Braille, check

best albums
- Ohmega Watts "The Find"

albums I listened to
- a lot of Al Green
- Lampmode Crew
- Speech from Arrested Development

best songs / singles
- I didn't listen to the radio much so I'm not sure what the radio singles were

biggest surprise (music or anything else)
- right now I'm surprised about how little I remember from 05'. I feel like the year passed by so quick. It was a real busy year for me.... as far as working and stuff, but yeah, I'm surprised at how little I remember as far as music.

biggest disappointment (music or anything else)
- I think life is always filled with dissappointments. We don't always get our way.... but I'm just thankful to be alive. Life is good...through the ups and downs.

books I read
- I mainly read the Bible and this book called "The Spirit Filled Topical Bible"

movies I saw
- I saw the Narnia movie recently
- I saw that new Batman movie
- I can't remember many others.

websites I visited

foods I ate
- this year I was able to visit a lot of other countries. I tried so many different tasty treats.

things that made me smile
- it seems like I smile at least once every day...
- my wife tends to make me smile a lot
- I opened some concerts for James Brown and that made me smile.

things that made me go 'hmmm' (positively pondering)
- just learning the industry
- doing accounting
- growing and having more responsibilities.

things that made me go cringe
- leaving my wallet in Spain

best moment of 2005
- I dunno.... I can remember dancing many times. I usually dance when I'm having good moments
- From the start of January, I tried to get organized. After that, things kept busy and it was really encouraging.

worst moment of 2005
- nothing sticks out in my mind. I know there were a lot of hard times though. I think the worst moments for me were the natural disasters that took place. I wish I would have helped more....

what I'd like to see in 2006
- I want to work hard and establish my label "Hiphop Is Music" (
- I also want to release this new album I'm working on. It's all a process.

what I don't want to see in 2006
- I don't want to miss out on the opportunities God provides for me
- I don't want to see myself being impatient... I need to find the balance between moving forward and being patient at the same time.

hip hop in 2006 will be
- hopefully an open floor for many different artists to express themselves through music and culture.

my new years resolutions
- hold nothing back: pour out everything GOD has placed in me, without reserve. give my best effort in every situation, and do it all for the glory of God. To live a life of love, as a disciple of Christ.

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