Draino of Puah Hedz / OZ Cella
· best albums
- Pegz : Capricorn Cat (AUS)
- Muphin : More Than Music (AUS)
- Lowlife Compliation : Food (UK)
- Obese compilation : Obesecity (AUS)
- Hilltop Hoods : The Calling (AUS)
- Bias B : In bed with Bias (AUS)
· albums I listened to
a lot of Australian and U.K stuff, as well as old US stuff. and this last week:
- Hilltop Hoods : The Calling (AUS)
- Bias B : In Bed With Bias (AUS)
- Big Daddy Kane : It's a Big Daddy Thing (US)
- Crytearia : Create (AUS)
- G&E : Vol1 & Vol2 (US)
- Mystik Journeymen : Magic (US)
- Braintax : Biro Funk (UK)
· best songs
- Pegz : Capricorn Cat (AUS)
- Braintax and Task Force : Rockstarz (UK)
- Muphin : Tape In A Green Case (AUS)
- Hilltop Hoods : Nosebleed Section (AUS)
- Bias B w/ Muphin : Changin' (AUS)
· best beats
- Muphin : Tape In A Green Case (AUS)
- Hilltop Hoods : Nosebleed Section (AUS)
- Pegz : Capricorn Cat (AUS)
· best producers
- Plutonic Lab (AUS)
- Suffa (AUS)
- FG (AUS)
- Osinaka (AUS)
- Jase (AUS)
- Prowla (AUS)
- Dazastah (AUS)
· best emcees
- Braintax
- The Grouch
- Muphin
- Murs
- Slug
- Bias B
- Suffa
- Yungun
- Ty
- Eligh
· favorite artwork
Pegz : Capricorn Cat (AUS)
· best label
Obese Records (running Hip Hop in Australia)
· biggest surprise

recieving a call from a girl I'd wanted for eigh years. too bad for her, but I'm taken.

· biggest disappointment
Loosing 2-0 against Brazil (I was France) in the Semi-Final of a PES3 Tournament, by a guy who I had to persuade to be involved.
· books I read
none. I'm a slacker.
· movies I saw
heaps...average one every two weeks. Looking forward to "Return Of The King".
· websites I visited

too many, but some cool Soccer PES fan sites like www.showusmiracle.com, check one of my goals on there.

· foods I ate
everything under the sun, even lambs brains. Lots of salads, but my favourite is Nasi Goreng.
· things that made me smile
- finally moving out of home and in with my girlfriend
- seeing my bro make a really nice clip to his song "Better Man".
· things that made me go hmm
receiving e-mails from people who dug my album
· things that made me cringe
More and more reality shows. Get some new ideas, TV people!
· best moment(s) of 2003
Completing my Evolution Soccer Tournament DVD and having my mates tell me I've 'out done myself this time.'
· worst moment(s) of 2003
pulling a muscle in my lower back and not being able to fend for myself for a week. (thanks for the support Samantha)
· what I'd like to see in 2004
- More international hip hop collaborations: UK / AUS / US / South Africa / Germany... a huge posse cut of respected artists from each country
- more respect for the OZ Cella.
· what I don't want to see in 2004
people thinking Australian Hip Hop MC's use American accents. We don't.
· hip hop in 2004 will be...
independent as ever
· my new years resolutions
to get a job that I like, so I then buy a house and play lots of PES3.