Stephan Armleder of Villa Magica Records / Murda Funk Radio show
· best albums
-can't really pinpoint the best album of 2003 but here are some albums I listened to a lot...
- Daz : DPGC...You Know What I'm Throwin' Up
- L Contra Band : Winter Lives
- Kid Rolex : Christmas Zone
- Jedi Mind Tricks : Visions Of Gandhi
- DJ Raze : The Screwed Up Remixes Vol. 1
- Westside Connection : Terrorist Threats
- 50 Cent : Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
- Welcome To The Chuuch Mix CDs Vol.I and II
· albums I listened to
- Mausberg : Non Fiction
- Soopafly : That Woopty Woop
- Spacebar Exclusive Mix CD
- Jeep Jack : Ultraviolet (unreleased)
- Oak Lonetree Demo CD
- Ghostface Killah : Supreme Clientele
- a lot of DJ Screw CDs
- France Copland EP
· best songs
- TTC : Dans Le Club
Not out yet, but I've been banging the test press like a madman. This is their best single yet and probably the best single of 2004. Don't sleep.
- 50 Cent : In Da Club
Maybe it came out in 2002? Don't remember. I put it in the list simply cause I have heard the song everywhere I went this year. Haven't seen so much hype in such a long time.
- David Banner feat. Lil Flip : Like A Pimp
crunkest joint of the year.
- Bonecrusher : Never Scared
actually this is the crunkest joint of the year.
- Suga Free : You Gonna Make Me Angry
most slept-on single of the year. Probably the best song this year.
- Jedi Mind Tricks : Blood In Blood Out
that beat is just genius. Stoupe still got it and Vinnie Paz is crazy.
there were many other good singles this year. A good year for singles, not really for albums.
· best beats
- the beats of the singles I just mentioned
- Kid Rolex : Santa Baby
- a lot of those gangstafied beats on the Daz album
- some unreleased JeepJack stuff (the beat to "Sound Hungry" by Oak Lonetree comes to mind).
· best producers
not really impressed by one particular beatmaker this year. Many good songs, by many different producers.
· best emcee / lyrics
nbviously Ghostface for his pre-album leaked songs. He's still the best.
· favorite artwork
-I like the artwork to L Contra Band's "Winter Lives"
· favorite labels
- Shameless plug: Villa Magica Records is the best new label
- Respect to Record Company Records, listening to the promo advances, 2004 should be a hot year
- Institubes is another label that held it down in 2003
· biggest surprise
oh, many things that happened in my life. It keeps surprising me. This is exciting to say the least
· biggest disappointment
- some people I won't name
- Dr. Dre. Dude keeps dropping artists, signing some and not doing shit with them and putting out boring beats (aside from his beats on the 50 Cent album). I hope he changes the game with "Detox".
· books I read
I haven't had time to read no book in 2003. Lots of magazines and newspapers though
· movies I saw
- Les Clés de Bagnole
- Freddy vs. Jason
- T3
- The Ring
- House of a 1000 Corpses


- The Goonies (again and again)
- Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
- Identity
- Jackass the Movie
- Donnie Darko
...and many many others. I know I'm forgetting some good ones. 2003 was my return to movie freak mode.
· websites I visited
- definitely This site keeps getting better. Being biased doesn't change anything. How many label websites are updated every week? Not many.
- other than that, is hot.
- of course is still the most complete hiphop website.
- I also like,,, and some others
· foods I ate
I ate all kinds of great meals. I discovered Vietnamese food this year. It's no joke.
· things that made me smile
all my peoples in Geneva, Boston, New York, Tokyo, and Paris. All the good times we spent together.
· things that made me go hmm
something I can't talk about. Private business
· things that made me cringe
some people lack respect, it's unbelievable. They don't even realize it. It's cool though. I'm sure one day they'll realize how wack they are.
· best moment(s) of 2003
- when all those Villa Magica CDs got back from the pressing plant.
- to see Kid Rolex so happy to release his first CD
- to see DJ Raze kind of blow up in Geneva and make a lot of moves
- all the crazy fun with JeepJack in Zurich, Geneva and Boston
- Miss Thuy
- the Villa Magica Records Xmas Party and the After-Party with DJ Raze on the wheels.
- all my friends and family keepin' it real.
· worst moment(s) of 2003
saying bye bye to loved ones
· what I'd like to see in 2004
more Villa Magica Records business, more parties, more friends, more love, more fun.
· what I don't want to see in 2004
all the bullshit
· hip hop in 2004 will be...
- some will be dope, some will be awfully wack. It's all good.
- Ghostface will release the best album of the last 5 years... or will be dropped by Def Jam and "The Pretty Toney Album" will be an unreleased classic forever
· my new years resolutions
make it happen