Mr. Trick (check and
· best albums
- Sketchie "Rain By High Lantern"
- edIT "Crying Over Pros For No Reason"
- Isis "Panopticon"
- 2tall "Shifting Tides"
- The Go! Team "Thunder, Lightning, Strike!"
· albums I listened to
- Sketchie "Rain By High Lantern"
- edIT "Crying Over Pros For No Reason"
- Isis "Panopticon"
- anything by The Melvins
- 2tall "Shifting Tides"
- everything on Wordsound, especially Spectre, Dubodelic, Scotty Hard and Prince Charming
- Jimi Hendrix "Astro Man" 6CD boxset
- Sunn 0))) "White 1, White 2"
- all the 7"s on Bully Records; or just the "Lunch Money" singles compilation CD
- Brian Wilson "Smile"
· best songs
- Baby Blak "Just Begun (Team Shadetek Remix)"
- Waxfactor "The Gameface EP"
- Johnny Cash "Hurt"
- Tammy Garcia "Mexico City"
- J-Star "X-Rated"
- Derrick Harriot "Reach Out (I'll Be There)" (okay, so not released in 2004, but dug out by Gaz Mayall for his Trojan comp!)
- 2tall "At The Gates Of Love"
- The Bug "Slew Dem (Enduser Remix)"
- edIT "Yeah Shorty It's Your B-Day (edIT Cut-Up)" from
- DJ C "Billy Jungle (Remix)"
· best beats
Team Shadetek, especially when they're in Shockout 'fuckoff dancehall beats'mode. Examples: their "Yoga Beat Remix", anything on the Rhythm Incursions mix. The Baby Blak remix was off the hook too; killer hip hop beats going on there.
· best producers
- Team Shadetek
- Sketchie
- Maker
· best emcee / lyrics
· favorite artwork
Waxfactor "The Gameface EP"
· favorite labels
Bully Records
· biggest surprise
Bush getting back in. I really thought he was outta there...
· biggest disappointment
just generally realising that the music industry is getting more and more fucked. Running a label in all this is tougher than ever. Oh and discovering the hard way that most distributors are shady motherfuckers who have no intention of paying up.
· books I read
- Arthur Nersesian "The Fuck Up"
- Sam Kashner "When I Was Cool"
- Carl Hiaasen "Strip Tease"
- The Melvins "Neither Here Nor There"
- Charles Bukowski "Selected Letters"
- Traci Lords "Traci Lords: Underneath It All"
- Bruce Campbell "If Chins Could Kill"
- Stephen Davis "Jim Morrison"
- Jim Christy "The Buk Book: Musings on Charles Bukowski"
- Rich Hall "Otis Lee Crenshaw"
· movies I saw
- Brian Wilson: Beautiful Dreamer
- The Incredibles
- Hero
- Shrek 2 (with my nephew - honest)
- Supersize Me
· websites I visited
- - awesome tracks posted up regularly by edIT himself. Always brilliant.
- - pretty much the only forum I use with any regularity now.
- - I have a hacked Xbox, and this app is THE SHIT
- - the forum of UK production legend No Sleep Nigel
- - for my news updates (smile)
· foods I ate
- Mexican Sausage Pie
- Fusilli pasta with asparagus and 4 cheese sauce
- chicken in a white wine sauce with thyme, mushrooms and grated parsnip
- fillet steak with fat chips and bearnaise sauce
- Pizza Express American Hot pizzas - with added Mozarella
does it show that I enjoy cooking?
· things that made me smile
- the soundfile of the guy getting tasered on "Cops". I still piss myself laughing when I hear it
- the episode of "Max and Paddy's Road To Nowhere" when they're in prison. I cried laughing for the first 15 minutes
- releasing the 2tall and Waxfactor EPs; real highpoints of the year for me
- seeing Brian Wilson perform "Smile" in full for the first time ever. A real moment
- winning my court case against a shitty web company who fucked me over on a new site. That'll teach the bastards!
· things that made me go hmm
the whole experience of getting 2tall's "Shifting Tides" album out. We encountered just about every problem and obstacle along the way, and I had the shortest, harshest lesson in how the music industry works ever. A lot has been learned though, which is the main thing.
· things that made me cringe
watching just about any music show on television. They've sold their asses lock stock and barrel to pop music and the highest bidders. So, you don't even get decent pop anymore; you get fucking Posh Spice because her PR company has the most clout in the industry. Pathetic.
· best moment(s) of 2004
getting Waxfactor's EP back from the pressing plant. Seeing that artwork in the full glorious 12" record sleeve was amazing - and made all the more sweet by the subsequent praise it received from many a respectable DJ.
· worst moment(s) of 2004
the ongoing nightmare of getting 2tall's album out. Don't get me wrong: the album is a 24 carat classic and I love it, but the harsh lessons we learned whilst working on its release really dragged us down. We came very close to walking away.
· what I'd like to see in 2005
more success with the Needlework label, as well as with the radio shows.
· what I don't want to see in 2005
more apathy on every fucking level. I don't care whether it's towards the war in Iraq or at the state of the music industry: FUCK sitting on your ass and doing nothing about anything.
· hip hop in 2005 will be...
more independent, with any luck. I'm not a big fan of the mainstream stuff, so the more original and diverse independent shit out there, the better.
· my new years resolutions
- earn money.
- earn money.
- earn money.
- earn money.
- earn money.

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