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best albums
- Silhouette Brown "s/t" (Rarely can an album sound so modern and so vintage at the same time. Kaidi & Dego's production is as good as it gets, and Deborah Jordan's vocals are perfect, too.)

albums I listened to
- Quasimoto "The Further Adventures of Lord Quas"
- Mark De Clive Lowe "Tide's Arising"
- Kanye West "Late Registration"
- D'Nell "1st Magic"
- Black Milk "Sound of the City"
- Beanie Sigel "The B. Coming"
- Quantic "Mishaps Happening"

best songs / singles
- Pharrell "Can I have it Like That"
- I Self Devine "Ice Cold"
- Recloose "Dust"
- Amerie "One Thing", "Talkin About"
- MED "Push", "Can't Hold On"

best beats
- Omarion "Touch"
- I Self Devine "Ice Cold"
- Sa-Ra Creative Partners "Glorious"

best producers
- Jake One
- Neptunes
- Kaidi & Dego
- Mark De Clive Lowe
- Madlib

best emcees / lyrics
- Casual "Smash Rockwell"

biggest surprise (music or anything else)
- Kanye's album. I was mostly apathetic about his first album, but I couldn't stop listening to "Late Registration."

things that made me go cringe
- President Bush opening his mouth to speak.

what I'd like to see in 2006
- MCs rhyming over tracks that are more than 120 BPM
- MCs with real swagger
- Songs with no chorus
- Songs with great choruses
- Hip hop kids start to shun boring hip hop
- The death of the mashup
- People supporting struggling and hard-working musicians by buying records
- The rise of showmanship in DJing (especially when a computer is involved).

what I don't want to see in 2006
- Fake ass DJs making fake-ass mixtapes
- DJs playing the same goddamn songs as every other DJ
- DJs posing as cool by playing exclusive new songs that aren't exclusive at all
- More stupid subgenres created by self-fulfilling music journalists

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