you are: "T-Mac's Blues"

05-08-05: yes, J.Cross is back. he returns with "Ray Allen's faith (or, the issue of something else)" and a promise that he'll write more in the upcoming weeks. also back is Sankofa with a "Breakdown Of Last Saturday Night," a tale of another Element.
on top of that we also got two more reviews: Spoonie Gee "Godfather Of Hip Hop" and The L.J.'s "Likwit Junkies"

05-05-05: as promised, back with two interviews: a brand new Count Bass-D one and a not so brand new - but still very interesting Skillz interview

05-01-05: a truly massive update today: we have reviews of Josh Martinez "Midriff Music", Quasimoto "The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas", Himself "For Your Personal Enjoyment", Paris Zax "Unpath'd Waters", Dynamics Plus "Dynamic Universe Volume Six", Tonedeff "Archetype", Pigeon John "...Sings The Blues", Dr. Monokrome "All Things Considered, That Was A Long Time Ago", Weerd Science "Friends AndNervous Breakdowns", Ekler'O'Shock presents "The Unexpektheadz" (includes Apsci, Mike Ladd, Stacs Of Stamina, Ddamage and many more), "Verve Remixed 3" (includes remixes by RJD2, Lyrics Born, Danger Mouse, Bent, and many more)
on top of that, we have the third and final part of Cadence's Pack Of Lies/linernotes to his "Built For The 90's" mix-cd.
and in a couple of days we'll return with interviews with Skillz and Count Bass D. stay tuned.

04-24-05: reviews of Grand Agent "Under The Circumstances", Sev Statik "Slow Burn", Access Immortal "Shades Of Reality", Nygh "Circling Vultures" and De La Soul "The Grind Date"
04-17-05: reviews of Blame One's "A Complex Burden" and the Female Fun compilation "Natural Fun", including tracks by Double K (PUTS), Raw Produce, Dooley O and many more. and speaking of Raw Produce: check out part two of Cadence's Pack Of Lies/linernotes to his "Built For The 90's" mix-cd.
04-16-05: more reviews: MED "Push Comes To Shove", Coley Cole "Goldplated Straitjackets" and Haysoos' new 12" "Listen Up / Streetbox"
04-12-05: two more reviews: Mum's The Word "Constant Evolution" and Sharlok Poems "The Movement".
04-08-05: new interview with Edan and a newswrapup with news about Cosmo Galactic, Paris Zax, some tour dates, about the 3rd Annual Malcolm X Consciousness Conference, Josh Martinez, and more info on more artists.
04-07-05: more reviews, this time of Neila's brilliant "For Whom The Bells Crow", as well as the seriously dope albums "Common Man's Anthems" by The Presence and "Sach 5th Ave." by Sach.
04-06-05: Cadence returns with a very special "Pack Of Lies", as he's giving us exclusive linernotes to his mixcd release "Built For The 90's". and because there's so much to say, this will be a three part series.
04-04-05: reviews of Celsius "Kickin It To Hell N Back", Emanon "The Waiting Room", Muph+Plutonic "Hunger Pains" and Proe "Perfect"
PLEASE NOTE: in the last couple of weeks, has been hacked twice. even though that's not entirely correct: the server where is hosted was hacked. some other site that's on the same server, has/had a message board which was not secure and which allowed the hackers to get access to the server, and then change the index files of all the websites hosted on that server. our domain host is highly professional and somewhat pricey, what makes it even more frustrating that this same problem occured twice. there's nothing we can do about it, apart from complaining with our host and ask you for your understanding. our apologies none the less.
03-31-05: two more review: SonGodSuns "Over The Counter Culture" and The Perceptionists "Black Dialogue"
03-24-05: told you we're getting back into the bidnizz. and so today we feed you with a review of J-Zone's "Gimme Dat Beat Fool"
03-23-05: ah, we're happy to announce that tadah's almost done with his paper, and so he'll be soon able to get back to more important things, like this very website here. in the mean time however, we have three reviews of not the most recent releases, but none the less: Skinnyman "Council Estate Of Mind", Mos Def "The New Danger" and Arrested Development "Among The Trees"

03-04-05: we must apologize for the hiatus, but unfortunately tadah's getting his learn on and is about to complete some dissertation like paper after two years of working like a wicked scientist on it. so please bear with us, it'll get back to normal sooner than later.
however, he did neglect university for a morning and cranked out some 'recordsroundup' that he put on the blogger. he did so much that there's two parts, yes, two parts. Part One features write ups of Hezekiah “Hurry Up & Wait…”, DJ Juice “Hip Hop Mixtape Volume 13”, Knickerbocker “Knickerbocker”, Mattr. and friends “Consequence Of Thoughts”, Josh One “Narrow Path”, Copperpot “Chapter 7”, J-Zone “Gimme Dat Beat Fool”, Lyric District “Souliliquies EP”, DJ Fisher & DJ Jon Doe present “The Domination Mix Vol. 1 – Family & Friends”, Emanon “The Waiting Room”, Dub-L “Day Of The Megabeast”, The Perceptionists “Black Dialogue” and Ambidex “The Great Potato Famine (Pass The Freedom Fries)”. Part two features write ups of Grand Agent “Under The Circumstances”, DJ Cade Money aka Cadence of Raw Produce “Built For The 90’s”, V.A. “The Rub – It’s The Motherfucking Remix”, Idris Goodwin “s/t”, Cryptic One “The Blender Vol. 1”, The Presence “Members Only EP”, Aeon Grey “Marionette Work Bench”, Infinit EVOL & B. Will “The Professor & The Mutant”, MeccaGodzilla vs. 007 “Soundclash #1”, Serge Boogie “True Indeed”, Sentence “There And Back”, Ominus & DJ “S” “Ominus Odyssey”, Still Catchin Wreck “The Greatest That Never Made It”, Pugslee Atomz “Playing With Matches” and Artson “Save The World Pt. 2”.
Plus finally, we also announced the winner of the O.U.O remix competition. Read about that and listen to the song here.

02-06-05: a proper update today with a stack of reviews: Busdriver "Fear Of A Black Tangent", One.Be.Lo "S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M.", Insight "The Blast Radius", Nobs "Workin'" and unAuthordox "The EP LP"

01-29-05: just one review today, but of the proper "The Now Factor" compilation on Ish Records, featuring songs by Meaty Ogre, Dreas, Deckard, Lexx, Reezm, Justin Sayne and some more.

01-23-05: reviews of Cadence's production album "State Lines", the Sage Francis album "A Healthy Distrust" and the documentary "Soundz Of Spirit"

01-18-05: Cadence returns with another installment of "Pack Of Lies" - this time talking about payola.

01-13-05: and here's the first of the interview that we promised: DJ A-Beats

01-11-05: Back with a bundle of vinyl reviews: Plastic Little "F.O.I.L.(i rock) / Hola Plastique", SoulStice "The Quickening / Always", Baby Blak "Just Begun (King Honey & Team Shadetek Mixes)", Brad B "All Come Along", High Priest "Book Of Keys", Snuff "Countdown"

01-08-05: Ah, Happy New Year to all of you. So, how has it started? Cool? Hope so. Also hope so that y'all have been busy watching our Year End Wrap Up lists, including the 'wrap up' of the wrap ups. If not, make sure to hop on over here: 2004 year end wrap up
On top of that, we also have some reviews for you to sink your teeth in: Braille "Shades Of Grey" and CMA "All Over".
Plus we have a bundle of interviews in the works, but more on those later.

12-24-04: okay, as promised we'll start with putting up some of those 'year end wrap up lists'. we start with 30 lists today and will add more every day until the 31st. so make sure you visit that page once a day for more lists. by people like Celph Titled, Maker, DJ Rude One, Seraphim, DJ A-Beats and many more... alright then...let's get the party started: the 2004 year end wrap up.

12-22-04: as promised, here's the Oddisee interview

12-20-04: patience my friends, patience. those "year end wrap up" lists will start to appear on this very website December 24th. but you can look forward to to lists by those guys mentioned and also Busdriver, 2mex, edIT, J. Sands, Elusive, Tack Fu, Jestoneart, Cadence, Peshi, Jon Doe, Cryptic One, Maylay Sparks, L.I.F.E. Long, DJ Eclipse of Non Phixion, capital D of All Natural, Diplo and many, many, many more. only four more days. tell your friends and family.
and because it's the Holiday Season, the good people of Villa Magica released another record. this time it's Chainsaw Rich and "The Bad Christmas EP" read the review. and yes, an Oddisee interview will appear on these pages soon (and yes, he also did a 'year end wrap up')

12-12-04: I guess the moment is about right to let you know who participated in our "2004 year in retrospect". Well, amongst many more, we got Kutmasta Kurt, R.A. The Rugged Man, Fat Jon, Copywrite, Boom Bip, Daddy Kev, J-Zone, Nicolay of Foreign Exchange, Omid, Pigeon John, Pumpkinhead, Sir Menelik aka Scaramanga, Supastition, Teki Latex of TTC, Thaione Davis. And as said, many many more. So make sure to get the buzz going and watch this space for the 'launch' in the next couple of days.
In the mean time, we have two reviews for you: the supreme The Foreign Exchange "Connected" and the frustrating pedestrian "Volume One: unIndian songs"

12-09-04: Okay, I've been away for a little while. With good reason though. Because after last years "2003 in retrospect", we of course have to do it again this year. and we are currently in the process of collecting the entries and all I can really say is: this year is going to be huge. yes, huge. not just huge in the number of participations, but also in who's participating. I'm not even going to namedrop just yet, as the thing will be 'launched' very soon. so check this space.
in the mean time, we do have something new for you, and that is a brand new interview with Definitive Jux recording artist and Lo Life for life Despot.
11-30-04: Cadence returns with the third installment of "Pack Of Lies"
11-24-04: another "recordsroundup", i.e. many quick reviews of records, this time with Special Ed, The Foreign Exchange, Jennifer Johns, Jacki-O, Unknown Prophets, Muph & Plutonic, Dooley-O, Automato and many more.
11-22-04: Nas gives us a double album called "Street's Disciple" and we have a review.
11-20-04: two more reviews: DutchMassive "Junk Planet" and Avatar "Deus Ex Machina"
11-16-04: three new reviews of three good records: Blueprint "Chamber Music", Kutmasta Kurt "Redneck Games" and the compilation "The Getaway: Black Monday - Ninja Tunes Remixes" featuring Amon Tobin, Blockhead, Diplo and Lotek Hi-Fi.
11-12-04: a brand new interview with dub-L today and reviews of the vinyl releases Diplo "Diplo Rhythm", GM Grimm "Gingerbread Man b/w My Love", Doujah Raze "New York City b/w Virginia", Mr. Skurge "Joe Fetter b/w Windy (feat. Slug)", Icon The Mic King "IndieInBurns" and Prostitute Karaoke "Vol. 1"
11-06-04: a couple of new reviews: first, we finally found a new record that's worthy to be a smartaleck: so make sure to check the Masked Avengers & Maylay Sparks' "So Wonderful" EP. it's exactly that. further we got a two reviews in one with the Wu-Tang Clan double feature of "Disciples Of The 36 Chambers: Chapter 1" and "Legends Of The Wu-Tang: Wu-Tang Clan's Greatest Hits". And finally, there's a review of the Human Cropcircles feat. Ubiquitous "Tiananmen Square"

11-04-04: this is our 'the day after' installment. first because quote35 catches up with J-Zone again (after interviewing him earlier this year), interviewing him after the European tour.
and second: it's the day(s) after the US presidency election. it doesn't matter if you're happy or depressed about the outcome, read the second installment of Cadence's "Pack of lies." it's a great piece of writing and nurishing food for though.

10-26-04: not only are we giving you two more interviews today: with Rob Sonic, Definitive Jux artist and part of Sonic Sum, plus H-Peh, German producer who for his new album worked with European alongside US cats. but we're also very happy and quite proud to announce that Cadence, of Raw Produce, will start writing column type articles for Starting now. So check the first installment of "Pack of lies."

10-24-04: hey, has been a while that we reviewed records, huh? so here we go with reviews of Vordul Mega of Cannibal Ox fame "The Revolution Of Yung Havoks", Crown City Rockers "Earthtones", Ali Shaheed Muhammad (of A Tribe Called Quest fame) "Shaheedullah And Stereotypes" and Nomar Slevik "Paper Bullets - An Album Of Duets"

10-21-04: a double Hip Hop Iconz feature today, including an interview with AZ and one with Brand Nubian.

10-18-04: what do you do when you have louis logic, Maylay Sparks,, Hands Solo and tadah, and afternoon to spare and five different kinds of beer? you have "The Grande Beer Tasting '04". As a public service, the five tasted themselves through the worst of the worst and some good amongst the good of Swiss beers, to give you the definitive answer what to avoid and what to drink with a sandwich.

10-14-04: we have added some more people to our "vote or stop complaining - election 2004" segment: Alaska of Hangar 18, Billy Woods, DJ Mafioso and others.
but now on to the promised interviews: The Presence (of Def Jux fame), Aeon Grey and Angle of Lost Cause (two interviews) and finally, yes, an interview with the one and only Madlib.
Finally, don't miss the Snoop Dogg give away: you can win t-shirts and copies of the new single.

10-12-04: I hope you guys are checking our blogger. you're getting a lot of news right now, mainly politics, but you'll also always get rap news there. you'll especially get more once this madness is over.
in that spirit, we talked to a couple of artists, and asked them if they will vote, why it's important to vote and what they think the most important issues are right now. you can check what people like Wordsworth, Sole and Cadence had to say, by going to "vote or stop complaining - election 2004
and the next update will bring interview with The Presence and Lost Cause (Angle and Aeon Grey), plus one more extra special one.
10-05-04: people, only one more day left in our Hooked competition. make sure you check out the trailer and answer the silly question to get the DVD.
once that is done, check out our new interviews with Chicago's Single Minded Pros and Verbal Kent and with Colorado's Time.
09-22-04: a more than proper update today: we got seperate interviews with the two Diesel Truckers: Kool Keith and KutMasta Kurt, as well as with Heiruspecs. Plus we got two reviews: Potluck "Harvest Time" and Cris Cardiak "A Rap Record"
09-15-04: more new content: interview with Wordsworth and a review of DJ Cip One's "Trifecta" mixcd (with exclusive Atoms Family material) and a 'review in one' review of the two compilations "Bare Skin" and "Aberfoyle Springs Vol. 2"
09-13-04: I hope you all have been visiting our blogger. there's a lot of news on there, some quick reviews of albums and much more. check it. it's fun for the whole family.
now, on the more 'regular' tip, we got a update. we have interviews with capital D of All Natural and DJ Mafioso. we have an article by Sankofa called "Following and leading" and we have a review of Masta Ace's "A Long Hot Summer"

09-05-04: we're bbaaaaaaccckkkk. after a 'so-called' hiatus (I hate that word), we, or I, or the site is back. so please hold tight for some proper updates coming soon. like an interview with ATL's own DJ Mafioso, another Sankofa article and a review of the new Masta Ace album.
In the mean time, check out our blogger. yes, we have jumped on the bandwagon too. well, what the blogger eventually will be, is the news section (which has been a little abandoned lately). so on the blogger you'll find said news (ie links, tracklistings, and all that jazz), but we will also use it to communicate with you, chit chat with you, and share some exclusive somethings that no one else dares or can give you.
sounds like a plan, right? so hop on over to that blogger, bookmark it, just like you have bookmarked this page.
p.s. also visit the blogger if you wanna know where the hell we were.

07-31-04: okay, we got a massive update today. and, I guess, you can tell why that is. so, see you in september. have a good august.
- Supastition
- L.I.F.E. Long (of Stronghold)
- Sankofa
- Sackcloth Fashion
- Buddy Leroy (of Broady Champs)
- Truth Universal
album reviews
- Thaione Davis "Situation Renaissance"
- Qwel & Maker "The Harvest"
- Theodore Unit "718"
- Oh No "The Disrupt"
- M Fusion presents "Expo '70"
- Rasco presents "The Minority Report"
- Delivery Room (A Leaf Label Sampler)

12" reviews
- Tame One : Da Muzik / Let's Get Fucked Up
- Wordsworth : Gotta Pay b/w Trust
- Dr.Oop : Steady Bombin' - The Return Of Dread Kaczynski
- Pugslee Atomz : Vandal Squad
- K-Hill / Chapter 13 / Medinah General : split 12"
- Apsci : Tirade Highway
- Diverse : Jus Biz

- J-Live / Slug / Invisible : split 12"
- two Dove Ink 7"es: Illogic b/w Eyamme / Eyamme b/w Periphery
- Markus Wormstorm : Hookers
- Blame One : Grown Man Rap
- The Bizczar Sinista : The Great Bizczar

and finally, don't miss the Busta Rhymes give away.

07-22-04: if you like to discover new artists, then you'll enjoy today's update. first we have an interview with Billy Woods, who already received praise for his "The Chalice" album. and second, we have a review of the Equinox compilation called "Welcome To The Neo Golden Age", which features a number of incredible producers.
07-15-04: so what do we have for you today? how about an interview with Avatar? and after talking to him, let's talk about some music. like Texta "So Oder So", DJ Graffiti "Bling Free Vol. 3: It's Official" or Craig Armstrong's limited edition album "Piano Works"
07-08-04: an interesting mix of interviews we have for you today: first we have a new installment of the Hip Hop Iconz series, this time with Play of Kid 'N' Play (you know, "House Party", etc.). We have another brand new interview with Cormega, who has more interesting things to say. And finally, an interview with all female rap trio from South Africa: Godessa.
06-26-04: reviews of Sound Providers "An Evening With The...", Wagon Christ "Sorry I Make You Lush" and Eamon "I Don't Want You Back"
06-18-04: read the article "What Cost?" by Sankofa and the review of Time Machine "Slow Your Roll"
06-16-04: interview with J-Zone and review of The Roots "Don't Say Nuthin'" 12"
06-11-04: interview with Royce Da 5'9" and reviews of Method Man "Tical 0: The Prequel" and Triple Seis "Time'll Tell"
06-10-04: interview with Automato
06-04-04: today we got a brand new installment of the Hip Hop Iconz series, this time with Bucktown's own Smif-N-Wessun. further we got an interview with Melbeatz, who must be the first female producer on a major label to release an album. and her's even features contributions by Ol Dirty Bastard, Prodigy, Kanye West, Xavier Naidoo and her man Kool Savas. finally, we got a extensive review of Cryptic One's album "The Anti-Mobius Strip Theory"
05-23-04: another installment of the Hip Hop Iconz series, this time with Kool G Rap
05-22-04: review of Otherwize "Burnt Out Bizness", Fat Hed "Night Train To Babble On", DJ Process "Side Tracks", DJ A-Beats & DJ Lynch "Steet Hop - hosted by Graph" (with tracks and freestyles by Angelous, Masta Ace, Jean Grae, M.O.P. Graph, Skills, Nas and many more), DJ Mafioso "La Bodega Volume Dos" (with tracks and freestyles by Binkis Recs, Phife Dawg, Vintage Imperial and many more)
05-19-04: review of Ghostface "The Pretty Toney Album"
05-14-04: an interview with Tack-Fu
05-03-04: an interview with Mr. Skurge and a review of GM Grimm as Superstar Jet Jaguar "Digital Tears: E-mail from Purgatory"
04-22-04: reviews of Raw Produce "The Feeling Of Now" and Glue "Seconds Away"
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