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posted: 12-26-05
interview : adrian schraeder
It's been more than ten years since the Mash Out Posse from Brownsville, Brooklyn made its way to the forefront of hip hop's underground. After numerous label changes, a million loud burps and hundreds of energetic live shows, have the two adorably crazy street cats Fizzy Wo' and Billy Danze now signed with the most powerful man in the business. Urban Smarts talked with the always hungry new members of G-Unit during their stay in Zurich.
You had to go through a lot in terms of business situations in the last few years. What happened exactly?
Billy Danze: Ahm...well, I mean, we was, ahm... everybody know M.O.P. We still keep coming, regardless to what. But there was just situations, where labels wasn't ready to deal with what they had to deal with, with dealing with M.O.P. Since "Ante Up", we had three different labels, you know what I mean? We were on Loud, Sony and Roc-A-Fella. Now it's G-Unit. We know the story about Roc-A-Fella. They had an internal situation. We were set to put an album out there - big shout out to Damon Dash, by the way - but they had their problems, they had their issues, so they went their separate ways. We was pretty much just sittin' right in the middle. Fitty put the call in and he wanted to do business. So we came over and hung out with Fitty.
Didn't Jay-Z wanted you to sign with him?
Billy Danze: He did! He did, but it was complicated. We know Jay-Z for years, we know Dame for years.
Fizzy Wo': (with a mouth full of food) ... just from doing shows and stuff...
Billy Danze: Yeah. When Roc-A-Fella just got up, they wanted to sign us. At that point of time, there was nobody there but Jay-Z, you know what I mean? We watched them grow together and we didn't wanna be on either side of the fence. We came to Roc-A-Fella, because THEY wanted us to come to Roc-A-Fella. Now, it just all seemed to different, so we slid off.
Why didn't you get the chance to release an album? When that happened, you were already signed to Roc-A-Fella for more than two years, right?
Billy: Three! We turned the album in, of course! They never put the album out.
Billy: They weren't ready to.
Really? I asked Dame about it, and he said that there was no music to put out. He said: "If there would have been more music to put out, we would have put it out."
Billy: Oh!? He said there was no music to put out?
Billy: (gets upset) Okay, so the next time you talk to Dame, you tell him, that I said, we did give him an album. Tell him, Billy said he did give you an album and you didn't put it out. So... as far as ready...M.O.P. music is always ready!! You know what I mean? Any artist you bring to me or Mr. Damon Dash bring to me, we'll chew right through they ass. Just like before. Now take my shout out back that I gave to Damon Dash, because that was some underhanded shit and I don't fuck with underhanded niggas. We will never talk about Roc-A-Fella again. Don't ask me no more questions about Damon Dash or Jay-Z.
Okay... well, can I ask one more question?
Billy: Go ahead!
How was the general situation over there at Roc-A-Fella.
Billy: Fuck Roc-A-Fella. Yeah, pretty much fuck 'em!! Whatever they had going on, we still gave them props and we never was disrespectful to 'em and nothing like that. But fuck 'em!
What do you think, why did all of this happen several times to you?
Billy: No, it didn't happen several times. It only happened there. Every other place, we put an album out. You know I mean? The way it is over here at G-Unit, we're very comfortable with everybody around. There's a lot of talent, a lot of good talent here. Over there, we didn't feel good. Right now, it's a real unit.
So you hang out at 50's place a lot?
Fizzy Wo': Buuuuuurp!
Billy: Yeah. Right now, we just been on the road for quite a while. We been living together for five months now, you know I'm sayin'? It's either hate a motherfucker or love 'em. And it's workin' out real good. It's all beautiful.
What can we expect from M.O.P. in the near future?
Billy: Our album's gonna be out early next year. Expect the best M.O.P. album ever. The essential elements are always the same: It's raw, high energy, realness, it's about our everyday situations, our everyday life. All over the world there are places that are similar to where we from, you know I'm sayin'? Everybody should be able to relate to this.
One last word to our fans in Switzerland and Germany: You always showed love. We appreciate it and we'll never let you down. Make sure that you stay tuned to the M.O.P. albums. We probably gonna drop an album maybe March, May 2006 on G-Unit Records. Another "Marxmen Cinema" is out in a few weeks. We did the The Mash Out Posse joint with a live band. Straight M.O.P. Rock'n'Roll. So we just keep coming. We never stop.
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