SoulStice of Wandering Soul Records

best albums
- Kanye West "Late Registration"
- Common "Be"
- SoulStice "North by Northwest: Solid Ground"
- Kev Brown "I Do What I Do"
- Rawkus Records "Decade 1"

albums I listened to
- the ones previously mentioned
- "Rize Soundtrack"
- Alchemist "First Infantry"
- The Game "The Documentary"
- Chapter 13 "Nevermore's Asylum"
- Halftooth Records "You Don't Know The Half 2"

best songs / singles
- Common "The Corner"
- AZ "The Come Up"
- Wade Waters “Rock Solid”
- SoulStice "The Quickening"
- Santana “Mic Check”

best producers
- Kanye West
- Just Blaze
- Dr. Dre
- 9th Wonder
- Pharrell Williams

best label
- Roc-A-Fella
- GOOD Music
- G-Unit / Aftermath
- Koch
- Wandering Soul

biggest surprise (music or anything else)
- Mase, Mobb Deep and MOP (mostly Mase) getting signed to G-Unit
- Saigon showing up on "Entourage"

biggest disappointment (music or anything else)
- US government’s response to Katrina

movies I saw
- way too many to list
- was cool to see "Chronicles of Narnia" make it to the big screen though. One of my favorite book series as a kid.

websites I visited

foods I ate
- Jambalaya

things that made me smile
- Kanye West and Common’s back to back classic albums. Chi-Town baby!

things that made me go 'hmmm' (positively pondering)
- Jay-Z’s on-stage appearance with Nas

things that made me go cringe
- Bush, as usual...

best moment of 2005
- Kanye West’s “Bush doesn’t care about black people” outburst and then the follow-up "Saturday Night Live" skit with Mike Meyers

worst moment of 2005
- the damns breaking in New Orleans…

what I'd like to see in 2006
- Wade Waters going platinum!

what I don't want to see in 2006
- another Republican congress

hip hop in 2006 will be
- ups and downs as usual. Gotta love it though…

my new years resolutions
- finish the Wade Waters album
- eat better and work out more consistently...

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