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posted: 10-26-04
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J-Zone, Louis Logic and Vakill hyped the European stages together. And man, I hope you people out there didn't miss the three emcees rocking eight countries in four weeks.
This is an 'aftertour-coming-back-from-Europe-update-burning-eyes-interview', bitch!
You just came back from an European tour, how was it?
The shit was amazing. I was shocked that we got love like that in some of those dates. It really changed my attitude about touring. I always had negative experiences on the road and I get homesick real easy. But we had a blast with this tour. I'm glad to be home though, I'm burnt out!
Which countries have you been to?
On this tour we hit UK, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Norway, Switzerland and Austria.
Are there some wild anecdotes you want to share with us?
I ate Museli for breakfast every day for four weeks. I'll never eat that shit again! And I got real drunk after last night's final show and did some dumb shit. No comment! The crew knows what's up with the funky finger; that's an inside joke!
Please tell us something about that coat: was this the infamous chinchilla coat?
Yup, that's it. It's Dick $tallion's mama's coat. She gave it to me. It's part chinchilla, part rabbit, part racoon and part pterodactyl dinosaur fur.
How does the coat look like after a tour, being in rooms packed with sweaty people?
Better than ever before. More tacky and rotten. Ho's loved that coat in Europe.
Did the Europeans give Cpt Back%lap enough groupie love? If not, let me know and I'll tell them to behave next time.
I didn't really chase no ho's on this tour. I didn't put up much effort, I was too focused on gettin' money and just makin' it through all them fuckin' dates. I thought I would die of exhaustion some days.
I had a few fucked up and cockblockin' ass nights chasin' them stupid ass hoes at the end of the tour. So I gave up. I had fun at the last show with some ladies, but I don't really care about groupies no more. They don't make me no money. And I'm tryin' to get this money. Fuck puttin' effort into them broke ass ho's.
If they come on to me and I'm feelin' it, I'll do my thing, but I don't chase them no more. Fuck makin' an effort, show me the money!
Oh my god, you had some fun with ladies in Linz? I'm sure I'm getting beaten up for saying this: a lot of girls from upper Austria drink more than even me could ever drink in one night. Did you have any similar experiences?
Man, they drink like a muthafucka! I was totally wrecked from doing shots all night and these hoes kept passing me the bottle!
So how were the European crowds? Were they familiar with your, louis' and Vakill's music? Or were they just coming out for the sake of a good hip hop show?
Some of the crowds were really familiar with our shit, but it varied from show to show. louis had all the Scandinavian crowds, I had Manchester and a lot of the German dates, Vakill had a nice following in Germany as well. But the Spain dates were more just people coming out for a live show. A lot of them didn't know English or our music, but the energy in Spain was insane! The two shows in Spain were both in the Top 5 for the whole tour in terms of great crowd response.
Which spots did you perform at, small or big clubs? In Vienna you were at Wuk which is quite a big spot.
Manchester, Spain, Wuk, the club in Basel Switzerland and the one in Aarhus Denmark were all pretty big. A lot of the German clubs were small, like the size of my basement. But that makes the crowd seem more live when it's all packed in.
But that fuckin cigarette smoke killed us in those small clubs. Y'all gotta ban them shits!
I really loved that all of you were on the stage together and amped the people with very different styles. Will there be some studio projects too?
That all three of us on stage line up was only for the last three shows. We had separate sets before that. Only Austria saw all three of us up there; feel privileged, muthafucka! I'd already done two tracks with louis last year and I'm sending Vakill a beat CD for his new album, and may do a verse. We gotta see.
We all got different styles, but regardless of our future as far as recording, those two are my dogs. We all helped each other to get through this tour and they always got my support. We will tour together again though, believe that.
How's it going with your album "A Job Ain't Nuthin' But Work?"
It's going wood, it should be copper by next month.
Ha! I see that Devin The Dude is the special guest you've spoke about in our last interview (read it here). How did you hook up with him?
Through Matt Sonzala, a writer for Murder Dog Magazine. He gave me Devin's contact info. I got at him and he got right back. He's a real cool, talented and down to earth cat. He came up with the concept and hook for "Greater Later" and I just followed his lead. He's classic in every sense of the word.
Are you cutting the samples for your beats manually with the MPC or with the help of the computer, e.g. Phatmatik which automatically cuts a .wav into hundreds of sound bits that can get accessed via a keyboard?
I do most of it in the MPC-2000. I may do minor edits and touch ups in Protools. But the MPC is the main tool. I'm getting' more familiar with Protools now, so I'm using it a little more though.
And a last question about your album: did anyone of the peeps you mention on "A Friendly Game Of Basketball" get back to you to play a one on one?
Naah. They all scared!
What's next for Zone? A nice vacation perhaps?
Enjoying the basketball season and working on this project with Celph Titled. I got interest from a few major artists for beats too. Besides that, I'll probably take a vacation. This has been a hard workin' year for me. And you know work is overrated, bitch!
No doubt! Ha! Thank you Zone.

The album "A Job Ain't Nuthin' But Work" is in stores now. Visit for more information

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