K of Kindred Relations
· best albums
- Iomos Marad : Deep Rooted
- L.I.F.E.Long : Struggler's Paradise
- Sizzla Kalonji : Da Real Thing
- Sizzla Kalonji : Light Of My World
- Weep Not Compilation
- Apani : Story 2 Tell
year and gem
· albums I listened to
- Apani : Story 2 Tell
- Iomos Marad : Deep Rooted
- L.I.F.E.Long : Struggler's Paradise
- Little Brother : The Listening
- Red Clay : The Royal Era
- Immortal Technique : Revolution Vol. 2
- Breez Evahflowin : Fly
- The Majesticons : Beauty Party
- Black Panther : The Darkest Night Ever
- everything by Sizzla Kalonji
- everything by Bob Marley
- everything by Freddie McGregor
- everything by John Holt
- everything by Midnight
- everything by Junior Kelly
- everything by Morgan Heritage
- everything by Master Cheng
- everything by Judgement
- Das Efx : Straight Up Sewaside
- Organized Konfusion : Stress - The Extinction Agenda
- The Roots : Do You Want More?
- some Big L
- Queen Latifah : Ladies First
- Smif-N-Wessun : Da Shining
"Sound Bwoy Burreill" and "Wreckognize"
- Common Sense : Resurrection
"I Used To Love H.E.R."
- Boss : Born Gangstaz
- Nas : Illmatic
- The Notorious B.I.G. : Ready To Die
- Jay-Z : Reasonable Doubt
- Jay-Z : The Blueprint
- everything by Angie Stone
- everything by India Arie
- everything by dead prez
- Red Hot Chili Peppers : Californication
- Coldplay : A Rush Of Blood To The Head
- everything by Marylin Manson, Incubus, Lincoln Park
craziness yo - I have such a diverse listening of music.
- Pookie Johnson : Pook's Love Rock
- Mista Sinista : Da Breaks 2003
- Spier1200 : Chicken & Vegetables Vol. 2
· best songs
- L.I.F.E.Long : Incredibly Fresh
- L.I.F.E.Long : Nightlife
- L.I.F.E.Long : Sundown
- Apani : Abracadabra
- Apani : Tequila
- Apani : Rite The Wrongs

Iomos Marad : Tight

- Iomos Marad : Another Late Night
- shit, Iomos Marad's entire "Deep Rooted" album
- 50 Cent : Many Men
I hate to admit it
- a little bit of Little Brother
- Kelis : Milkshake
· best beats
In 2003 I listened to so many beats - I always have my own mixtape playing in my head. Whose shit I thought was consistently tight - I know from this list people have some crazy things coming:
- Spier1200
L.I.F.E.Long, 2 For 5, Ace Lover
- Tamashie & Kojoe
- Celph Titled
- PNS and Memo of the Molemen
- Dug Infinite
- G.riot
- Dysh
· best producers
· best emcee / lyrics
- Definitely feeling the female artists out there. Apani (when will everyone else drop the "B. Fly") is a true school sister/soldier - give thanks for not talking about your closet or your bed!
- Jean Grae too - I know this Queen since her days as WhatWhat! with Natural Resource and her lyrics and style has held it down for true hip hop always.
- L.I.F.E.Long - for murdering that the A Train
freestyle in the car for Kach, for what he has accomplished, and for what I know is coming soon.
- Iomos Marad for everything on "Deep Rooted"
· favorite artwork
- Jimmy Sheehan's design on "Love & Hate" by Aceyalone. the vellum outlines over the glossy stock - overlaying images - crazy!!!
- Weep Not Compilation
Leroy Champaign (Outhaus Creative)
· favorite labels
no one has the best label - how would we truly categorize this - sales? please. I see hard work from a lot of indie labels. since everyone has different projects to work, different styles - there isn't going to be just one best label. in terms of which label has a tight team working their projects...that's a different question...

· biggest surprise
because I'm a publicist - I would say my biggest surprise in 2003 came with my return to handling music publicity after a few years hiatus. the industry is even worse off than when I stopped doing publicity after Jay-Z's "Reasonable Doubt" album and Natural Resource's first single, "They Lied" b/w "Bum Deal" and "Baseball". with so many underground media outlets and reps in the game now - you would think that a proper forum has finally emerged where quality music would be appreciated and respected - but still I see the same run around, new chicken head girls thinking they really know hip hop, dudes still studying what divides us as people and a community - everyone still succombing to the tangibilities of life - money and comfort. there is still little support from artists who make it beyond the underground, like they never crossed the bridge to the mainstream.
· biggest disappointment
one of my young soldiers, friends and damn near Son was killed by the biggest bitch (shot him as he walked away from an entanglement) - Matthew Hall aka OptimusRhyme D.A.B. was murdered on September 25th 2003. And this God forsaken Babylon land cared so little about such a tremendous loss. Matthew was truly an inspiring young man, this loss spanned music - he was wrecking the freestyles, education - all he cared about was providing truth-full information to our youth. Yes, knowledge is power - but wisdom is what Optimus had acquired. Sleep with the Kings I Brethren! Rastafari!!!!
· books I read
The Bible - first and foremost and always. One day InI will know that everything that we are, will be and were is written in the text of the Bible. God's Word is all there is, God's way is all that will be, God's love is what we are.

· movies I saw
-I have seen almost everything - most enjoyed:
- X-Men 2
- The Matrix Reloaded
- Basic
· websites I visited
- feeling UrbanSmarts for sho'.
a lot of websites daily. I liked
- allnatualhiphop.com
- insight.fm
- quannam.com
- beatsandrants.blog.com
- the illuminati site - theyrule.net was an interesting find - just not from MY home computer.
· foods I ate
"You are what you eat so I strive to live healthy" - If you don't know - Know! I-Tal food is the best food in the land - animal free dairy free, natural and fresh herbal seasonings. You don't have to cook carribean food to eat I-Tal - I make I-Tal soul food too - italian and spanish, whatever. Just keep it meat free, no 'deadaz' in the living I - eh boy!
· things that made me smile
finding forgiveness from the Most High. My blessed youth, the young Ras, and first born of 6 years reading at a 3rd grade level and All of his accomplishments. The constant, unrelenting support of my KingMan. And definitely side-stepping a 10 year bid - no, I'm not joking.

· things that made me go hmm
My TOFUGANJA2GO!!! showcase. Seeing the lineup of Apani, Iomos Marad, Mr. Sinista, and L.I.F.E.Long on stage in one straight set - made me think of some serious tour activity
· things that made me cringe
NYC Police!!! What's up with the growing police state called New York. How many times can my suburban get pulled over because my head is wrapped properly in its Crown. Or I should ask: How many times will they give me some bogus ass excuse. At least let me light my spliff for a real ticket. A word from the wise - read Judges if you want to know about some real Policing!!!
· best moment(s) of 2003
- moving into our new loft with my KingMan and Son
- opening the doors of Kindred
· worst moment(s) of 2003
losing my very good friend
· what I'd like to see in 2004
- Peaceful living
- harmony amongst our people.
- understanding that God is Love.
- the weak finally fade away.
- hip hop back in its founding hands
- conquer the tool we call division, segration.
- successful tour activity featuring my artists either separately or together.
· what I don't want to see in 2004
- Bush Babies touring off the '95/'96 "Gravity" album
- a PM Dawn come-back
- hip hop haters
· hip hop in 2004 will be...
- full of commercial junk on the airwaves
- laced with exploiters misrepping the music
· my new years resolutions
Rastas live the same everyday - from love and following Jah's commandments/laws. Everyday I make resolve to do according to His works for fulfillment. Why wait to the year end to live a disciplined, forward-moving existance?