Adrian Schraeder (smartaleck)
· best albums
- De La Soul "The Grind Date"
- Kanye West "The College Dropout"
- Masta Killa "No Said Date"
- Oh No "The Disrupt"
- Eminem "Encore"
- Mos Def "The New Danger"
- The Streets "A Grand Don't Come For Free"
- Mocky "Are & Be"
- RJD2 "Since We Last Spoke"
- Madvillain "Madvillainy"
· albums I listened to
- Sketch Show "Loophole"
- Feist "Let It Die"
- Liebe ist cool "1"
- Alexander Kowalski "Response"
- Deltron 3030 "Deltron 3030"
- Cam'ron "Purple Haze"
- Benjamin Wild "Wie es sein wollte"
- Nas "Stillmatic"
- TV On The Radio "Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes"
- Brand Nubian "Everything Is Everything"
· best songs
- Kelis feat. André 3000 "Millionaire"
- Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell "Drop It Like It's Hot"
- Melbeatz feat. Kanye West "Oh Oh"
- Beastie Boys "An Open Letter To NYC"
- Badly Drawn Boy "Year Of The Rat"
- Chromeo "Needy Girl"
- Van Hunt "Out Of The Sky"
- Squarepusher "Iambic 9 Poetry"
- David Matthews "Sambafrique" (okay, that's an old tune, but it still sounds like fresh out the oven)
- Kaptein Kaliber "Help"
- ADJD "Audio Mechanic"
- Masta Ace "Good Ol' Love"
- Franz Ferdinand "All For You, Sophia"
- Jill Scott "Golden"
· best beats
- Cam'Ron "Dip-Set Forever" by Kanye West
- Sektion Kuchikäschtli "I han" by Claud
- unreleased Stuff from my man Eywon (what about a little arrangement?)
- Samy Deluxe "Gott sei Dank" by The Heatmakerz
- Baze "Aus" by DJ Dimos
- Masta Ace "Big City" by Doug Infinite
- Destiny's Child "Girl" by 9th Wonder
- Gap Luva "Collector's Item" by Pete Rock
- Talib Kweli "Never Been In Love" by Just Blaze
· best producers
- Supa Dave West
- RJD2
- Jazze Pha
- 9th Wonder
- Kanye West
- Nicolay
- Madlib
· best emcee / lyrics
- Saigon
- Grafh
- MF Doom
- J.R. Writer
- The Game
- Nas
- Eminem
· favorite artwork
TTC "Bâtards Sensibles"
· favorite labels
- kitsuné
- Versatile
- Stones Throw
- Kompakt
· biggest surprise
- De La Soul strike again
- I somehow managed to stay in school
· biggest disappointment
- Alchemist "1st Infantry"
- Q-Tip not showing up at the Montreux Jazz Festival
- the girls that I met this year
· books I read
- Wilhelm Raabe "Stopfkuchen" (one of the best books I ever read)
- Jeremias Gotthelf "Ueli der Knecht" (excellent book, no joke)
· movies I saw
- Depeche Mode - 101
- Basquiat (I gotta watch that at least four times a year)
- Big Daddy (Adam Sandler makes me laugh)
- Ray (intense movie about the life of Ray Charles)
- The Brown Bunny (Vincent Gallo likes his face a lot)
· websites I visited
· foods I ate
- meat, meat, meat
- Bagels at Lina's Bagels
- food from Bangladesh (everything my brother-in-law cooks is just delicious)
· things that made me smile
- The Dave Chapelle Show
- seeing DJ Diva D deejay (this girl seems to really like the music she spins)
- our weekly discussions after the soccer training
- Melchior F. (guestbook writer on
· things that made me go hmm
- how fast my little nephew is gaining weight
- Swiss rappers battling
· things that made me cringe
- music television (where's the music? where's the info?)
- radio
- most of the DJs
· some of the best moment(s) of 2004
- Interview with the Beastie Boys
- Mixmaster Mike opening up for the Beastie Boys
- Bernard Purdie and Cut Chemist jamming together at the Red Bull Music Academy in Rome
- me & all the other participants of our holiday trip to the south of France repeating the German translation of J-Kwon's hit "Tipsy" (as printed in the German magazine "Bravo") over and over again
- trying to get a mixtape together with my boy Krubsta
· the worst moment of 2004
missing a flight at Heathrow airport by three minutes, having a DJ gig in Zurich the same night and no money, no credit card or anything with me and no one to call
· what I'd like to see in 2005
- progress in my writing
- a comeback by Rakim
- Carl Craig at the Dachkantine in Zurich (01.07.05)
- Vienna
- me on vacation in one of those wooden houses at a lake in Sweden
- "Chapter", the magazine
- some Fränkli (or Dollars. I take everything)
- new A Tribe Called Quest album
· what I don't want to see in 2005
- Chingy
- Usher
- Michael Jackson
- R. Kelly
- Robbie Williams
- an empty fridge and empty pockets
· hip hop in 2005 will be...
- interesting, I'm quite sure
- hopefully not only a club thing
· my new years resolutions
I gave that up a long time ago

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