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interview : tadah
Okay, please introduce yourself.
I'm Angleoneous Maximoneous, or Angle, or "that's not really you rapping, is it?!?!" It's good to meet you.
I'm sure you have a crew, right?
Not really. I'm a solo artist and I surround myself with people that I respect in one way or another. Everybody that I deal with brings something to the table, but, as a group of individuals, there is not really a 'crew' because some folks try to do too much, instead of focusing on the one thing that they're good at. I am one half of the super-powered Lost Cause, however.
So where are you from?
Roots in Des Moines, Iowa with a short stint in Iowa City.
Des Moines, huh? That's not really known as a rap hotspot. So tell us a little about life there, the scene and all that.
Well, as you can hear on the Lost Cause album "Paper Cuts" the so-called 'scene' here offers up a nice helping of hilarity and we give it that side order of cynicism, critique, and sarcasm. It's a very stimulating place, when writing material that we do.
How much 'outside' rap comes to town?
Des Moines gets Too $hort, J-Kwon, G-Unit, blah blah blah and others that create a buzz on our newly installed rap station. Iowa City gets more of the Atmospheres, Qwels, and Beat Junkies types.
Slug talked to me about how it can be good for a hip hop scene to develop, somewhat isolated and by itself. What do you think about that? And is it happening in Des Moines?
I think that we - Lost Cause - are isolated and by ourselves and the rest of the hip hop folks in town are forever trying to not be isolated. We use that isolation to our benefit, while the others can't grasp it. When the two sides mesh it's a vicious cycle...
But now in general, how's life in Iowa?
Clean air, cities surrounded by hog slop, and plenty of deer for me to wreck my front fender on! Just recently a local rapper got pissed and pulled out a gun - or hammer - at a hip hop show because people were questioning his non-existent street cred. Idiot...
How does one from there get into this lil' culture we call hip hop?
The mold of the culture that makes music is the main thing that reaches out to our types of areas and from there people start to feel it and explore other parts of the culture.
What is it about this culture that influences and inspires you?
To be honest, I'm exactly what you hear about in songs made by people who thrive in the hip hop culture. I like music of all kinds and I express myself through the one form that grew on me most. I'm not surrounded by elements everyday and walking through hip hop culture everyday, but I know what good hip hop music is and I know how to make it. Shit, I dabbled in graffiti when I was younger and found out I'll get in trouble quick with that, where I'm from.
Do you think there's anything Des Moines-ish/Iowanish about your music?
Yeah, we don't have accents, you can understand what we're saying. And we don't talk about things outside of what we know. All that other stuff has been saturated.
What do we need to know about you?
I'm about as loyal and honest as it gets in this music. If my success has a low ceiling because of my integrity, so be it. I make the best music I can and let it speak for itself.
What would you like to tell us about you, that we probably don't care to know? (smile)
I would like to make a whole record out of porno noises and play it in discreet headphones everywhere I go. I could be helping an old lady across the street or chasing down a purse snatcher in a zone full of moans. Oh, and that's the title of my noise album, "Zone Full of Moans" That's motivation!
But to do that you would have to watch Porn. Now, that's very not Bible Beltish. Then again, you're not in the Bible Belt, right? Heck, for all those million of Americans - and Europeans - where the heck is Iowa?
Iowa is pretty much in the center of the United States (Midwest). We are surrounded by Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Omaha.
I would burst into flames if I were to walk into a church.
Any other fun facts about you?
My college roommates once let a bum-looking guy stay on our living room couch after the bars one night. I was the first to wake up and a little later we notice that the guy had pissed on the couch and in our sink, knocked all of the beer bottles around the room, and slept his stinky ass on everyone's coats. I proceeded to wake him up and kick his ass. A few days later this guy's mug shows up on the news as the main suspect in a double homicide. He murdered two girls in a vacant apartment and blew up the joint.
You have a new album out, please introduce us to it.
It's "Paper Cuts" with myself and Aeon Grey as Lost Cause. "Paper Cuts" for the thugs and cubicle drones...Ha!
Did the bum story make it onto the album? If not, what did?"
No, the bum story is still under wraps. "Paper Cuts" is less story-oriented than my "Not Quite 90 In The Head", but it's more of a social/cultural commentary.
Tell us what you hope we'll get out of this record.
I think that a lot of the hip hop folks out there are experiencing exactly what we are and live in exactly the same type of 'scenes'. The culture and its musical product have evolved in many ways, mostly negative.
Why this record right now?
We wanted to put something out to our 'scene' and the people that make up groups like it in other cities, to let them realize a more grounded perspective of where we are and what our roles actually are in this game. The title of our group explains that from the start.
What do you think would be different with a 'better' scene though?
There would be more people to feed off of in a more positive way. We're going to feed either way, but it would be nice if there were more people to bounce ideas off of and actually want to catch the bankshot.
And your record is not going to open any doors?
Thanks to people like yourself it will open a few doors, yes. But, very slowly. Probably the only way for us to really open doors is to reach out past our community. Unfortunately, it will have to work in the opposite way from how musical groups usually build steam. We will do it more from the outside in.
How did the process of making it compare to the last record you've done?
It's hard to compromise and share ideas when you're making an artistic group effort. Art is in the eyes or ears of the beholder and Aeon and I have very different eyes and ears.
So how did you get it to work?
A lot of arguing and slapping.
Who would you like to work with the most?
I would like to work with Organized Noise production team. They have access to so many opportunities and talent. Maybe get Pharoah Monch and Andre 300 on a track…..
You hinted at your stance, but now: state of hip hop, good or bad?
None of the above. It's so divided now and spread thin. Every album has a couple good tracks and then a bunch of garbage.
What was the last album/showcase/experience that had you go: man, I better step up my skills before I step out with something again?
Uh...I'm always trying to do that regardless.
File sharing on the internet: I do it too, or I'll do you if you do it?
I don't like to dwell on that right now. It does good and bad things, but mostly positive. I buy.
What do you really enjoy listening to right now?
I've been in a Blues mood lately because my main response to most hip hop now is, 'whatever' and then I shake my aching head.
You must have a website, right? What is it?
I've got a halfass web site, but the message boards could be good: And some day will be up...maybe.
What's the 89 stand for?
It's Not Quite 90...
Any final comment and/or shout outs?
"Paper Cuts" is out now and available through
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