DJ M.O. of the Cypher Kingz radio show
· best albums
- Tragedy Khadafi : Still Reportin'
- Mobb Deep : Free Agents
- Diplomats : Diplomatic Immunity
- J-Zone : $ick of Being Rich
- Aesop Rock : Bazooka Tooth
- Binkis Recs. : The Reign Begins
· albums I listened to
too too many
· best songs
- Poison Pen : Fallback
Rayna Shine's beat made one of the craziest 12"s of the year
- Inspectah Deck : City High
- Big Noyd : Bang Bang
- anything off the Diplomats album
- J-Zone : 5 Star Hooptie
- Nottz feat. DMP : Dont Want To Give That Up
- BoneCrusher - I Ain't Neva Scared
too many others to list, like Ludacris' "Stand Up",
Youngbloodz "Damn" and all the Lil Jon tracks
· best beats
see best songs list
· best producers
- Kanye West
this guy could not make a bad beat if he tried
- Heatmakerz
did you hear the Diplomats album?
- J-Zone
- Nottz
· best emcee / lyrics
- Poison Pen
Pen is gonna let everyone know whats up when his album drops, his hooks are insane, and the way he records his
tracks, his concepts for recording are insane, and on top of all that he's got the craziest lines
- Ghostface
everything this guy was on this year was crazy, that Mark Ronson track?!?!?! that's why dude is the greatest right now
- Jay-Z
after "Vol.1" I couldnt get with Jay except for a few tracks or singles here and there, although I always liked alot of tracks on "The Blueprint" I always denied it was that great. However this year you couldnt deny the dude. After I heard "The Bounce", I became a Jay fan again. However I still cant really get with "Vol. 2", "Vol. 3", or "Roc La Familia" like that. So like "Reasonable Doubt", "Vol.1", then "The Blueprint" on. Jay killed it this year, and he destroyed non rap tracks like that Beyonce joint, and the Pharrel track. No one had done an R'n'B
track verse this hot since Biggie.

many will disagree, but this dudes album was tight as hell. He is in my top 5 right now

- Aesop Rock
no need to explain. dude is crazy
- Breeze Evahflowin
that EP was dope

for his verse on "Rite Were You Stand"

· favorite artwork
- Aesop Rock : Bazooka Tooth
- Binkis Recs. : The Reign Begins
· favorite labels
- Roc-A-Fella
they are just untouchable
- Rainmakerz Lounge
watch for this label, it's going to be the next big thing
· hip hop in 2004 will be...
hot as always, however, still full of complainers
· my new years resolutions
to Keep It Moving