2009 (honorary smartaleck)
· best albums
Killah Priest : Black August
· albums I listened to
- Camp Lo : Lets Do It Again
- Canibus : The Curriculum
- ArcSin : Resonant Murk Tactics
- Erick Sermon : No Pressure
yeah..its old..and?
- Public Enemey : Classic (Universal Masters Collection)
you should be playing some PE.
- OutKast : ATLiens
yeah..its old..so ?
· best song
Missy Elliot : Pass That Dutch
yeah and!! so i like this track!!...whateva!!!
· best beats
- Neptunes : Excuse Me Miss Again
- Timberland : Pass That Dutch
· best producers
- Rick Rubin
- Timberland
- ArcSin
· best emcee / lyrics
- Killah Priest
- MF Doom (this place is full of Pretender Willies)
- Ghostface
· favorite labels
any lable that doesn't put out idiots yapping about gunz and spaceships...again I quote: this place is full of Pretender Willies
· biggest surprise
Definitive Jux (good looking out....*fart*)
· biggest disappointment
- still farting...it's getting warm in here
- P,P,President Bush (I mean...it can't get any worse then this guy)
· books I read
The Bible : The bible makers
· movies I saw
The Transporter
nobody..is iller then the Transporter..a bald dude with an attitude and a gun??? what!
· websites I visited
www.niceroundandblack... ohh oops.. holdup... homestarruner.com
· foods I ate
chicken, fish and watermelon (man...the stereotype continues)
· things that made me smile
- my shorty rock, Star
- The David Chepell Show ( the show is bonkers)
· things that made me go hmm
Every emcee on the planet has either somehow taken the 'How to be a killer' two week training program, or they claim to be clinically retarded, or have arrived from some space alien planet.
· things that made me cringe
  putting a CD in, and hearing.."I'm a killah, I'mma thug"..(rah rah sis coom bah says Bugs Bunny)
· best moment(s) of 2003
me and my girl are still together (awwwww............thats enuff, now beat it chief)
· worst moment(s) of 2003
- Jessica Lynch (thats all i'm saying)
- Jennifer Lopez hasn't fallen off the planet
- P,P,President Bush
- the idiots that agree with P,P, President Bush
- realizing that underground rap is just as annoying as commercial rap
· what I'd like to see in 2004
- my album in a store to the right of 50 Cent's album, me pointing an M-16 to the left (...i'm just saying)
- my album in a store, to the left of Ja Rule's album, me pointing a Desert Eagle to the right (what...I ain't a killer!)
- Strong Bad for President
- Christ come again.... (why? cause this muthaf'er is bored)
· what I don't want to see in 2004
- underground rap
- commerical rap
- rap rapping about rap guns
- rapping space aliens techno rap
- P,P President Bush
- P,P President Bush rapping
- P,P President Bush rapping about space aliens and guns
- 50 Cent
- Nelly
- Ja Rule
- whoever your favorite artist or group is
- anymore white rappers that sound like the other white rappers acting like they invented rap music
· hip hop in 2004 will be...
- full of wack music and me making people cry bashing their wack music
- rappers yapping about guns and how tough they are
- sell outs selling out to what sells
· my new years resolutions
make sure Christ stays my savior. The P,P, President Bush... I mean... the devil keeps trying to get me to sell out and scream war