Ryan Waxenberg of Formula Werks Clothing
· best albums
- Sharkey "Sharkey's Machine"
- Full Duplex presents "Strength In Numbers"
- Typical Cats "Civil Service"
- Dynamic Vibrations "The New & Used"
- The Foreign Exchange "Connected"
- Glue "Seconds Away"
· albums I listened to
all of the above
- Kanye West "The College Dropout" (played out)
- Jean Grae "This Week" (disappointing)
- Mestizo "Life Like Movie" (interesting)
- Qwel & Maker "The Harvest" (incredible beats)
- Dujeous? "City Limits" (dope)
- Rusty Chains "Battle Scars to Prove It" (ill)
- everything by Asian Dub Foundation
- everything by White Stripes
- Kutmasta Kurt "Redneck Games" (sick)
a lot of other stuff I can't remember
· best songs
I can't think that hard. There are a lot
· best producers
- Maker
- Nicolay
- Sharkey
- The Nutsons
· best emcee / lyrics
anyone whose ego isn't bigger than they are
· favorite artwork
Offwhyte "Bow To The Sceptor"
· favorite labels
that one. you know, that one label. whatsitcalled?
· biggest surprise
Red Sox won the World Series
· biggest disappointment
- that punk-ass George Bush won again. What a dick.
- the new IAM album "Revoir Un Printempts"...should've been better. Dammit!
· books I read
cookbooks & catalogs
· movies I saw
dude, it's been 365 days. I seriously can't remember
· websites I visited
- galapagos4.com
- urbansmarts.com
- formulawerks.com
- homestarrunner.com
- slate.com
- espn.com
· foods I ate
- everything. except for sushi
- drank tons of Sparks. So...much...Sparks...
· things that made me smile
- "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart
- "The Chappelle Show" with Dave Chappelle
- "Late Night" with Conan O'Brien
- "The John Mayer Show"
- "Scrubs"
· things that made me go hmm
- we opened a showroom. Butta.
- tadah visited NYC and didn't like it.
· things that made me cringe
- see "Biggest Disappointment"
- knowing one of my best friends voted for that asshole
· best moment(s) of 2004
seeing work start to pay off, slowly but surely.
· worst moment(s) of 2004
see "Biggest Disappointment"
· what I'd like to see in 2005
- one good job instead of one good job & two blah ones
- Europe. Asia. Africa. Australia.
- something good on MTV.
- the new sports channel coming out blow the hell up
- an end to terrorism (on BOTH sides)
- the Cankles be successful (ill as hell funk/hip-hop band from Chicago)
- Neila's new CD in my CD player...is it coming out finally?!?!?!
- me be successful
- me writing down notes all year in order to give a better list!
· what I don't want to see in 2005
- more terrorism
- more worthless wars started by our crooked government
· hip hop in 2005 will be...
the same cycle as always
· my new years resolutions
nothing. to be nice as always & keep working with integrity.

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