Nick Sweepah of Awakenings
· best albums
- Celsius "Kickin It To Hell And Back"
- Muph & Plutonic "Hunger Pains"
- Art Of War "First Chapter"
- Go! Team "Thunder Lightning Strike"
- Eminem "Encore"
· albums I listened to
- all the above, but I'm still listening to Mars Volta after last years recommendations on this very site. saw them live in January and now I'm anxiously anticpating anything to do with these guys
- also, I guess these aren't albums, but i can't get enough of the "Love Potion Collection" by Mac Lethal, or "3:16 - The 9th Edition" by Murs
· best songs
damn, I don't know. I found commercial music pretty boring this year in the most part, and most of the shit I listened to doesn't have singles. I'll go with "Heaps Good" - Muphin & Plutonic, and I do like "Drop It like It's Hot" [Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell] Sorry.
· best beats
- Celsius "Str8 Outta..."
- Muph & Plutonic "The Jason Chapman Sway"
- Art Of War "Don't Ever Come Back"
· best producers
- Sereck (Celsius)
- Plutonic Lab (Muph & Plutonic)
- Rob Sonic
· best emcee / lyrics
- Brass (Celsius)
- Rob Sonic
- El-P
- Murs
- Ivens
- Slug
- Mantra
· favorite artwork
- Rob Sonic "Telicatessen"
- Eminem "Encore" - but not so much the cover, more the entire package as a whole piece
· favorite labels
I guess I'll go with Definitive Jux, thanks
· biggest surprise
Eminem's joke on the whole Industry going largely unnoticed
· biggest disappointment
so many albums I thought would be good, that weren't
· books I read
amongst a billion others:
- the Lemony Snicket books
- "Rum Diary" Hunter S. Thompson
- "Urban Voodoo" Black/Hyatt
- and I finally got to reading "the Godfather" [Mario Puzo] - better than I expected
· movies I saw
the best ones:
- Saw
- Series of Unfortunate Events
- Soylent Green
- Brazil
- I Drink Your Blood
- the whole Twin Peaks run from start to finish (seriously the best screen-watching investment you could make)
- The Incredibles, which was
· websites I visited
not a lot:
- (where you can buy the shit I've mentioned above that's Australian)
· foods I ate
Cheesymite Scrolls (it's a weird bread product with Cheese and Vegemite in it. Genius.)
· best moment(s) of 2004
- Dillenger Escape Plan live
- Mars Volta live
- Murs feat. John Cena and E-40 "Hustle Remix"; genius
· worst moment(s) of 2004
probably this Tsunami thing a couple days ago.
· hip hop in 2005 will be...
better and worse than it was in 2004
· my new years resolutions
quit and ease off on a bunch of things I need to quit or ease off on that I won't mention here

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