Zapotek aka Mnemotrauma of Scheiterhaufen / Offbeaters
· best albums
- Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man : Out Of Season
simply deep and beautiful
- Why? : Oaklandazulasylum
it's passion and truth: "there are very few microwaves in the third world"
- Soso : Birthday Songs
Soso at his best, pure thoughtful and honestly suffereing lullafication
- Xololanxinxo : Names
A simple hip hop album that fits 100%: one emcee and one producer. Deeskee lays a wonderful ground for the gifted Xolo. Dream team.
- Broadcast : Haha Sound
- Radiohead : Hail To The Thief
- Mogwai : Happy Songs For Happy People
- A Silver Mt. Zion : "This Is Our Punk-Rock", Thee Rusted Satellites Gather + Sing
- Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus : The Weather
· best songs
- Maker feat. Qwel : Honestly
don't know how often I flipped back the needle again and again. the title track is undescribably ill. in fact the whole 12" is...
- Awol One : Try
Hmm, another sing along song
- Restiform Bodies : Recycle America
the 80s are hard and dirty, don't you think so?
- Why? : Women Eye 'No'
an essential outcome of life's hard knocks
- Free Moral Agents 12"
all tracks are strictly mind blowing
· best producers
- Meaty Ogre
- Daddy Kev
- Sixtoo
- Buck65
· best verse
"my man is in the park, feeding pigeons in the name of hip hop" (J on "The Mortage Banker Vs. The Savage" by Free Moral Agents)
· best emcees
- Busdriver
- Qwel
- Buck65
- Awol One
- Josh Martinez
- Passage
- Dose One
- why?
- Sage Francis
· best labels
Anticon and Mush
they did their thing as my favorites for a long time. in 2003, I think, for the first time things came out - on both - that not really satisfied me. but I can't see anything else that jumps in the gap so far. so i'm looking ahead to 2004.
· biggest surprise

Free Moral Agents 12"
the first hip hop vinyl in a very long time, that I haven't heard anything of, before I picked it up in the store

· biggest disappointment
I like to deliver my hatemail personaly, so I don't post it here (smiles)
· movies I saw
"Lichter" and some more I forgot. I guess they were not good enough to remember
· websites I visited

the usual suspects: Sandboxautomatic, Offbeaters, Punchline Mag, and of course urban smarts (smiles)

· foods I ate
nothing new in 2003...
· what I'd like to see in 2004
- new stuff from Restiform Bodies and my other favorite singingmen...
- watch the Offbeaters empire growing...
- the further uprise of Subversiv*Records and the explosion caused by the arrival of Equinox records...
- meeting new people...
- working with people...
- and I want more stuff coming out to surprise me...
· hip hop in 2004 will be...
as crazy, groudbreaking, breathtaking, astonishing and ffffresh! as ever
· my new years resolutions
will start smoking, will beat more people, be less polite and start to watch TV