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Back in the summer of 1993 when I was just a young lad in high school, Hip Hop was everything to me. When I first heard "Bow Wow Wow" from Funkdoobiest I just knew this was one of the best tracks I heard all that year. Than I found out they were part of the legendary Soul Assassins crew which I was a big fan of already, so that made it even better to my ears. With solid production from DJ Muggs and DJ Lethal, Funkdoobiest poured out some nice hits. But one thing that should be known is, Funkdoobiest DJ and producer Ralph M. had solid production as well. The group went on to release three dope hip hop albums from 1993 to 1998. Since than Sondoobie has released a couple of solo albums on Battle Axe and then there was word about a reunion of Funkdoobiest in 2005. Well here we are today, talking to Ralph M. who is 1/2 of Funkdoobiest and this is what he had to say about the reunion, the future of their music, past shows, Ralph M's history in music and much more....
Word is their is a new Funkdoobiest album in the works and you just did a tour overseas. Please bring us up to date on all of this?
As of spring 2005 Funkdoobiest is back!!! Comin off our successful tour overseas. Where we covered shows in Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Amsterdam and everything in between. We are currently working on our new album produced by Ralph M.
Any guest apperances for the new album?
As of right now we are focusing on the group so there are no plans for any guests.
What kept you busy after the last Funkdoobiest album up to now?
Funkdoobiest took a break since "The Troubleshooters" (album # 3). Sondoobie did some radio on Power 106 FM with his own radio show, as well as two solo albums and a hit record with Transplants. As for me, I've still been on the beats, still cuttin' on the radio - Power 106 FM: Sundays 6-9 PM, The Greg Mack Mixmaster show, and KDAY Mix Sessions Vol. 1-3. So now were ready to go buckwild on the new Funkdoobiest LP coming soon.
Check out We just got back from Europe where we headlined a fat ass tour all over Europe. Stay tuned we got more!!!
So bring us to the beginning of your career, you got your start in radio?
Yes, I got my start in radio thanks to O.G. 1580 KDAY Mixmaster Tony G. & Greg Mack the Mack Attack in 1987 along with fellow DJs Trayski, Aladdin, Battlecat. We were the last string of KDAY Mixmasters that would be down before KDAY went off the air in 1991.
When did you start making beats?
Officially in 1989 on my Tascam four track .
Who was the first artist that you produced for?
Mellow Man Ace for his second album titled "The Brother With Two Tongues" in 1991. The song I produced was titled "Ricky Ricardo Del Rap". He was flippin it in Spanish.
I think the first time I heard your production was on House Of Pain's debut album, was that your first major label production credit?
Actually my first major production credit was that Mellow Man Ace song. Shortly after that came the House of Pain credits; gold and platinum plaques and fat checks to this day.
Funkdoobiest was part of the Soul Assassins, how did that all come together?
Sondoobie and me have always been down with Muggs, B-Real and Sen Dog.
When and how did Funkdoobiest come together to form the group?
Funkdoobiest came together in 1989 but only as Ralph M and Sun. Funkdoobiest the name came later in 1991 from a song B-Real [of Cypress Hill] had written titled "The FunkDoobiest". So one day Muggs and myself were rollin' around in L.A. and I said "yo, we the Funkdoobiest: Ralph M., Sondoobie, Tomahawk Funk." And it's been history since... that name was too dope to just be a song.
How is Tomahawk Funk doing these days? Is he totally out of the music business now?
Yes, as far as I know. Nonetheless T-Funk will always be Funkdoobiest.
Which Funkdoobiest album is most important to you and why?
"Which Doobie U Be", because that represents Funkdoobiest in its purest form.
Any plans for an upcoming website or do you have something online now for fans to check for?
Just that [editor note: not the official website just something Ralph M. wants everyone to check out.]
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