Thaione Davis (check
· albums I listened to
this stuff didn't all come out this year, but this what has motivated my 365:
- The Jazz Crusaders "Uh Oh"
- Santana "Moonflower"
- Madvillain "Madvillany"
- Mark De Clive Lowe "Tide's Arising"
- On No "The Disrupt"
- Yusef Lateef "1984"
- De La Soul "The Grind Date"
- Nas "Streets Diciple"
- Various Artists "Keeping Time"
- Sa Ra Creative Partners: anything these dudes produce!!!
- Platinum Pied Pipers: same as above!!!
- Buddy Miles: anything by this dude too!!!
- Fela Kuti "Roforofo Fight"
- anything by Chico Hamilton and Joe Bataan
- capital D "Insomnia"
- Lizz Fields "By Day By Night"
- The Police "Zenyatta Moddata"
- Ray Charles "The Ray Charles Story"
- Johnny Lytle "A Groove"
- Billy Cobham "Simplicity of Expression"
- Eddie Harris "Excursions"
- Betty Carter "Social Call"
- Quincy Jones "You Got it Bad Girl"
- Kraftwerk "Computer World"
- oh yeah, I finally got my Mike Jones CD (don't sleep)
these albums got me through a lotta shit, but the catalog is crazy!
· best song
that whole Kardinall Offishal "Kill Bill" mixtape!
· best beats
Jaydee, Jaydee Dilla Dog, Jaydee, J.Dilla, did I mention J. Dilla?
· best producers
same as above!
· best emcee / lyrics
it's a three way tie, equally:
- Common
- Nas
- Black Thought
they are the epitome of what embodies the term 'emcee'
· favorite artwork
KMD "Black Bastards" (do I really need to explain why?!!?!!)
· favorite labels
whoever will give me a proper advance and thoroughly push my project properly (worldwide)
· biggest surprise
- I just found out that Shock G was actually Humpty Hump...
- naw shit don't surprise me, I just take it all in and chalk up the losses
· biggest disappointment
the united snakes Government; four more years of more bullshit.
· books I read
- this isn't really a book, but after eight years I finally read the manual to my MPC. Yeah, that was a waste of time!!!
- book wise though - "Uncovering Brasil" (don't know the author off the top)
· movies I saw
best movie: "Ray" (Jamie Foxx should get three Oscars for that role)
· websites I visited
what, don't trip. I bet y'a'll go to google e'rday
· foods I ate
fish, spinach, and mangos (you can't go wrong any time of day)
· things that made me smile
tit-tays, as Chapelle would say
· things that made me go hmm
Bill Cosby expressing his views on the black community
· things that made me cringe
how the industry always pushing 'coons': I guess I'm used to it by now, but the people shouldn't have to stomach that shit on the regular.
· best moment(s) of 2004
my son being born: peace to Zaire Nasiim
· worst moment(s) of 2004
Chingy! Fuck Chingy! there I said it: FUCK YOU CHINGY!!!
· what I'd like to see in 2005
A Tribe Called Quest
· what I don't want to see in 2005
these industry clowns really pumping that bullshit like they honestly believe that shit is fresh
· hip hop in 2005 will be...
oversaturated. which can be good and bad...
· my new years resolutions
Attack the wack!! Attack The Wack!! ATTACK THE WACK!!

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