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posted: 11-29-03
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We connected with Marcellous Lamont Lovelave aka Infinito 2017, the 'regular black dude' from Chicago, South Side. One of the busiest men in the biz. Emcee, painter, member of the Unorthodox Poets. Just three words to introduce him: Music. Art. Politics. No gimmicks, no myth - it's all real over here.
Please tell me about the different stations of your life, where you're from, where you've been raised?

Well, I was born in Chicago IL on the South Side in the wild 100's.
I moved to Harvey, a recently becoming poor Black segregated suburb, i.e. ghetto in south of the south side in like 1981. Then to Dixmore, IL, which is just like Harvey, in 87. To Fort Knox / Radcliff, KY in like 1990. I'm a military kid. I've lived in the system so I can see personally what's not right.
In '92 I moved to Memphis and back and forth to Chicago, all in between those years for months at a time, then to Atlanta for a year in '99. And in Chicago, South Shore, Avalon Park, Chatem, Auburn Park from '98 -'99 to now. I plan on moving real soon to somewhere else.

How does life differ from one area to the next area in Chicago?
Well, Chicago is the most racist and segregated of the big cities in America and Black people seem to be the only ones who acknowledge this. 'Who cares about those crying fools,' is what some say? See, visitors to Chicago only see the city from like O'Hare, which is the Airport, to like downtown. Why?
The mayor, O'Daley pushes a population of like 2.5 million and disadvantaged lower-class Black citizens to the west and south sides fight amongst them selves and die. Chicago has the highest population of Black people, more than any other city in the U.S. Look it up. But one thing they fail to include is the Africans and Blacks with Spanish surnames. Damn, I'm on a role.
No jobs, no Wal-Mart's, no nothing except high priced world bank funded Korean and Middle Eastern owned corner stores and drug pharmacies. And you can't just blame the people. People need also. And people don't know a lot of stuff. Some people think it's a big free democracy that everyone has a chance. It's not that true. Money and power play roles. The common man has no role but to go to Fed Ex like me everyday and hurt your body doing labor while someone else gets rich.
It's not set up for you to gain without giving back to a 2nd party that hates you. What a joke. And we're supposed to be happy. I laugh at this government and state rule. They even got cameras to monitor brothers on the west side street corners. Some say: just be happy with what you've got. But that's what people are doing and they're still suffering.
So go find my album: "To Know American", which gives a good audio description of pain and no gain. We need reparations now.
People in the world who don't have to deal with it don't understand. So all you out there, please don't be so opinionated about another's struggle. Learn.
Word up! And what are the differences from black Chicago to black Fort Knox or black Memphis?
Well at least black Memphis exists. The majority of Memphis's population is black. Why? Hmm, cause it sits on a fault line that may just tip into the Mississippi river. 'Oh, those poor blacks.' My moma and family are from like Mississippi and Arkansas. It floods down there, the powers that be couldn't care less. Hey man, this is political: don't be offended but I only speak the facts. It's people that blacklisted you that don't want all this info out, ya know?
Kentucky is in the hills and its no problem in the hills. If you want in a war just run to Afghan, oh, I mean the hills. Chicago is the process elimination. So poor Blacks: stop wasting money, get you some land. Get you some gold. Words of wisdom.
Iomos Marad told me that Chicago was really segregated back in the days. So how is this past affecting the daily life for a Black man in Chicago?
Very. Because when we come together it's fake. It's like putting on a mask. See, where I used to live on the South Side, we can go days without seeing another race. So when we come together, people play it off like it's all love. How can you do real business with someone you really couldn't care less about? It's some whites in Chicago who respect black Chicago and give due. But the bulk couldn't care less. They got and that's all that counts.
People like Fred Hampton Jr. are working to improve the social and living conditions for African-Americans. Plus he's trying to create unity. What are your thoughts on his work?
I think what he's doing is great. I applaud him and uplift his movement. I'm one in the same with those ideas for our community in Chicago. And he's able to reach the youth. The youth must listen.
Please tell me bout your early day of hip-hop, who were your influences...
I'm like 85 or 89 [years old] in my hip-hop world.
Welcome to the artistic creative positive mind of one 'indivisual' - independent visions - known as Infinito, slash 2017, slash Marcellous Lovelace. The Regular Black Dude is in the area representing the Unorthodox Poets Society from the South Side of Chicago with Mr. Skurge from Memphis.
Well, we need to set the record straight: my early influences are in no order and I like this music too much to ever bite. I'm always being me from my heart. A Tribe Called Quest, Busy Bee, KRS-One, Poor Righteous Teachers, Brand Nubian, X-Clan, Public Enemy, Grand Master Flash, Melle Mel, Kool DJ Herc, the movie Wild Style, my older cousin Derrick a.k.a. Fatnice - check -, Mr. Skurge, Diamond D, De La Soul, Last Poets, Common, The Roots, Nelson Mandela, O.C., Stokeley Carmichael, Jim Brown, Bill Russell, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Herbie Hancock, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Gang Starr, DJ Premier is the best hands down, Freddie Jackson, Sade, Prince, my Momma and all her vinyl records of Ashford and Simpson, The Commodores, Teddy Pendergrass, Aretha Franklin, young Michael Jackson, and Motown like Marvin Gaye.
It was a lot of soul and awareness in my house when we were young and that blossomed into just good hip-hop. Holla Side wayyzz Joee. And lots more. These are early and modern influences that don't just deal with hip-hop. I'm also a Basketball junkie. I know a player on every team.
What was your first contact with hip-hop?
It was at my Moma and Grandmoma Madear's house in Harvey, around '83, when my cousin first started listening to Hip-hop on the radio. WHPK in Chicago JP Chill And Ice Box. And watching movies like Beat Street and Wild Style; Fab 5 Freddie before the storm.
What made you grab the mic?
My cousin again: he was always coming with the new fresh stuff. And also Boogie Down Production. That was the most intelligence I'd heard in music. It made me want to learn more about my people and give back, because the school system didn't.
What were your first active steps in the game?
Freestyling to my immediate peers who would happen to be my family. Oh, and my other cousin who passed away: his name's Shon. We had a group called LDP, which stood for Lamont and Darrel's Posse. We just decided to make an album one day without any rules or direction, just hit record and test yourself. Hands-on has always been the way I learn. I can't just appear in studios whenever people get the urge to stop being lazy and care. I'm ready all the time. So what I'm basically saying is: I just like to work in my own time and space and that's when you get the true me.
You released your latest album "Music With Sound Right Reasoning" on Birthwrite Records (read the review). Please drop some words about this LP, what is it about, what does the title mean, etc.
Ok, it's about breaking the spell of ignorance in Black music, i.e. giving it no space to breath. Why can't my music at least be 99% positive? Because nothing is perfect? Black people who listen to music need another side instead of the one-dimensional party, ignorant, thug, dumb, foolish music.
I'm just expressing myself as a Black man on stolen land. Showing that we have more meaning than what you want to hear and what makes others feel good. I deal with facts, research studied proof and information about my people. And to know something, you have actually find meaning and definition and not just accept everything. And that's all my album is about: being worthy and factual instead of being so happy go lucky and stupid.
I was at Chicago State University when I wrote a lot of the personal stuff in my album, and that environment gave me the space to express this. Being that it was a wide range of Africans in America backgrounds.
To know yourself is to love yourself or hate yourself. And from positive study I've learned to love myself more then ever. And by making music the way I do, others like me will learn to love themselves even more and we will be a strong yet positive community. And that is a step in ending the self-hatred and hating on others, etc.
So that's what it means: Love yourself and your kind through music. Ya dig? A positive step for the world and the road to erase some social problems.
Who are the producers and guests on it?
Well Mixx Massacre who's a former Molemen, who I respect ands love so dearly for even going the distance. He produced the bulk of the songs, recorded and mixed the entire album at his own M.I.H. studios, which is located in the basement. It's all analogue there, real thick and warm. Just too dope to explain.
Memo of the Molemen produced some. He is from the south side of Chicago like me, we just relate. He introduced me to Mixx. Memo and me were just going to the studio to lay down the "Qualified Professional /Shadow Hours" 12" in 2001 and a surprise happened. Jesus and DJ Noble from the Record Playas did production and scratches in that order. They were right on time with that true hip-hop sound. Then there's DJ PNS from the Molemen who is one of the dopest DJs slash Producers in Chicago. He has this style that's just fast and thought out, he's ill.
And there's other Emcees, like Cosmo Galactus, who has been a great brother to me. He came to do another song at the studio and came up with the hook for the song "Detrimental To Your Health" plus he added the dope ending verse. Man this guy gets love. Soul Child is on there. He helped major cause. We are like minds and compatible opposites; me the Scorpio and him the Taurus. PNS and Mixx are Taurus also. Soul Child just keeps me down to earth and he's the only person I know, besides my cousin Fatnice, who has a real foundation in Boom Bap. Really. Yeah and finally there's Verbal. Now that kid's just nice on the mic. I'd like to work with all these people again, cause to me that made this joint classic. Only person not on there is Mr. Skurge, who I owe all praises in music.
This isn't your first album, it is said that there are around 25 - 28. When did you start recording music?
I started recording around 1989 and was recording 4-track style in 96. Before 96 it was straight 'real mix tape style': two turntables and some breaks. I'm kind of obsessive so I do a lot of everything I do. That's why it's kind of hard to concentrate on one thing.
I'm a left-handed Scorpio who happens to be a regular black dude from the south side of Chicago. I'm different and not by choice. I figured I must allow myself to be free in some way, so I do what I think of instead of just thinking about it. But it has its down part too: It's hard to keep one woman. If I wanted to be really wild I'd have more women than Wilt Chamberlain. But you must learn to be patient and tame, that's the new motto.
It's hard to like just one women (laughs). Holla side wayyzz… I will always have 30 or 59 albums. No one has to push me, cause that's me Tupacing it up baby. I got stuff no one has heard and it's pretty good. I'd love for people to think I can't do something. I like to watch people's faces when I come back and regenerate, you dig.
Could you tell us something about these albums, were did they come out, etc.
Well the main ones came out when I lived in Memphis and hooked up with my left hand comrade Mr. Skurge khingass. We first met at a club Fantasia in Midtown in Memphis, Ten and he helped me with everything I'd ever need to record and he's still here to this day being the 'sound right' advice. Man this guy gets all my love and respect also.
The albums came out over the course of years, I'd say the most from '99 to 2001, cause that's when I had my own equipment. I even recorded one in one day on Oct 26, 2000. It was the birth day of the birthday boy, my own present. I produced, wrote, mixed and recorded the entire joint on the same day. That was easy. Its called: "Infinito presents Marcellous Lovelace 10/26/75". It's always easy. The hardest part is working with a bunch of people who you really don't understand or know well. Certain people can work but others don't get it completely.
I watched the videos for "Black Chicago" and "Shadow Hours" (watch the videos). Especially the video to "Black Chicago" really impressed me. The scenes of different places in Chicago really gives an impression of what's going on. What were the concepts behind the two videos and who directed them?
I directed "Shadow Hours" solo and did "Black Chicago" with help from Slim and Cosmo Galactus on the cameras. Slim the Barber is the man; he edited both of these videos and subliminally taught me how to edit. Mixx hooked me up with him. That's the regular white dude; he made it more of a reason to have the videos look raw yet cleaned up. But it's all me with the South Side Chicago regular Black dude edge. I'm also a visual artist, so I know how I'd like to look: Real urban and realistic, like my everyday experience. Documentary film is my minor when I do go to school. So look out for the other 2017 videos. Directed and edited entirely by me. No help.
You were part of the Nacrobats. But the 'bats split. So what's the current state, and can you still give a quick introduction?
Do I really? Well I hooked up with them guys after a long day of battles. First me and Cosmo went to a stand off that afternoon. Then later that night me and Pugslee, Cosmo and like five others went at to another stand off. And I guess they respected my heart enough to add me to the crew.
See Nacrobats is a crew, not a group. The group was what caused the mishaps. I'd have heard a lot about them from cats in the city and you know, we just happened to bump heads and after that meeting we found one common passion which was Hip-Hop. So before I moved to Atlanta in '99, Pugslee and Cosmo put me down. I never officially joined. We just cool Black men who happened to get along. I made a promise to myself to not join too many organizations. If that's the case, Mr. Dibbs made me a 1200 Hobo as a joke on the phone one day.
And then I moved away and they were doing they thing in the city. I came back, hopped on the "Nacrology" and "Network Of Stars" albums. Then we started having so many people in and out and undecided that it became a confusion. Next we made the "All Ways" album. And then the drama started.
Pugs made the choice to limit the show performance members only to people who he felt were on they p's and q's and agreeable. And that caused chaos amongst the members. So I affiliated myself and made it known I didn't agree with the decisions and everything went haywire. So right at the brink of something good, egos, stardom, arrogance, disrespect and the price of fame cost a bunch of cool people to disband.
Maybe since I was the oldest, I should have been more of a take-charge person. But I couldn't cause so many felt disrespected by the choices. So what I did was, I learned to teach people to respect each other as people. And then we can all do what we want without a certain governing system. The United States has too many rules. And hip-hop does not need an industrial system, but just friendships, like minds and my all time way to live respect.
We all still do stuff, matter of fact I'm currently attempting to make all members and others outside some videos and share information free of charge and free of pride just because I can. No strings attached. I guess that all made sense. Word to all those guys. We will still be black men and women and the other races involved at the end and that's all that counts. Word to Yoda and Jwaq for hooking me up with the peeps. Respect. The truth is the death of this planet.
What do you mean by that?
I mean the truth hurts. Not just any 'ole truth', where some one says whatever any one thinks is the truth. No, I'm talking about actual fact truth. Where somebody can do research and find significant points, you know? The truth would kill the majority of the people in the world, if they had to comfront it head to head with no masks on. Like people claiming to be so consious once upon a time in their life. And now they are sippin Moet in their videos and bringing forth ignorance.
No contraditions. I would die for the truth. Me and Pugslee talked about this often, we know better then anyone what's going on. Ya dig. This is a lot of damn questions, who are you all the CIA? Oh, they don't exist, it's some new stuff.
(smiles) You're on Molemen Records now. How did that happen?
Because Panik gave me the opportunity to do me on another scale and I'm one to 'Wilt Chamberlain' my way through life; either 20,000 or 100 points, it don't matter. I take risk in some areas and I give respect. But I'm real careful and not foolish. Proper education always creates energy and I avoid foolishness. Big up to the Moles for a chance. Plus Panik is the only other left hand Scorpio that I've ever met. All respect and love.
Can you make a living out of your music?
If I had a chance to express myself in all mediums at the same time with no restraints, in visual and audio at the same time, yes! I'm a multimedia man, and always new. I'm never selfish. And I know what I need to make me. Just that chance to run like Terrell Owens passed from Mike Vick; them my guys. Word.
What's the art of emceeing in your eyes?
It's the ability to be sure and to command your audience in any audience. Gain the respect. Rock hard, breath control, energy and intelligence: See a KRS-One show for more info. El Da Sensei, De La Soul, Black Thought, and J-Live are ill also. But I train myself to be well rounded and real articulate at what I do and be a dope live emcee.
What qualities should an emcee have that you would call him dope?
Character, personality, a message, charisma, presence and projection. Be your self. Don't be Jay Z or Lil Jon or Pharaoh Monch. Cats be biting rhyme patterns. But Marcellous don't bite, I'm too creative. Dudes are sounding just like the next man. They want to be Redman or Hiero when they look in the mirror and that's some wack stuff. Be you.
Are there complete emcees and if yes, who would they be and what makes them complete?
KRS-One, O.C., MF Doom, A.G, Jeru The Damaja, Tupac. He grew on me. He's a strong figure. Then also Pete Rock, El Da Sensei, Common, De La Soul, Wise Intelligent, PhatNice, Black Thought, and J-Live among others. They all seem to be themselves and are just raw to me.
What do you think of hip-hop in 2003?
2003 has too many copycats. Like Jay-Z just said: there's too many clones. Cats want to be their idol instead of making themselves. I used to live down south, so I wonder how can you commercialize crunk. That's corny. The FCC and others love this. Hey my man, Insight said the bull will die soon.
What were some of your last hip-hop albums you've bought?
C-Rayz Walz "Ravi Pops", The Jugganots "Clear Blue Skies Remake". We used to listen to this in Memphis on that Fondle Em vinyl. And before that Master Ace's last joint, for like 21 bucks in an Atlanta mall. Yeah I'm too broke to do a lot of spending. I just pay rent and work for the day. Then I can buy a few things. Ohh and i like Nas when he stays one person and isnt´t trying to make music to fit every audience. Be your self.
What do you think of the freestyles of Eminem that Benzino brought to daylight. Davey D has written an interesting article (click to read it) about it. What are your thoughts on the whole thing?
I think it needs to be brought to light. It shows once again what people really think. I don't bite my tounge with this type of stuff. People like Eminem and these other underground white kids, would loose most of their black urban fan base if they brought up alot of their dirt. It's a sad but good 'truth'.
But America and its 'majority people' were built on racism and disrespect to others, who they feel more superior then. Marketing and promotion builds superstars, not true talent. If you had to have talent, kids would stop doing music. They built up on the hype and the media; at least not now a days.
See, they are quick to talk about Michael Jacksons, Craig Hodges, Kobe Bryants; don't do stupid stuff kid. About R. Kellys, O.J. Simpsons, etc. But they overlook their own stupid president Bush, who can't even hold a respectable news conference. Or they overlook Arnold being governor of Cali, and that O'Riley dude being a racist. What a mess man. It's their money and they polish who they want and tarnish who they want.
All I can tell my Black brothers and Sisters worldwide is: Love yourself and your people. When you entertain, stay out of trouble. And get you some strong sense of self. Protect ya neck.
And also, it's more than an apology. It is a rethinking of how you want to be seen as a person in the world. I'm an 'American' person, who is kinda stuck here until I find another home and another way to live, learn a new language and all. We as a people need to stop ignorance. So we want to be held accountable for the reasons people act a certain way. Self Control.
Do you listen to hip-hop from outside of the US?
Yeah. It's more boom bap. It's like '85 over there. Oddly enough. I hope them kids don't forget who created this stuff. It's a Black Music.
Which music do you enjoy besides hip-hop?
Jazz and 60's 70s Soul, which is my Moma's Soul Music. That no one has a clue, unless you are there or just a regular black dude or lady who got a soulful family.
What do you expect or demand from a listener when he listens to your music?
Respect the creativity. To actually listen, pay attention to the event. Hear what's going on. If you do that and don't get it or don't care, then it's not for you. Holla side wayyzzzz.
What are the political issues that you address in your lyrics?
Racism, The Government, the 1960s, the plight of a Black man and his family in America. Why do we have to be viewed as less? Who is God? Where are Black people from? Why is all important information about a certain people off limits? Why did they commercialize Amateur Night at The Apollo? Why do we eat so poorly? Why is corporate America so quick to jump on the band wagon of all the Black culture and take the wealth? Hmm?
Hey man, anything that is a problem to my people is a problem to me. Even if they don't know it is one
So, do you consider it to be important to speak on political issues in lyrics?
Yes. But I think the average person wants to drink, smoke anything and chill. I think that's a waste of life. Me, Fatnice and Mr. Skurge don't drink or smoke and yes, that makes us better because Phillip Morris is getting rich off your death. Hmm.
Are you making music to entertain or educate people, or probably both?
Both. But I'm not a preacher. The Church is a front to make some seem real 'goody two shoes'. But the "truth hurts, so I live in it, what happened to the Indians is usually how I start my sentence". That's taken from my verse on "A Greater Purpose Pt. 81", which is unreleased.
As you mentioned, music is not the only thing you do. Have you ever thought of combining your visual talents, your political commitment and your music underneath one umbrella? Or have you already done something like that?
Yeah I'm building it where I can, just create the multimedia event and people will gain more over standing. See to know what's happening, ya know? Being factual, documenting and realistic.
You're making music, you're painting - do you express different parts of yourself in the various art forms or do we get the whole Infinito package in each of them? (Click here to see painting one and painting two)
You get it all every time. If you are not that bright you may miss something. But if you are in tun with your surroundings, you will get it and either love it or one is so systematically commercial and hates it. But to get anything from me is positive and filled with something important. I hate no one and don't hold negativity, no matter what it is. I just tell the facts.
Do you have some 'quiet phases' too, Some times were you just do nothing - no music, no paintings?
Yes, I do this everyday, it's called the 'Marcellous Time'. No one can enter and if they do they get an attitude. I'm usually in a zone all the time.
How are you recovering from stressful days?
Just grab your self and say there's millions of people in the world worse off and they look like me. Then I'm cool, I'm never stressed for long periods of times or ever. It may seem like it to others, but I'm like cool most of the day. People usually mess up the day by being unintelligent. I'm real laid back. I do not like to be bothered. I like being in my own world. People lie a lot and say one thing and do another; that's irritating. But I'm still cool.
World peace is a nice idea.
That sounds a little bit cynical, would you consider yourself a rather optimistic or pessimistic person?
Naw, I'm just being politicaly correct to the best of my ability. See, the people in power built the state that we are in. We just happen to accept too much. Learn how to deny some things. Call it like it is, man. The truth hurts in the living lie.
How would you describe your paintings?
They are about me expressing a statement. Me exposing the 'facts / truths'. Me showing you that there's more to people than what you think you know.
What are they about?
Same as before. Love and hate.
What do you think of the so-called war on terrorism that the US led, which currently ended with the occupation of Iraq?
A Black brother dies for a dollar to fight for a place that created the Willie Lynch. Hey this stuff is about power. Control. Where would you rather be in life, in or out?
Any tours planned?
Yeah, I will tour anywhere booked, any time. Any offers? Yo if this Molemen album comes soon enough, I should be rolling. But other than that, I take spots. To book me, Marcellous Lovelace the meaning of True Hip-Hop, at the right fees, hit To release any music with me for the right deals, hit that email. I'm about the coolest most prompt person I know. And I can write a whole 12-song album in an hour.
No doubt! What to expect from Infinito in 2003 and 2004?
Yo, "The Return Of The Unorthodox Poets Society" from Mr. Skurge and me in 2004. I got some joints from Memo of the Molemen and Doc West of the Single Minded Pros, as well as others. Hey, and the "Molemen presents Infinito: 27", no date yet. And look on for news, for art and Look for all three DVDs and more videos and creativity.
Stop the hate - its all about Nephew Of Frank Records, baby!
Word associations: Segregation.
All my woman - I've dated. Hmm, every sign except a Gemini.
My obsession. Scorpio in the building.
State lines.
Travelling man.
Black Chicago.
Truth and struggle.
Shout outs.
I Love my moma, all my uncles, my aunts, my father, my brother and his son with my name; imagine that. My grandmoma, my family and cousins all of them from Kansas to South Central, LA to Helena, Arkansas, Atlanta, Philly, New Jersey, Harvey IL, Dekalb IL, New Orleans, Lowend 54th and Mr. Skurge, and your family and Dusty A and Yo Fam and all of Memphis Funky Town. Oh, Insight. And Fatbeats, Ethan and DJ Eclipse. And everybody who respects me in hip-hop. And thank you Quote and urbansmarts for all the CIA questions. Holla side wayzzz.
Regular black dude unorthodox 4-eva.
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