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>> Infinite Cycle is: Mcktwo, Shorty Raw, Lord Lamont, and Jock

>> Where we've been:
4 friends who share a common love for music. Infinite Cycle was born in Summer 1997. Released debut album EUPHORIA in December 1999, and spent the better part of 2000 playing over 20 shows throughout the southeast.

>> Where we're at:
Infinite Cycle is currently putting the finishing touches on our first vinyl release that will be put out by the good folks at Battersea Park Music and should be available at various carriers of prime vinyl. Released The Art of Reflective Evolution in February 2001 to much critical acclaim. The album was a duo project between Mck2 and ShortyRaw of Infinite Cycle and features guests such as 8:35, Sankofa, Trackwalkers, and Lord Lamont and Jock.

>> Contact Info:
AIM: infiniteoneder
ICQ: 128846286


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