best albums
- Ra Scion And Sabzi "Common Market"
- Common "Be"
- Edan "Beauty and the Beat"
- Blueprint "1988"
- One Man Army "Sonogram"
- Blue Scholars "Long March"
- Supastition "Chain Letters"
- Stick Figures
- Maker "Shooting the Breeze"
- Cage "Hells Winter"
- Lyrics Born "Later That Day"
- Dangerdoom
- Josh Martinez "Midriff Music"
- Ohmega Watts "The Find"
- Atmosphere "You cant believe how much fun we're having"
- Murs and Slug "Felt 2"
- Can-U "A Stepping Stone"

albums I listened to
- Pete Rock & CL Smooth "The main ingredient"
- Modest Mouse "Good news for people who love bad news"
- Beck "Sea Change"
- Death Cab for Cutie "Plans"
- Little Brother "The minstrel Show"
- Cannibal Ox "The Cold Vein"
- Gza Vs Muggs
- Nygh "Circling Vultures"
- Qwel and Maker "The Harvest"
- Sankofa "still means something"
- Blackalicious "the craft"
- Sage Francis "Healthy Distrust"
- Othello "elevator music"

best songs / singles
- Cage "Hells Winter"
- Edan "Fumbling over words that rhyme"
- One man army "axis"
- Ohmega Watts and Othello "Long Ago"
- Maker "Sandcastle"
- Supastition "Dont stop"
- Raks One "For Good"
- Lightheaded "Uhh"
- Blueprint "Boombox"
- Atmosphere "Little Man"
- Blue Scholars "Long March"
- Ra Scion and Sabzi "Connect For"
- Stick Figures "Breakdown"
- Muneshine "imagine that"
- Common "Be"

best beats
- Blue Scholars "Long March"
- Ra Scion and Sabzi "Connect For"
- Ohmega Watts "long ago"
- Edan "Beauty"
- Maker "Sandcastle"
- Stick Figures "Breakdown"
- M-Phazes "Dont Stop"
- Dangermouse "Crosshairs"
- Common "BE"
- Kanye "Gone"

best producers
- Ant
- M-Phazes
- Sabzi
- Kanye
- Maker
- Ohmega Watts
- Muneshine
- El-P
- Dangermouse
- Tayo

best emcees / lyrics
- One Man Army
- Edan
- Common
- Supastition
- Raks One
- Can-U
- Lyrics Born
- Robust
- Prolyphic
- Qwel
- Ayentee
- Fice
- Geologic
- Ra Scion
- Insight
- Sage

favorite artwork
- Can-U "A stepping stone"
- Othello "Elevator Music"

best label
- Galapagos4
- Def Jux
- Rhymesayers

biggest surprise (music or anything else)
- Cages CD
- Mamic Graduating
- Gas prices dropping

biggest disappointment (music or anything else)
- tadah not reviewing my CD after sending it in a long time ago

books I read
- Game Informer

movies I saw
- I finally saw Donny Darko, great movie

websites I visited
- myspace
- urbansmarts
- google
- alldumb

foods I ate-pizza
- thai food
- subway

things that made me smile
- doing shows throughout the northwest.
- when somebody doesnt compare my style to Eminem.
- The Chronic what cles of narnia

things that made me go cringe
- about every emcee on MTV, still

best moment of 2005
- being told a song I did was amazing by One Man Army. seeing as how hes one of my favorite emcees of all time.

worst moment of 2005
- it's been a good year so the worst stuff thats happened is fighthing with my family

what I'd like to see in 2006
- cohesiveness and support
- Furthering my career and progressing with the art
- Touring and releasing my official album and project with Tayo

what I don't want to see in 2006
- more pointless beef and people buying into the beef
- Lyrical ability and good beats
- no laffy taffy or wack ignorance
- no more Black Eyed Peas.

hip hop in 2006 will be
- Great. It was great this year and it is in no way dead. It is just weighed down because of the image we're given. But the core is intact and flourishing.

my new years resolutions
- Keep movin

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