J.E.S the Universual of Hoverock

best albums
- DangerDoom "The Mouse and the Mask"
- DJ Muggs/GZA "Grandmasters"
- Arcsin "Resonant Murk Tactics"
- Bigg Jus "Poor Peoples Day"
- Hoverock presents Kite Crucifix Beyond: Valium 1
- Common "Be"
- Kanye West "Late Registration"
- The Presence "Common Man Anthems"
- DJ Short Rock "Live @ Nasa Labs"
- C-Rayz Walz "Year Of The Beast"
- Little Brother "The Minstral Show"
- Black Market Militia
- Buckshot/9th Wonder "Chemistry"
- Smif-n-Wesson "Reloaded"
- Cage "Hellz Winter"

albums I listened to
- Cannibal Ox "Cold Vein"
- El-P "Collecting the Kid"
- Portishead "Portishead"
- Portishead "Dummy"
- Lamb "Last Stand"
- a lot of Jazz/Soul al
bums (Sun Ra, Miles Davis, Yusef Lateef)
- Gravediggaz "6 Feet Deep"
- A Tribe Called Quest "Midnight Marauders"

best songs / singles
- Pixelated Overdub (K-The-I and Vyle) "Classical Fashional"
- El-P "Crazy Kings Pt. III" and the "Bomb The System (Score)"
- Common "Be"
- Buckshot "Slippin"
- Little Brother "Slow It Down"
- Muggs/GZA "Queens Gambit"
- BDS "Down And Out Jackal Brigade"
- Cage "Subtle Art Of The Break Up Song"

best beats
- PFM "Deconstruction Cell" (Traumahawk)
- El-P "From The Planets of..." (Cannibal Ox)
- Quasimoto "Greenary"
- 9th Wonder "The Minstral Show" album
- Kayne West the "Be" album and "Late Registration" album
- Arcsin "Resonant Murk Tactics" album

best producers
- Orion Pax
- Iron Ora
- K-the-I???
- Vyle
- DJ Shortrock
- Take7
- Hexagram23
- Kaeoflux (Komadose)
- Lumin (Oddinhuman)
- Rev. Al
- Scuba Suit
- El-P
- Blockhead
- Blueprint
- DJ Manipulator
- Kayne West
- Jay Dee
- Madlib
- Danger Mouse
- DJ Muggs
- Stoupe
there is to many to mention, if I didn’t mention you, you definitely are not forgotten

best emcees / lyrics
- K-the-I???
- Quest “The Unborn Child”
- V8 (TFD)
- Vyle
- Nasa and Cirrus (The Presence)
- Common
- Phonte (Little Brother)
- Tragedy Khadafi
- MF Doom
again too many to name...

favorite artwork
- Aesop Rock "Fast Cars, Danger, Fire And Knifes"
- Quasimoto "The Future Adventures Of Lord Quas
- Edan "Beauty And The Beat"
- Arcsin "Resonant Murk Tactics"

best label
- Hoverock Musicals
- Definitive Jux
- Uncommon
- Beyond Space
- Ninja Tunes
- Domination Records

biggest surprise (music or anything else)
- the release of Arcsin’s "Resonant Murk Tactics" on Definitive Jux (never thought I would see this release)
- Hearing the news that Cannibal Ox is back in the studio with El-P producing the whole album
- hearing the news that Co Flow might record some new tracks for the re-release of "Funcrusher Plus" on Definitive Jux
- The Bengals made it to the playoffs

biggest disappointment (music or anything else)
- K-The-I??? didn’t get his credit for NMS
- Yankees didn’t make it to the World Series
- I couldn’t get financed for a house

books I read
- didn’t read many books but studied British Literature (reading the works of Swift, Shakespeare, Chaucer)

movies I saw
- watched a lot of older movies revisiting my old DVD collection
- favorite movie of the year is “Bomb The System”, well favorite movie released this year that is

websites I visited
- www.hoverock.com
- www.dominationrec.com
- www.myspace.com/jestheuniverusal
- www.defjunkies.com
- www.oddinhuman.com
- www.ninjatunes.com
- www.uncommonmusic.net
- www.ughh.com
- www.urbansmarts.com
- www.hiphopsite.com
- www.nfl.com
- www.nba.com
- www.espn.com
- www.bengals.com
- www.trickology.com
- www.yahoo.com

foods I ate
- I was on a subway Diet (lol)

things that made me smile
- the release of "Hoverock presents Kite Crucifix Beyond: Valium 1"
- the track "Classical Fashional" by Pixelated Overdub produced by me make its way on to a mixtape by DJ Waht "This Is Not A Listening Party Pt. 3" on Nephew of Frank Records
- again the Bengals going to the playoffs
- and Will Farrell

things that made me go 'hmmm' (positively pondering)
- the Promises of 2006

things that made me go cringe
- the President

best moment of 2005
- the release of "Kite Crucifix Beyond: Valium 1"
- job promotion

worst moment of 2005
- all the damn hurricanes that left thousands of people homeless

what I'd like to see in 2006
- less fighting and more love
- the explosion of Hoverock Musicals
- the beginning of a Dynasty for Paramanu Recordings
- the release of Arcsin’s Uncommon record
- Vermicious Kanid (JES and PFM)
- K-the-I??? on Mush record
- Pixelated Overdub
- 8th Plague (JES and Quest)
- and the continue success of Definitive Jux
- oh, and less females turning lesbians unless they are bi

what I don't want to see in 2006
- more of the Ying Yang Twins
- gold fronts on white people
- radio garbage
- me staying single

hip hop in 2006 will be
- explosive

my new years resolutions
- get another job promotion
- buy my house
- record a lot of music

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