Merlo of
· best albums
- Sektion Kuchikäschtli "Nur so am Rand"
- The Foreign Exchange "Connected"
- RJD2 "Since We Last Spoke"
- Masta Ace "A Long Hot Summer"
- Jill Scott "Beautifully Human"
- The Gift of Gab "4th Dimensional Rocketships Going Up"
· albums I listened to
phew, too many...
- The Roots "The Tipping Point"
- Dilated Peoples "Neighborhood Watch"
- Joy Denalane "Live"
- Max Herre "Max Herre"
- Gentleman "Confidence"
- De La Soul "The Grind Date"
- Erick Sermon "Chilltown, New York"
- Method Man "Tical 0: The Prequel"
- Ghostface "The Pretty Toney Album"
- Supastiton "The Deadline"
- Pete Rock "Soul Survivor II"
- R.A. The Rugged Man "Die Rugged Man, Die"
- Nas "Street's Disciple"
good old rap-music...
soul music...
· best songs
- Jill Scott "Golden"
- Max Herre w/ Joy Denalane "Erste Liebe"
- De La Soul feat. MF Doom "Rock Co.Kane Flow"
- Brother Ali "Self Taught"
- Masta Ace "Good Ol' Love"
- Masta Ace "H.O.O.D."
- Sektion Kuchikäschtli "I han"
- The Roots "Why (What's Goin On?)"
· best beats
- Sektion Kuchikäschtli "I han" by Claud
- Masta Ace "H.O.O.D." by Get Large Productions
- almost all of Nicolay's beats
- almost all of 9th Wonder's beats
- Outerspace "The Revolution" by Celph Titled
· best producers
- 9th Wonder
- Nicolay
- Claud
- RJD2
- Jake One
- Celph Titled
- Ant
- Kanye West
· best emcee / lyrics
- Supastition
- J.U.I.C.E.
- Tonedeff
- Masta Ace
- Talib Kweli
- Jean Grae
- Black Thought
- Holunder (Blumentopf)
- Curse
· favorite artwork
De La Soul "The Grind Date"
· favorite labels
· biggest surprise
"Street's Disciple" is the best Nas album since "Illmatic"
· biggest disappointment
- another four years of Bush
- too many rap albums
· books I read
Michael Moore "Dude, Where's My Country"
· movies I saw
- Fahrenheit 9/11
- American Beauty (again and again; one of my favorite movies)
- Godfather Trilogy (finally...)
- Kill Bill 1+2
· websites I visited
· foods I ate
...big up to my microwave (smiles)
· things that made me go hmm
Kool Savas seems to be a funny and intelligent person...
· some of the best moment(s) of 2004
- my girlfriend
- good music
- friends
- meeting people and artists from all around the world who still got nothing but love for the hip hop culture and rap music
· what I'd like to see in 2005
- my album in stores
- more creativity
- more happy and peaceful people
· what I don't want to see in 2005
- boring club DJs
- too much work
- war
· hip hop in 2005 will be...
hopefully better than the last few years

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