Sankofa (check these snippets from his upcoming album)
· best albums
- Though it didn’t drop this year, my favorite album was Dolly Parton’s "Little Sparrow"
- Robert Palmer’s song about TV dinners makes his album "Drive" notable in the kosher department
· albums I listened to
- JON?DOE’s infinite CDs of Deezious tracks
- Dolly Parton : Little Sparrow
- Robert Palmer : Drive
- Vakill : Darkest Cloud
- Brother Ali : Shadows on the Sun
- Immortal Technique : Revolutionary Vol. II
- Jehst : Falling Down
- Mars Ill : Backbreakanomics
· best songs / singles
no idea about songs, but the best new single is Halle Berry
· best beats
- Terrorist Threats
- some tracks Kashal-Tee played me over the phone from Masse (guy from Latin Kings); here‘s to us working together in the future
- the new material Manic Depressive is working on
· best producers
- Manic Depressive
- Necro
- Masse
- Lewis Parker
- Fangface
· best emcee / lyrics
- Brother Ali has the livest show
- Jehst’s writing has me buckling down to focus more
· favorite artwork
Atmosphere : Seven’s Travels
· favorite labels
I’ve no idea
· biggest surprise
that Bush is getting away with everything
· biggest disappointment
see biggest surprise
· books I read
- Robin White : Ice Curtain
- Boston Turan : Never Count Out the Dead
- Boston Turan : Prince of Deadly Weapons
- Martha Grimes : The Dirty Duck
- Martha Grimes : Grave Maurice
- Martha Grimes : Sudden Mischief
- Bill Kent : Under the Boardwalk
- Bill Kent : Down by the Sea…
- Kean : The Pledge
- Thomas Kelly : Payback
- Christopher Reich : Numbered Account
- Joseph Cannon : The Prodigal Spy
- Robert B. Parker : Hugger Mugger
- Robert B. Parker : Crimson Joy
- Robert B. Parker : Family Honor
- Robert B. Parker : Family Honor
- Robert B. Parker : Paper Doll
- Robert B. Parker : A Catskill Eagle
- Robert B. Parker : Stardust
- Robert B. Parker : Small Vices
- Robert B. Parker : Shrink Rap
- Robert B. Parker : Looking for Rachel Wallace
- Robert B. Parker : Promised Land
- Robert B. Parker : A Savage Place
- Robert B. Parker : Judas Goat
- Robert B. Parker : Night Passage
- Robert B. Parker : Death in Paradise
- Robert B. Parker : The Deep End
- Robert B. Parker : Pale Kings & Princes
- Robert B. Parker : Mortal Stakes
- Robert B. Parker : The Widening Gyre
- Robert B. Parker : Thin Air
- Robert B. Parker : Walking Shadow
- Robert B. Parker : Widow’s Walk
- Robert B. Parker : Valediction
- Robert B. Parker : Playmates
- Robert B. Parker : God Save the Child
- Robert B. Parker : Wilderness
- Robert B. Parker : Perchance to Dream
- Steve Hamilton : A Cold Day in Paradise
- Steve Hamilton : North of Nowhere
- Steve Hamilton : Winter of the Wolf Moon
- Robert Crais : Freefall
- Robert Crais : Sunset Express
- Robert Crais : Indigo Slam
- Robert Crais : The Monkey’s Raincoat
- Andrea Camilleri : The Shape of Water
- SJ Rozan : The China Trade
- SJ Rozan : Mandarin Plaid
- SJ Rozan : No Colder Place
- SJ Rozan : A Bitter Feast
- SJ Rozan : Reflecting the Sky
- Les Roberts : The Cleveland Connection
- Les Roberts : Deep Shaker
- Les Roberts : Collision Bend
- Les Roberts : The Cleveland Local
- Les Roberts : A Shoot In Cleveland
- Les Roberts : Best Kept Secret
- Les Roberts : The Dutch
- Les Roberts : An Infinite Number of Monkeys
- Les Roberts : Not Enough Horses
- Les Roberts : A Carrot for the Donkey
- Les Roberts : Snake Oil
- I’m currently reading Donald Harstad’s "A Long December"
· movies I saw
for the most part, these are movies I borrowed from the
- Blade II
- The Salton Sea
I love this flick
- Murder by Numbers
- The Shipping News
much better than expected
- Spiderman
- The Dangerous Lives of Altarboys
- Matinee
- The Majestic
- Limbo
- Nurse Betty
best Zellweger flick
- Traffic
two people save this movie from bunkdom-Don 'the man' Cheadle and Benicio 'the mumbler' del Toro
I was about 20 minutes from the end of this movie and realized I‘d been watching it, at which point I shut it off
- Happy Accidents
D‘Onofrio is that good
- Chelsea Walls
- Big Trouble
- Igby Goes Down
- Sweet Home Alabama
- Big Night
restaurant flick, Tony Shalhoub=dope
- Best In Show
- 13 Conversations About One Thing
- The Good Girl
insert 'over-rated' chant here
- Sunshine State
biting and funny
- City By The Sea
- Death to Smoochy
- Possession
- Wedding Singer
- Moonlight Mile
- Harry Potter 1 & 2
- Simon
- Minority Report
- Eye See You
- Four Feathers
- Panic Room
- The Salton Sea
- Lovely and Amazing
- The Glass House
- Monsoon Wedding
- Brother
- About A Boy
- Living In Oblivion
epitome of underground hip hop
- In & Out
- Poseiden Adventure
Gene Hackman is king
- Run Lola Run
- The Edge
- Losing Isaiah
- The Big Lebowski
for about the fourth time
- Riding in Cars with Boys
- Ronin
for the third time
- Dinner Rush
another dope flick set in a restaurant
- The Deep End
- The French Connection
- Batman Forever
- Undisputed
- The Slaughter Rule
make no mistake, David Morse is one hell of an actor
- The Sure Thing
- The Young Poisoner’s Handbook
- Secretary
- Heavy
- Winchell
- Planet of the Apes
remake with wooden wonder boy Wahlberg
- Red Dragon
- The Transporter
- Spy Game
- Cape Fear
the deNiro version
- Things Behind the Sun
avoid this movie
- The Believer
- The Truth About Charlie
enjoyably quirky
- 28 Days Later
nothing to offer outside of grainy film and Brendan Gleason
- One Hour Photo
- Catch Me If You Can
- Cube2: Hypercube
an improvement upon the original
- Fast Times at Ridgemont High
watch out for pre-Cage Nic Coppola as a goofy buddy of Judge’s
- Hit Me
stellar job by Elias Koteas in an otherwise transparent movie
- What To Do In Case of Fire
- Dark Blue
- Trading Places
got to revisit the classics
- Boycott
- White Oleander
- Road to Perdition
- Welcome to Collinwood
enjoyable incompetent crooks caper flick
- Mr. Death
- Life as a House
- The Yards
- The Recruit
- 25th Hour
- Solaris
- Black Hawk Down
was Sizemore beating up Fleiss during this flick? What a waste of talent
- Fear dot Com
- They
- The Thomas Crown Affair
the remake
- The Emperor’s Club
- Mall Rats
- Anatomy
- The Princess and the Warrior
- The Bourne Identity
what can I say, I was on a Franka kick
- The Quiet American
don’t believe the critics, this movie was weak
- Once Upon A Time in Mexico
blood guts and fun
- Love Liza
good stuff
- Narc
dope flick
- Max
- Gangs of New York
not up to Marty par
- Tadpole
had its moments
- Heaven
- A Mighty Wind
worth it to see a perky Parker Posey alone, plenty more
- Spanish Prisoner
Mamet did a good job with this one
- Crazy People
- Knockaround Guys
- Barbershop
- Anger Management
- 2 Weeks Notice
· websites I visited
everyone has a drug
page 2, Bill Simmons
the Bootleg is priceless
- (RIP)
fun articles
when I needed to feel I was doing something other than wasting time online
never underestimate comedic value
DJ’s building an empire
I wonder if he’s strangled his webmaster yet
where I’d scan for under thirty buck kicks that weren’t too ugly to buy
picked up Narc, Kill Bill, 3000 Miles to Graceland posters here
to snag the Salton Sea poster
for Stephen Hunter’s movie reviews
- whatever the link is for Ebert’s written reviews
looking for jobs out of curiosity
the quest for work
Mic Dagger and crew holding down San Antonio
to hear tracks from JON?DOE that he just completed
· foods I ate
- a near weekly pilgrimage to Pizza Hut lunch buffet with a Cherry Pepsi cause they don’t have Dr. Pepper
- otherwise it was bagels and apples for lunch with an occasional carrot thrown in, breakfast was whatever
boxless bag of cereal First Stop was selling for 59 cents with some one percent milk and sometimes a banana, dinner varied
· things that made me smile
- when I got my album cut back from Kno
- Beyond Space Entertainment getting at me about releasing my album
- the birth of JON?DOE’s second son
- ognihs buying a home
- finding someone near my neck of the woods who makes dope beats (Fangface)
- various preK student quotes: girl to nurse “you’re fat”, boy to his buddy at the water table “we’re making
science” and “my brain is thinking”
· things that made me go hmm
what Big Daddy Kane would be like if he had an A&R to work with who could motivate him and why he’s not signed to Roc-A-Fella
· things that made me cringe
- Bush
- the Lakers
- mindless following
- getting stuck in a ditch
· best moment(s) of 2003
- Bush landing on an aircraft carrier
- Rush Limbaugh being found out as a junkie
· worst moment(s) of 2003
the mess our current 'leadership'has gotten this nation into
· what I'd like to see in 2004
a new President
· what I don't want to see in 2004
the same jackass in power
· hip hop in 2004 will be...
a year older
· my new years resolutions
I don’t make them, self-improvement is not the next diet pill fad craze neatly plugged into the peg of “I will change
starting today”