Mindbender of Supreme Being Unit (also check nextra.ca)
· best albums
- MF Doom / Viktor Vaughn / Madvillain / King Geedorah
and everything with Doom's name on it, for 2003 he was in the zone like Britney Spears (smiles)
- Prince Paul : Politics of the Business
mad slept on, it went over people's heads
- Kanye West : College Dropout
internet version!
- Jay-Z : The Black Album
fuck the haters, this is how you gracefully bow out of the game... this album is fucking dope
- Aesop Rock : Bazooka Tooth
- OutKast : Speakerboxxx / The Love Below
a God damn masterpiece!!! and the official project that makes OutKast the best group/duo of all time in hip hop history. All hail OutKast!
· albums I listened to
too many to mention... rap is outta control (smiles)
- but Jay-Z's "The Black Album" got played about 100 times in a row for a while there...
- and special mention to Casual's 'Truck Driver' album, that shit was banging, don't be a dummy and sleep on cats like Casual...
- plus Little Brother's live show made me like their recorded music more, and "The Listening" was a well made album... but it ain't "The Low End Theory", dammit! Hip hop hype went haywire in 2003...
· best songs
- Kanye West : Through The Wire
- Andre 3000 : Hey Ya!
- Saukrates : Something For The Streets
that shit is HOT!
- Royce 5'9 : Throwback / Heartbeat
he's gonna be lethal in 2004
and a whole bunch more that I don't remember, you know how many songs came out this year?!
· best beats
- RZA : A Day To God Is 1000 Years
- Jay-Z w/ The Neptunes : Allure
- every beat Ghostface's been on in the past 6 months! "Tony's Money", "Run", "Beatles", everything, dammit!
· best producers
- Kanye West
- El-Producto
- RJD2
- Dorc, Vangel, and Ridicule (Toronto on the rise! smiles)
and more than I am forgetting, beatmaking has gotten insane lately...
· best emcee / lyrics
oh, this is too crazy... I'll just name rappers who have captured the sprit of the year 2003 somewhat:
- Jay-Z
- Kanye West
- Eternia
- Jean Grae
- Buck 65
- Common Sense
- Talib Kweli
- Pharaohe Monch
- Royce 5 9
- 50 Cent
- Lloyd Banks
- Young Buck
- Nas
- Travis Blackman (Toronto's coming! I'm telling you)
and too many others that should get credit but can't...
- Saigon: I expect big things from him this year, if the business treats him right... he can be contender for the New King of New York, I swear! He's got what it takes to bring it to Jay-Z, 50 Cent or Nas! (But Nasty Nas's next album will be glorious, I predict)
· favorite artwork
- OutKast : Speakerboxxx / The Love Below
shit is a masterpiece in every way...
- and every Def Jux release... they look damn cool, each album in its own way
· favorite labels
- Definitive Jux
for consistency and quality, pretty much...
- Roc-A-Fella
is doing something decent... although they keep stalling Kanye West and M.O.P. and O.D.B.!!! (frown)
· biggest surprise
- U.S. Government almost prosecuting Eminem for a misinterpreted threat to the President on an un-official internet bootleg release: and they say we have free speech...
- El-P's 8 minute slaugter of Esoteric (I thought he wouldn't even waste time responding (smiles)...
- the persistent rumors of people like dead prez, Canibus and Black Starr being signed to Bad Boy and/or Roc-A-Fella. Bring the worlds together, y'all! For the love of hip hop, do it!!
- I pray that Interscope sings the Wu-Tang Clan for 2004
· biggest disappointment
- the Crooked I album still not being released by Death Row. C'mon Suge, let the dog out! Crooked could murder every rapper in the game! Including Eminem and Snoop! (smiles) Get your ultimate revenge with some mainstream hip hop industry success...
- Cannibal Ox's 'problems', whatever they are. I hope it's all good soon...
- Ras Kass going to jail for drinking (pass the keys next time, homie)...
- no one being arrested for killing rappers, ever (Tupac and Biggie's 'unsolved' murders still sadden and anger me)...
- no new Lauryn Hill album (smiles)
· books I read
Russell Simmons : Life And Def: The Autobiography Of Russell Simmons
a fast read, and I wanted more details, but it was cool... I love Russell Simmons, he's the fucking man
· movies I saw
- Tupac Resurrection
Essential, top priority hip-hop viewing. Shit is a historic, video document of our Jesus 'Makaveli' Christ (smiles: Nuff respect to Afeni Shakur for her work and vision, who knows what really goes on in this crazy world...
- Beef
the movie was incredible, nuff props for getting the MCs themselves to talk... increase the peace too, I felt sorry for Prodigy in that one scene, shit is really real in the game, doggie... and Kool Moe Dee murked Busy Bee! That footage was legendary
· websites I visited
lots of hip hop websites, like...
- allhiphop.com
- hiphopsite.com
- hiphopinfinity.com
- sohh.com
- velvetrope.com
- hiphopcanada.com
- musicnewswire.com
- daveyd.com
lots of pornography (nothing sick and twisted though, I like me a pretty woman -smiles-)
· foods I ate
anything vegetarian
· things that made me smile
- pretty women
- Kanye West beats
- anything from Wu-Tang, I still hold them as my hip hop superheroes
· things that made me go hmm
how some big names in the game aren't getting together and making crazy power moves... I don't know how people don't see how to dominate the game, knowledge is no longer a secret...
· things that made me cringe
- the continual cooning of the Black man on TV and in movies
- how some rappers just don't give a fuck about representing the culture properly, they'll do anything for a pay check, and use one of the cliche excuses that we all know are bullshit
- I also don't like how rap videos generally still don't respect women, and how those TV girls don't make it any easier for stronger women worldwide, cause it takes two to get played; a pimp and a ho
· best and worst moment(s) of 2003
damn, my memory ain't what it used to be... I'll probably remember a better one later,
- but I enjoyed how the Source nosedived into a pile of journalistic bullshit in their anti-Eminem, 50 Cent & Interscope / pro-Ja Rule & Benzino crusade all year long... reading the words and feeling the subliminal venom was a joy and a pain in the ass for me...
- also, XXL won the magazine wars with the Eminem/Dre/50 Cent cover in February, that was ill
· what I'd like to see in 2004
complex lyricists get respected for creating their own worlds... there is more than one Aesop Rock type rapper that should get that kind of love
· what I don't want to see in 2004
- ignorance and female disrespect
- rap violence, of course
- Internet downloading needs to chill. some cats just don't know the days of going to a store anymore, they think that hip hop culture can all be downloaded, and that's just wack
· hip hop in 2004 will be...
beyond prediction, as usual... rap is the most volatile substance known to man (smiles) and 2004 will bring a cocktail of more madness than ever before...
- the remixing will go crazier
- the South will make more moves
- the West Coast will hopefully become relevant again
- the East Coast will set more weekly and almost daily trend standards
- Canada will finalyl get on the hip hop map. SARS killed Toronto's summer hip hop action for 2003, it was wack...don't believe the hype.
- and hopefully in 2004, a lot of the long-awaited albums come out, like Four Horsemen, Golden State Warriors, Crooked I, Common Sense, Kanye West, anything Wu-Tang, especially Ghostface and Method Man, Ras Kass, Rakim (!!!), Redman, 50 Cent's sophomore album, and Eminem's rumored double album... and hopefully a new Dr Dre record.
· my new years resolutions
to make history with my many musical ideas... remember the motherfuckin name Mindbender (smiles). look out for "Beautiful Mutant", the long awaited Mindbender double CD!