Iz-Real of Insomniac Magazine
· best albums
- Immortal Technique "Revolutionary Vol. 2"
- Viktor Vaughn "Venomous Villain"
- RA the Rugged Man "Die Rugged Man Die"
- Saul Williams "Saul Williams"
· albums I listened to
too many to list
· best emcee / lyrics
- Immortal Technique
- RA the Rugged Man
- MF Doom
- Aesop Rock
- Big Jus
- Kool Keith
- Magic Juan
- Stronghold Emcees
· favorite labels
Definitive Jux
· biggest surprise
- great documentaries on 'W'
- Wyclef's Calypso album was pretty good.
· movies I saw
way too many to list
· foods I ate
American, Italian, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Indian, Chinese

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