by Sankofa
When watching Matt Lauer interview the President today, I was struck by an observation I had back when working at Young America. Young America was structured like most corporations, with managers, district managers and the like. When we at the local office would encounter a problem, the district manager would drive down in the provided rental and advise a plan of action. One night, she had driven down to share the new guidelines of company policy with the graveyard shift, but-when asked-there were certain items about which she was uncertain. It was at her point of mumbling that I spoke up and explained what the policy entailed. The district manager quickly agreed with me, which then convinced the rest of the graveyard shift workers. What struck me was how quickly the district manager agreed with me. Seeing as I was merely making an educated guess, it wasn’t that I spoke from a base of knowledge. What I had spoken with was confidence and certainty. That confidence and certainty was enough to sway the district manager and the policy was born.
I was mildly shaken that what had been a guess on my behalf was suddenly etched in stone, but I knew better than to cast doubt on myself. That night, I learned a lesson that I started applying in the corporate paradigm and grew to fit the interpersonal paradigm. As long as one speaks with confidence the people will follow. It doesn’t matter if the speaker cannot back up their statement, the key is to never show weakness. Weakness in the form of doubt.
When I saw President Bush contradicting himself in the span of 3 minutes, it finally struck me. The people weren’t going to notice. I didn’t want to think it was possible, but it was. The same behavior pattern I learned in corporate life also fit the political paradigm. Those same district managers and shift workers who were convinced by my unknowing words were much the same folk who would gladly accept the words of Bush. He offered his 2 prong focus on terror and a 6 pronged focus for something else. All the better for listeners to grasp onto the almost brand name policies that had no blueprint. As long as W speaks with confidence, the nation will follow. Because it doesn’t matter if a leader cannot back up their statement, the key is to never show weakness. The buck stops with our nation’s rock and the people are too grateful for certainty to notice that dollar‘s devaluation.

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