Doug Evans of FreeThinkers

Best Album
- Common "Be"

Best Singles
- Masta Ace feat. Common, Edo G. "Blvd. Connection"
- Killah Priest "Truth Be Told"
- Trey Songz "I Gotta Make It"
- Little Brother "Not Enough"

Best Beat
- Dr. Dre "Hate It Or Love It"

Best Producers
- 9th Wonder
- Kanye West

Best Emcees
- Jin
- Gza
- Phonte

Favorite Artwork
- The Boondocks (cartoon)

Biggest Surprise
- Kanye speaking his mind "George Bush doesn't care about black people"

Biggest Disappointment
- Steeler's losing AFC championship
- Brand Nubian album
- Mase (but no surprise)

Books I read
- Dr. York "Does Religion Breed Ignorance?"
- Michael Dyson "Is Cosby Right?"

Movies I Saw
- War Of The Worlds
- Napoleon Dynamite
- Constantine
- Letter To The President

Web sites I visited

Things that make me smile
- hometown boy Trey Songz blow up
- Run's House
- the Vernon John Story

Things that made me go ''hmmm''
- Jay Z and Nas performing together
- Dick Gregory uncut interview on "Letter to the President"

Things that made me go cringe
- exministries pastor G. Craige Lewis claims hip hop culture is from Satan, but will not debate the issue
- also BET refuse to play Little Brother

Best moment of 2005
- Hip Hop Honors: Furious Five and Big Daddy Kane performance
- seeing Minister Farrakhan and Common in Richmond

Worst moment of 2005
- Hurricane Katrina: looter vs finder, evacuees vs refugees
- death of Rosa Parks, Luther Vandross, ODB

What I'd like to see in 2006
- new Hip Hop Network
- urban smarts t-shirts
- Blackstar and Rakim albums

What I don't want to see in 2006
- stop snitching T-shirts.."are you doing something illegal"?

Hip Hop in 2006 will be
- more and more and more GGGG Unit

My New Year Resolutions
- become more involved in Hip Hop

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