K-The-I??? of Komadose / NMS
· best albums
- Komadose : Beta One
- Nephlim Mudulation Systems : Woe To Thee O Land Whose King Is A Child
- anything by MF Doom
- anything by Juelz Santana
for real, he's dope. just give him a listen
- Vyle : Post Paleaeontologist
- Jestoneart : Dark City
· albums I listened to
everything on my 'best albums' list, but very, very much more
· best songs
not too sure about that one. there's so much I like (not only hip hop)
· best beats
- NMS : Super Pretzel (Wes Diplo)
- Vyle : Bitters With Beer Goggles
- optimisGFN : Middle Finger You!!!
- K-The-I??? : Nova Solor Search
Haha, me.
- thebutterflyswift : Pulsar Star
- KaeoFLUX : Quaker Guns
- Juelz Santana : Dip Set! Dip Set!
- NMS : Ha Ha Ha Ha (x4)
· best producers
- KaeoFLUX
- thebutterflyswift
- Bigg Jus
- Orko Elohim
- Johan of Stacs Of Stamina
- Anticon (Jel, DJ Mayonnaise, Controller 7, Odd Nosdam, Telephone Jim Jesus, Scotty Metalic and Moodswing 9)
- Sixtoo and Buck65
- Stigg Of The Dump
don't sleep
- The Opus
Kev, I'm still waiting for my beats (laughs)
- ArcSin
- Maker
- Meaty Ogre
- Wes Diplo
· best emcee / lyrics
- NMS : Super Pretzel
you know, Jus striaght killed it on that track!!
- KaeoFLUX : Quaker Guns
"Flux in night shinny tincan carpet" (laughs). I love that line
- Vyle : Policenauts
not out yet, but wreck is what he caught on that track
· favorite artwork
- Company Flow : Funcrusherplus
- Bigg Jus : Black Mamba Serum (Japan Import)
· favorite labels
- Ninja Tune / Big Dada
for taking chances with artist that are dope
- Beyondspace Ent.
- Komadose
well, not a label but someday. and when that comes, it will be all over for the rap game (laughs)
- Galapagos4
- Birthwrite
- Anticon
for being the label that never hold their artists back
· biggest disappointment
watching the labels that I once loved drop on some funny shit (no comment!!!)
· books I read
- anything by David Icke
- anything by William Cooper
- Philip K. Dick : Valis
- Philip K. Dick : The World Jones Made
· movies I saw
- Matrix Revolution
- American Wedding
I went to go see that with my girl
· websites I visited
- komadose.com
- dummysmacks.com
- urbansmarts.com
- sonicsum.com
- galapagos4.com
- birthwrite.com
- davidicke.com
- defjunkie.proboards21.com
- anticon.com
- boombap.com
- cprecords.net
- friendster.com
· foods I ate
anything without flesh, alot of veggie stuff
· things that made me smile
noticing that people are starting to notice that me and homie's are around(optimisGFN, Vyle, thebutterflyswift, Broken Klutch, KaeoFLUX, etc...)
· things that made me go hmm
- whatching labels and emcees fall off this year
- whatching emcees that were wack get better out of no where
· things that made me cringe
noticing the great amount of newcomers that are straight trash and shouldn't rap (um, yeah!!!)
· best moment(s) of 2003
when Johan (of Stacs Of Stamina) emailed me to tell me if I heard the new Nephlim Modulation Systems record and at that moment I didn't know I was on the record (laughs)
· worst moment(s) of 2003
a lot of heads were talking shit this year, but I will leave it at that
· what I'd like to see in 2004
better hip hop records straight up!!!, better music in general though
· what I don't want to see in 2004
more weak ass hip hop records
· hip hop in 2004 will be...
good!!! I assume, being that I have also noticed some real dope artist. hey, some of them are my friends
· my new years resolutions
- to make sicker music and make sure all my homies get the respect they been fighting for
- make wise choices and pay attention to my actions
- to move the crowd
- get in the mix of things. I feel this year might be the year me and my peeps will make a strong approach into the world of
undergroud hip hop (whatever that is now a days).
- to make an album heads will respect and label it classic, that is my goal.