Peter Agoston aka DJ Thanksgiving Brown
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best albums
- Prince Paul "Itstrumental"
- Sadat X "Experience & Education"
- David Axelrod "The Edge"
- Opio "Triangulation Station"
- Why? "Sanddollars"
- "One Block Radius" album or Z-Man "Don't Forget To Brag"
- Quasimoto "The Further Adventures of Lord Quas"
- Dooley O "I Gotcha"
- Busdriver "Fear of a Black Tangent"

albums I listened to
- Caveman "Invention"
- A bunch of really mediocre demos.
- Hubert Laws "In The Beginning"
- The unfinished version of DJ Spinna?s next solo album.
- Kush & Wong s/t CD.
- Son of Bazerk's album
- Terminator X & The Valley of The Jeep Beets
- Jackie Cain & Roy Kral "A Wilder Alias"
- Atomsphere's album
- Above the Law "Black Mafia Life"
- Ammoncontact "One In An Infinity Ways"
- Zimbabwe Legit "Brothers From The Mother"
- Casual "Smash Rockwell"
- Doujah Raze "s/t"

best songs / singles
- "Dollar" Steve Spacek
- "Things That Go Hump In the Night" Grand Buffet
- "Welcome To Jamrock" D. Marley
- "What Did I Do?" Sadat X
- "The Boston Top" Prince Paul, Dead & Newkirk
- "Hip-Hoperation" Spencer Doran
- "The Soaps" Dooley O
- "One Time" Giant Panda
- "2nd Time Around" Sa Ra
- "Hello" Pismo
- "Game Over" Smooth B
- "Say That Then" Casual
- "Game Over" Dabrye feat. Dilla & Phat Kat

best beats
- "Game Over" Dabrye feat. Dilla & Phat Kat
- "Super Fly" Giant Panda/Thes One
- "Let The Dollar Circulate" Dilla
- "Matter Transporter" Time Machine
- "So Sensitive" Tony Yayo
- "Superstar" (Unreleased) Mos Def/Ge-ology
- "Hip-Hoperation" Spencer Doran
- "Bread & Butter" Beanie Segeal
- "Diamonds" Kanye

best producers
- Pal Joey
- Sadat X
- Ogee
- Spencer Doran
- Opio & Domino (Hiero)
- The P Brothers
- Thes One
- Spinna
- jel
- Ge-ology
- Kleph Dollaz
- Paris Zax
- Count Bass D
- Pismo
- Dilla

best emcees / lyrics
- Chuck D
- KRS-One
- Sadat X
- Kane
- Cold 187um
- Tajai

favorite artwork
- any photography from Brian Cross
- any flyer done by Ray Johnson (
- G-Young's painting „in general.
- The basic energy of The Roots "Home Grown Vol 1 & 2" cover
- Connie Price & The Keystones "Sticks & Stones EP" cover
- Prince Paul "Itstrumental"
- Ge-ology "Ge-ology Plays Ge-ology"
- Z-Man & G-Pek "Don't Forgret To Brag"
- any Z-Man paintings.
- that guy who did the Little Brother cover for XLR8R Magazine
- Jewelry made by either my girl and/or Jules Kim.
- the Mear One / Awol One poster hanging in my office.
- I liked Edan's cut and paste method a lot too.
- Noyz 316's stuff.

best label
- Female Fun (hands down, and up)
- Salsoul Records
- Heavy Bronx
- Black Jazz
- Cult 45 Records
- Muse
- Fascinating Lifestyle
- Alpha Pup Records
- Correct Records

biggest surprise (music or anything else)
- New Yorkers on some 'get-Crunk' shit.
- People using slang that is old on the West Coast, like it's new.
- People Under The Stairs signing with Basement.
- Opio's album was tha shit.
- Sirius Satelite Radio
- Cassidy getting“bagged days after the video I worked on with him.
- Digital Distribution boom.
- Aron's Records in LA closing down.
- How much having fun has disappeared from hip-hop.

biggest disappointment (music or anything else)
- how many people are trying to get on.
- when people break your trust in the industry.
- the music marketed to teens and young people (frightening).
- George W Bush and his performance as president.
- Tha Alkaholiks farewell album.
- Busta cutting of his dreads.
- Guru's solo album.
- trying to really book tours.
- a rapper/producer I was working with taking our project to another label so he could get more money.
- the number of people who discouraged me about the Sadat X album.

books I read
- "Behind The Beat" Raph
- "This Band Could Be Your Life"
- "Rakim Told Me" Brian Coleman
- "Tougher Than Leather" Bill Adler
- "The Science of Rap" KRS One
- "Rhythm Science" Paul D Miller (I tried to ..)

movies I saw
- Apocalypse Now
- On The Waterfront
- Walk The Line
- Brown Bunny
- Maestro
- Hieroglyphics "Full Circle DVD"
- Stones Throw - 101 DVD
- A-Trak "Sunglasses Is A Must"
- Culturama 6
- Kirby Dominant "Starr: The Profile Of A Dominator"
- Urban Variety "Hood Edition Vol. 1"

websites I visited
- (my once-only updated blog)

foods I ate
- Espresso
- Cappuccino
- Prosciutto
- The Al Roker @ Forino's in BK
- Chinese cheeseburgers @ Snackies in BK
- The sausage, grits, 2 eggs jump-off @ Diner in BK
- Hungarian sausages and various cheeses
- Celery sticks with peanut butter
- .25 cent bags of chips from my bodega
- Frozen pot-pies

things that made me smile
- My girl
- Progress
- Eating
- Money
- Smokin
- Open Bars
- Silence
- Sadat X album release party
- Dave Chapelle's DVD
- Star & Buc Wild morning show
- The Simpsons & Conan O'Brien

things that made me go 'hmmm' (positively pondering)
- The Teriyaki Boys album
- When Fox announced that they were going to start running Simpson's reruns at both 6:30pm and 7:00 7 days a week.
- When DJ Polo asked me to help him book a Gentleman's Club tour
- When Def Jam Japan's General Manager Aiichiro Kiyohara gave me his card
- Jigga taking over Def Jam
- Discussing doing stand-up comedy albums on Female Fun with my designer
- friend Antonio DePietro
- C&C Music Factory

things that made me go cringe
- Most Reaggatone
- The announcer on Hot 97
- Lady Sovereign
- The 'grime' scene
- The Source
- mash ups
- Dizzie Rascal's partner Marga Man (he sounds like one of the spoofs from Party Fun Action Committee!)
- 50 Cent performing live
- Ice Cream's
- Men wearing big-ass fake diamond earrings in both ears like someone's Grandmother!
- Too big t-shirts
- Potholes in NYC
- Mad bootleg Young Jeezy t-shirts in my neighborhood
- Cassidy waving a gun around at his video shoot for "B-Boy Stance“ and then getting bagged up days later.
- Lil Kim biting the shit out of Damian Marley
- My perpetual back problems
...a lot of other things too

best moments of 2005
- releasing all the great material that came out on Female Fun this year
- Moving to NYC + summer BBQ's
- My going away party in Arcata + leaving an imprint in that area
- Rocking El Paso, Texas way hard (Awol/Z-Man tour in Jan 05.)
- Getting a royalty check.
- Smoking a blunt and talking about what it's like being a Scorpio with Madlib in his studio
- The Madlib cover story I wrote in Elemental
- Prince Paul giving me a bottle of Strawberry Daiquiri Tequila for a house warming gift
- Tyson Beckford hanging out at my CMJ party all night
- Seeing my mother make it to retirement (after 30+ years at the same job)
- The debut "Rap Writers Unite“ DJ night with Dave Tompkins, Bill Sharp and me

worst moment of 2005
- The stupid War thing
- Hurricane Katrina and Rita
- DMBQ/Michelle Cable van accident
- London bombings
- Peter Jennings passing away
- Robb Reardin ODing
- Sadat X's father passing
- Prince Paul?s stalker situation
- Having a few people I really trusted turn on me, and subsequently becoming banished for life.
- My album release parties in NYC (there is always a disaster right when things are at its coolest)
- Getting towed a lot

what I'd like to see in 2006
- Australia and Japan again
- More paper for me & my people around me
- me being able to give back to my parents
- a 2nd Sadat X album on Female Fun
- J Dilla to regain his health. Because that's terrible

what I don't want to see in 2006
- a jail cell
- a drunk tank
- a Young Jeezy show
- me not succeed!
- people mad at me for not picking up my phone often enough.

hip hop in 2006 will be
...another brick in the wall

my new years resolutions
- stop smoking again
- quit eating night-shades
- drink more Pomegranate juice
- answer my phone even less
- have more patience with people

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