Spencer Doran of Female Fun Records

best albums:
(hip hop)
- Pimp C "The Sweet James Jones Stories"
- Edan "Beauty and the Beat" (though I played it to death in 2004)
- Three 6 Mafia "Most Known Unknown"
- Kanye West "Late Registration" (without the skits & Brandy track)
- Sadat X "Experience & Education"
- AZ "A.W.O.L." (most of it)
- Quasimoto "Further Adventures Of Lord Quas"
- Slim Thug "Already Platinum"
- and that's it? Not a good year for hip hop albums
(non-hip hop)
- Steve Reid Ensemble "Spirit Walk"
- Afrirampo "Ursula Live in Japan"
- Pelican "The Fire in our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw"
- Earth "HEX: Or Printing In The Infernal Method"
- Vashti Bunyan "Lookingafter"
- Jane "Berserker"
- Paavoharju "Yhä Hämärää"
- Smog "A River Isn't Too Much To Love"
- Gang Gang Dance "God's Money" (this really grew on me)
- Koushik "Be With"
- Colleen "The Golden Morning Breaks"

Albums I listend to:
way too many. but these got a lot of play:
- Joe McPhee "Underground Railroad"
- Organized Konfusion "S/T"
- Dead C "Harsh 70s Reality"
- Mtume & the Umoja Ensemble "Land of the Blacks"
- Circle "Prospekt", "Sunrise", a bunch more
- L "Holy Letters"
- Gal Costa, both Self Titled albums
- Iggy Pop "Lust for Life"
- This Heat "Deceit"
- UGK "Ridin' Dirty"
- Todd Rundgren "Something/Anything" (slept on)
- Luciano Cilio "Dell'universo Assente"
- Guru Guru "UFO"
- Fennesz "Venice"

Best songs / singles
- Three Six Mafia "Stay Fly" (blew everything else out of the water)
- Fat Joe "Safe to Say"
- Bun B "Draped Up (Remix)"
- Saigon "Stalking Cap"
- Juelz Santana "Mic Check"
- Ghostface/Raekwon "Kilos", "Be Easy" & "Milk Em" were good too
- Jay Z "Dear Summer"
- Keak the Sneak "Super Hyphie"
- Sleepy Brown ft. Big Boi & Pharrell "Margaritas"
- Missy Elliot "On & On"
- and all those different versions of "Go Dumb"

Best beats
- Three Six Mafia "Stay Fly" (DJ Paul & Juicy J)
- Fat Joe "Safe to Say" (Just Blaze)
- Paul Wall "Sittin' Sideways" (those dudes that did the beat for "Still Tippin")
- Kanye West "Gone", "Late" & "We Major"
- Quasimoto "Youngblood & Rappcats" (Madlib)
- The Game "Put You on the Game" (Timberland), Clipse rocked over it better though
- Doom/Metal Fingers "Gokshura & Shatavari"
- Common "The Corner & The Food" (Kanye)
- 50 Cent "Ski Mask Way" (Disco D) "Hate it or Love It" (Cool & Dre)
- Amerie "1 Thing" (Richard Harrison)

Best Producers
- Just Blaze
- Jake One
- Madlib
- Mannie Fresh
- Kanye West
- DJ Paul & Juicy J
- Richard Harrison
- Cool & Dre

Best Emcees / lyrics
- Clipse/Re-Up Gang (someone get these guys a deal already)
- Jay Z
- Saigon (when is he going to drop a fucking album?)
- Ghostface
- Percee P

Favorite Artwork
- Edan's various creations
- Islaja "Palaa Aurinkoon"
- Residual Echoes II "Phoenician Flu & Ancient Ocean"

Best Label
- Female Fun (duh)

Biggest Surprises
- Houston blowing the fuck up
- Pete Rock getting some decent work
- DJ Shadow dropping an awesome southern rap mix CD

Biggest Disappointments
- a lot of good singles & mixtapes, not many good albums
- a bunch more MF Doom appearances on terrible songs
- new OC album was crap
- Prefuse 73
- Underground Rap in general

Books I read
- "Tropical Truth: A Story of Music and Revolution in Brazil" by Caetano Veloso
- "In Watermelon Sugar" by Richard Brautigan
- "All the Names" by Jose Saramago
- "Wu Tang Manual" by the RZA
- "Five Percent Rap" by Felicia Miyakawa

Movies I saw:
yikes, way too many. Some of my favorites:
- The Cyclist
- Off the Charts
- A Woman is Sweeter
- Bad Timing
- Broken Flowers

websites I Visited
- www.ubu.com
- www.soulstrut.com
- www.popsike.com
- www.ebay.com
- www.musicstack.com
- www.spinemagazine.com
- www.gossipingbitches.com

food I ate:
- Burritos
- Tangerines
- Mochi
- Curry Naan with humus dip
- Granola with yogurt

things that made me smile
- getting a record out
- girls

Things that made me go hmmm
- girls

Things that made me cringe
- 'downtempo'
- the Dangerdoom album
- terrible indie rock
- the internet

Best Moment of 2005
- 15 seconds into "Stay Fly" when the drums drop. BONKERS

worst Moment of 2005
- Japanese psych-rock band DMBQ's van crashing on tour and their drummer Chyna passing away
- all of the numerous horrible natural disasters and governmental reactions to them (but you knew that).

what I'd like to see in 2006
- flying cars and shit

what I don't want to see in 2006
- I don't know, this question is hard.

hip hop in 2006 will be:
- bad, probably.

my New Years resolution:
- less talk, more rock (figuratively speaking)

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