Neila (check
· best albums
- Aceyalone "Book Of Human Language"
- Digital Underground "Sex Packets"
- UB40 "The UB40 File"
- Money Mark "Mark's Repair Shop"
- Black Sabbath "We Sold Our Soul For Rock And Roll"
- The White Stripes "Elephant"
and many more…
· albums I listened to
all of the above and albums by Modest Mouse, Interpol, TV On The Radio, Z-Trip, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Israel Vibration, Augustus Pablo, 3rd Bass, Bush Babees, De La Soul and on and on…
· best songs
- De La Soul "Trying"
- Atmosphere "Modern Man's Hustle"
- Handsome Boy Modeling School "Sunshine (Remix)"
- Money Mark "Alone"
- Garth Brooks "Friends In Low Places"
- "Landslide", Fleetwood Mac or Smashing Pumpkins redo
· best beats
- Dr. Dre
- Trent Reznor
- Automator
· best producers
everyone I have ever worked with and
- Money Mark
- Tommy Guerrero
- The Beatnuts
· best emcee / lyrics
- Aceyalone
- Awol One
- 2mex
- Die
- Pigeon John
- Medusa
- Aesop Rock
- Atmosphere
- MF Doom
- Bright Eyes
way too many to think off...
· favorite artwork
- John Gill
- The White Stripes "Elephant"
· favorite labels
Mo' Wax
· biggest surprise
I'm still alive!
· biggest disappointment
the world is the same as it was...
· books I read
- Lester Bangs "Main Lines, Blood Feasts, and Bad Taste: A Lester Bangs Reader"
- BB King "Lady Sings The Blues: Autobiography"
- Howard Zinn "A People's History of the United States: 1492 - Present"
- Paulo Freire "Pedagogy Of The Oppressed"
- James W. Loewen "Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong"
- Dante Alighieri "The Divine Comedy"
- E.M. Cioran "The Temptation To Exist"
· movies I saw
- Safe Men
- The Big Lebowski
- Harold And Kumar
- Napoleon Dynamite
- Detroit Rock City
- Sour Grapes
- Better Off Dead
- Rolling Kansas
- Outside Providence
- Matchstick Men
· websites I visited
- Werner Von Wallenrod's Humble, Little Hip Hop Site
- Big Brother when it existed...
not much...
· foods I ate
shit...I don't eat red meat, pork, but all else is game. I love food. my favorite places to eat: Frontier Wok, California Pizza Kitchen, Tep Thai, and Baja Fresh; that is about every week
· things that made me smile
the children I work with, my friends, my family, being able to exist...
· things that made me go hmm
- cameras
- fear
- the internet
- the press
- our president: his clones, his followers, his victims...
- what this world is knocking there a glint of positivity?? hmmmmmmmmmmmm
· things that made me cringe
- circumstances at hand
- power and who holds it
- good people forced to get by
· worst moment(s) of 2004
Bush 'winning' the election
· what I'd like to see in 2005
a new world unravel mysteriously
· what I don't want to see in 2005
- Paris Hilton
- Donald Trump
- Donald 'Rumpsfield'
- George W. Bush
- any of the Simpson sisters
- Fear Factor
- the same News on repeat
· hip hop in 2005 will be...
the same but different
· my new years resolutions
- cut down on smokes
- finish school
- go on tour

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