Vakill (check
· best albums
- T.I. "Urban Legend"
- Cam'ron "Purple Haze"
- Saigon "Warning Shots"
- J-Zone "A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work"
- Alchemist "1st Infantry"
· albums I listened to
all the above
· best songs
- Saigon "Stalkin Cap"
- T.I. "ASAP"
- Cam'ron "Get 'Em Girls"
- Cam'ron "Adrenaline Rush (Remix)"
- J-Zone "Disco Hoes"
- Alchemist "Tick Tock"
· best beats
- Cam'ron "Down And Out"
- T.I. "ASAP"
- Saigon "Pop Quiz"
all the above
· best producers
- J-Zone
- Just Blaze
- Kanye West
- Alchemist
· best emcee / lyrics
- T.I.
- J-Zone
- Saigon
· favorite artwork
all the burners I saw in Europe this year
· favorite labels
· biggest surprise
- Cam'ron's LP
- Alchemist's LP
· biggest disappointment
- Roy Jones: nigga put that mic down and take yo punk ass back to the gym
- Bush punk ass back in the oral office
· books I read
Donal Spears "In Search Of Good Pussy"; a message to all my niggaz: read this shit. nigga got straight G.
· movies I saw
Ray is fire
· websites I visited
· foods I ate
30,000,000,000,000 gyros in Europe
· things that made me smile
my daughters first word: "uh-oh"
· things that made me go hmm
what Serena Williams looks like ass naked
· things that made me cringe
Roy Jones second knock out. I thought that nigga died Apollo Creed style
· best moment(s) of 2004
my first European tour with louis logic, J-Zone and my nigga DJ Equal
· worst moment(s) of 2004
my grandmother passed four days before christmas
· what I'd like to see in 2005
- a new album from yours truly
- another successful tour
- Bush take two to the throat during a state of the union address live
· what I don't want to see in 2005
- my babies mama
- more dead soldiers
· hip hop in 2005 will be...
· my new years resolutions
- continue stackin paper
- continue to improve on fatherhood
- make the RAWEST fuckin album to ever come out the Chi
- get in Serena's ass crack

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