capital D of All Natural
· best albums
De La Soul "The Grind Date"
· albums I listened to
- De La Soul "The Grind Date"
- Longwave "Strangest Things"
- Thaione Davis "Situation Renaissance"
- my own stuff
· books I read
- Muhummad Yunus "Banker to the Poor"
- Robert Jensen "Citizens of the Empire"
- Noam Chomsky "Hegemony or Survival"
- Chalmers Johnson "Blowback"
· movies I saw
- Control Room
- Fahrenheit 9/11
- Hero
- The Incredibles
· websites I visited
· things that made me smile
my wife
· things that made me go hmm
my wife
· things that made me cringe
my... ummm, next question
· best moment(s) of 2004
graduating from law school
· worst moment(s) of 2004
staying late at my law gig
· what I'd like to see in 2005
the sun
· what I don't want to see in 2005
anymore half-ass ‘reunited’ albums by acts who don’t take the time to update their skills
· hip hop in 2005 will be...
a lot of All Natural, Inc.
· my new years resolutions
keep it movin'

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