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in the year 2005
Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages. What'd be a year without the look back, the pondering of what was good and was wasn't so much as. And whilst it has been a quiet year for these four corners on the internet, public demand... uhm... demanded for another one of the by now traditional 'urbansmarts year end wrap ups'.
So sit back, enjoy and visit back, because as long as there's no wrap up of the wrap ups, there's still more lists to be added and we'll do that frequently now.
this years panel...
NOTE: not all pannelists are uploaded yet. there's more to come!!
· Alaska Hangar 18 | Definitive Jux | Atoms Family
· Bill Sharp
· Braille LightHeaded
· Brolin Winning supreme journalist, producer | smartaleck
· Buzz l'Ekler Ekler'o'shock
· Can-U supreme rapper
· Daedelus supreme musician
· DJ Eleven The Rub | (((Local1200)))
· DJ Hen Boogie Professional Beat Digger | resident OG
· DJ Onceamonth State Of Confusion | Lab-oratory Records | The Cankles | DCS Crew | Dope Associates
· Doug Evans FreeThinkers
· Draino
· Funkghost supreme rapper
· Haysoos supreme rapper
· Ill Poetic supreme rapper and producer
· Infinito2017 supreme rapper
· Intel One supreme DJ
· J.E.S. the Universal Hoverock
· J-Ice
Lyrical Lounge Editor,
· Joel aka Jello from The Cankles | HeavyMedium | copy editor for
· J-Zone supreme producer and rapper
· Locke supreme rapper
· Maker supreme producer
· Martin Schultz streetball idealist
· Nasa The Presence | Uncommon Records
· Neila supreme artist
· Newman Giant Panda
· Nobs supreme rapper
· Omega Takeshi supreme rapper
· Peter Agoston Female Fun Records/Culturama, aka DJ Thanksgiving Brown
· Pickett Fence supreme rapper
· Ra LaMotta ApSci | Quannum
· RedCloud supreme rapper
· Ryan Waxenbarg Formula Werks
· Sankofa supreme rapper
· Scaramanga aka Sir Menelik
· SoulStice supreme rapper
· Spencer Doran supreme producer, DJ and drummer | Female Fun Music
· Subtitle supreme rapper | supreme producer
· Supastition supreme rapper
· Teki Latex TTC
· Verbal Tec supreme rapper
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