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For this installment of Pack of Lies, tadah himself asked me to provide the readers with some information on the tracks I put on my Mix CD "DJ Cade-Money: Built for the 90's" a collection of "rare, remixed and overlooked joints from hip hop's second best decade." Available now on Domination Recordings - end shameless plug. Or, as the case may be - BEGIN shameless plug.
First off, there are PLENTY of best of the 90's mixes out there. This isn't one of them. If you want to hear "It Ain't Hard To Tell" blended with "Juicy" this isn't the mix for you. To make this mix, these songs had to meet at least two of four criteria included in the title. FROM the 90's was a lock - no argument there, right? And then it was rare OR remixed OR overlooked. Granted, except for the remixed part - those can't really be argued - the other two categories are subjective, so: who's to judge? I am. If you think it's not rare - maybe it's remixed, or overlooked. Or, maybe you're WRONG. See how that works?

01. Intro - Dream Warriors, DJ Premier/The Showdown - KRS-One feat. Cold Crush Brothers
Off the top, you get a few bars of "Built For The 90's" by the Dream Warriors. If you're thinking "hey, dude jacked the name of his mix joint from this song" well done! A b-side from a 12" they dropped on 4th and B'Way while their first album was making the rounds. As an aside, I rocked a show with the Dream Warriors and LA Luv (of Michie Mee and LA Luv) in the early 90's. Good people who ALMOST put Raw Produce on. We were in some talks to do some production on what would have been the second 4th and B'Way album for the Dream Warriors - the album never happened. The group eventually resurfaced a few years later on Pendulum, without any Raw Pro beats. But peace to the Dream Warriors anyway.
I don't have to tell you anything about the "Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers" instrumental (I hope) which I use here to segue into a section of "The Showdown" - a dope KRS/Cold Crush collaboration. The track has been bootlegged a few times, but for some reason, never made one of KRS's albums - maybe it's because of the similarities to the beat for Afu-Ra's "Whirlwind Through Cities"??? Just a guess.
02. Funk Shit - Common Sense
From Marley Marl's "Hip Hop Dictionary" album released on Japan's Handcuts label. To my knowledge, this wasn't actually released in the 90's, but was recorded in the 90's a little before Common lost his "Sense." Could I be wrong about that? Yes. A dope record indeed, but for some reason when people talk about Common rarities this one doesn't come up too much. It's a dope song though.
03. Shakey Grounds - Resident Alien feat. Maseo of De La Soul and Dres of Black Sheep
I've heard conflicting stories about whether there's a whole unreleased album from Resident Alien, but all I have is two 12"s. One is a promo of the song "Ooh The Dew Doo Man" a DOPE record, which I could just as well have thrown in the mix here. Instead I chose this one, from the commercial version of the 12" (which incidentally also includes "Ooh The Dew Doo Man" if you're trying to track it down). The record dropped in 1991 on Prince Paul's Dew Doo Man records, a division of Columbia/RAL. Unfortunately save for this 12", we never got to find out what Prince Paul the label executive would've done for hip hop.
04. Bounce Ta This [Remix] - Showbiz and AG feat. Dres of Black Sheep
Another Dres guest appearance. This remix isn't especially rare and it bears a lot of resemblance to the album version, but Dres flips his verse differently (as he always liked to do on remixes) and the track is mixed a little differently too. Some classic DITC from the "Runaway Slave" era.
05. Bring It On [Buckwild Remix] - Organized Konfusion
This was a promo-only release from Organized's and it's tough to find, but well worth it. One of the few songs on the CD that falls into ALL of the categories in the title: it's rare, remixed AND overlooked. Monch and Po re-worked their verses for this and added a hook from their boys the Ill Rahlos which adds a different vibe to the song. And this is Buckwild in his heyday too. Thrown in the mix in the background is Group Home's "The Realness" instrumental - Primo doing what he does best and some interview snippets of Pharoahe and Po in which they get behind the idea (as stated by Kurtis Blow - among other old-school luminaries) that freestyling didn't ALWAYS mean flowing off the top of the head and sometimes allowed room for MCs to use written rhymes. Discuss.
06. Ain't U Freshco - Freshco and Miz
Freshco and Miz teamed up after winning respective MC and DJ titles at the New Music Seminar. This was from 1990 and was actually Freshco's second 12" on Tommy Boy. I remember hearing some buzz about the 12" when it dropped, but they disappeared before ever releasing an album. Freshco has popped up a few times since this release though.
07. Not The One to Dis - Supreme Nyborn
Crate diggers know Supreme Nyborn (a.k.a Supreme DJ Nyborn) from his releases on Payroll records in the 80's, but his 1991 album on Next Plateau didn't really take him to the next level. This track - the b-side of the lead 12" off the album - demonstrates the man's skills though. The album is hit or miss, but the voice and the flow were on point. Highly slept on, but dope nonetheless.
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DJ Cade Money aka Cadence of Raw Produce "Built For The 90's - rare, remixed and overlooked joints from hip hop's second best decade" is now available on Domination Recordings and at all good stores. so make sure to get your copy.
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