by Sankofa
Is it laziness which compels the majority of Americans to display apathy when it comes to our nation's leadership? Each day, the news comes on and-regardless the depth of negativity-there's a sense of "yeah, well, whatever." When did the moral compass slip to such a degree that getting head in the oval office is a worse sin than going to invasion (I'd use the term "war", but it wouldn't be appropriate) under false pretenses? How many American soldiers have to die to equal one cum-stained dress?
Each reason the people (those who care to listen) have been given for the invasion of Iraq has been proven false. Watch George Tenet fall to the wayside so that Bush campaign 2004 can carry on unimpeded by such details as false intelligence reports on weapons of mass destruction.
What ever happened to Osama? No connection was shown between him and Iraq and he's still running about. The foot the US put down in the name of George and country has become an imperialistic fist. The same people who were expected to welcome the freedom our nation would bring them have come to resent the resulting mess. That resentment has effectively turned into a recruiting slogan for anti-American terrorist groups.
Our soldiers were under supplied and undermanned, underfed and now are expected to stay on longer than their tour of duty. Every patriot loves a soldier until they have to pay them. Look at the Veteran Hospitals closing up all over the nation. There was once a time when vets could go into any hospital and get medical treatment free of charge. Years pass, memories fade and now the hospitals set aside for those who fought are being closed.
There's a guy the brain trust involved in the Iraq "regime change" tapped to become the new leader. A fellow who has been paid four hundred thousand dollars a month for his insight. As it turns out, the information he had been providing was false and he was informing the Iranians as to US capabilities. Ahmad Chalibi lacked the necessary contacts to either become part of the new power structure or provide useful information. He was utilizing his connections in an attempt to stage a coup. I can only imagine him shaking hands with US officials and seeing their nervous grins as the world's largest ATM slot. 27 million is a lot to pay a traitor.
An invasion with no follow up plan. Just bomb, they'll submit and we can all go back to the course and work on our short game.
Patriotism is pride for country. Nationalism is willful blindness. The new patriotism is nationalism.

You can find Sankofa at www.obeseamerica.com and at the ballot box on Election Day.

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