k-the-i??? of NMS | Komadose (check beyondspaceent.com)
· best albums
- Mestizo "Life Like Movie"
- Robust "Potholes In Our Molecules"
- Offwhyte "Bow To The Sceptor"
- Bigg Jus "Black Mamba Serum v2.0"
- Pilot Balloon "Ghastly Good Cheer"
- Qwel & Maker "The Harvest"
- Polyphic "An Alarm Clock Set For 9:01"
- The Presence "Members Only EP"
· albums I listened to
- The Orb, anything from them
- all the ones up above
- tons of Portishead still
- tons of Björk still
- all of the music my friends make
· best songs
can't really say, I been listening to more of the Orb than anthing
· best beats
- the whole Qwel & Maker "The Harvest" record
- everything Sixtoo dropped
- anything by Alias anything
- DJ Mayonaisse "55 Stories"
· best producers
- Maker
- DJ Mayonaisse
- Alias
- KaeoFLUX
- David Nosdam
- Mud
- Orko
- Bigg Jus
- Nomar Slevik
- Vyle
- Tse
- Jel
- ArcSin
- etc... the list goes on
· best emcee / lyrics
too many dope emcees to name anyone the best
· favorite artwork
- Pilot Balloon "Ghastly Good Cheer"
- Robust "Potholes In Our Molecules"
- Offwhyte "Bow To The Sceptor"
· favorite labels
- Lex
- Warp
- Galapagos4
- Ninja Tune / Big Dada
- Anticon
- Subersiv / Offbeaters
- Shadow Animals
- Endemik
· biggest surprise
this year was boring, nothing surprised me
· biggest disappointment
no comment, I would be here for days
· books I read
Michael Moore "Dude, Where's My Country"
· movies I saw
not really anthing this year, I been trapped in the basement recording music
· websites I visited
- galapagos4.com
- urbansmarts.com
- kaeoflux.com
- hoverock.com
- restiformbodies.com
- logicbased.net
- defjunkies.com
- shadowanimals.com
· foods I ate
a lot of boiled rice and tofu, NO FLESH!!!
· things that made me smile
becoming an uncle this year
· things that made me go hmm
tons of once dope emcees fall straight off
· things that made me cringe
no comment
· best moment(s) of 2004
Destroying All Lines tour: Galapagos4, Offwhyte, Robust, Meaty Ogre, k-the-i??? and DJ Shortrock
· worst moment(s) of 2004
- ODB dying
- four more years of Bush
· what I'd like to see in 2005
my homie Vyle get his, cause he is hella nice with his
· what I don't want to see in 2005

the ending of the world, for real, it's getting pretty close

· hip hop in 2005 will be...
interesting, there will be a new set of emcees evolving out of nowhere to change the industry
· my new years resolutions

to finish all of my records that I have planned, indeed, peace

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