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23rd of january 2002, Remise Wil, Switzerland | interview : tadah

Maybe you can say something about the 3582 album.

3582 is a group that contains me and J.Rawls of Lone Catalysts. The difference between that group and Five Deez is like, me and dude, we are basically the music guys for our crews, but I rap too. And when me and him first met each other, we did songs together, where he would make the beats, and I would rap. Well, I would do some scratches or whatever. But that's kinda how we came up with that crew, and we were like 'why don't you do the beats, and I rap for a change', you know what I'm saying. Cause he's a producer hardcore, and I'm a producer slash rapper. So that's how that group came together. And 3582 sounds different than Five Deez, and 3582 sounds different than Lone Catalysts. So that's basically what we do, when we two get together.

What's like the difference between doing a Maurice, an 'Ample Soul' and a Five Deez track?

When I do a project, like a Maurice Galactica project, it is just all me. It doesn't have anything to do with anybody else. It's like what I wanna make, what I wanna hear, and how I wanna do it. Doing a Five Deez project, I'm just part of the group. I just happen to make a lot of the music. But I don't chose the music. The rest of the group chooses, cause I'm not objective. Doing an album like "Wave Motion", is more or less like a label going: 'yeah, I like this stuff, and that. Naw, I don't like that. You got some more?'. And then I'm like crafting a sound around what somebody thinks what they can do with it.
So those are like three different records, created in three different situations. That's the difference. The Maurice Galactica shit is more freedom.

Now, I'm asking this question in connection to an instrumental album that I just received: When I listen to it, to me it seems that it's not completed by just listening to it, but that it's more something to inspire you to do something else, that you need to rhyme over it, break to it, or paint sketches to it. How about your music?

I agree. It's thought activated. You do have to think to it, you have to wash the dishes to it, or something. It's there, but it's not there to stand alone. It needs interaction. It needs human participation. And whatever you do to it, that's what completes it. If people like rapping, they wanna throw it on in the basement, and make some tape, or whatever. That's cool, that's what it's there for. It's a product out there, you can do whatever you want to do with it. And that's what completes it, whatever you chose to do with it. That's what makes it complete.

As a listener, I'd like to say that your music, especially the album you did for Mush: "Wave Motion", has a certain early 90s feel. Does it have that to you too?

I don't know. Maybe what comes out in my music is the fact that that was probably when I was kicking it really hard. That was in the early 90s. Maybe some left over nostalgic gets caught up in the beats man, I don't know. But whatever, if it sounds like it, I guess it does.

Have you ever had any kind of trouble, due to the sample law restrictions?

Naw. I quit taking straight samples a couple of years ago. I don't do that anymore. I sample music, I sample sounds, but I don't loop shit anymore. I did that to avoid those problems. I haven't had any problems, thus I hope that I wont. If I do, I do man, that's hip hop. I'm willing to deal with the consequences.

But it's still sample base, but messed with?

I can't really divulge all my secrets (smile), but messed with is like an understatement. I like to incorporate live shit in there too. Cause the whole point of hip hop is, that it's dirty. It's a dirty art. It's good when it sounds clean, but it really is not supposed to be clean. That's what separates it from the different genres of music. So sometimes there might be some live instruments, that sound like they are on a record, cause I might have made them sound like that somehow. I might have fucked with the sound, or changed the sample rate, to make it sound fucked up. There's a lot of different ways. And plus, it's about being fun. I want shit to sound like loops. That doesn't mean that they are. But I want 'em to sound that way, because that's what hip hop is. It's supposed to sound that way. There's ways to do it, and it's like you said: it might have that early 90s sound. But I'm an old school b-boy when it comes to making beats.

What's coming up?

What I want to do, and it's in the works, I want to put together an instrumental project with a lot of people that I know to make good beats. I don't know what the name of the project will be, but I wanna have Plex of Algorithm on there, J.Rawls, my man J.Sands makes beats too, so I want him to submit a track, I want my man DJ Nickodemus, DJ Osiris, Boom Bip, my man Jel, A-Plus from Hieroglyphics, a lot of people man. I actually want it to be a double CD. There's a lot of good beats man. But I have no clue when this shit will be coming together. It's just taking a while. Because I had a lot of shit going on this year, all the records and stuff, so sometimes other things take priority over things that I want to do on the side. Cause I am in a couple of groups and I have to jump when my people tell me to jump.

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