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interview : tadah
Okay, please introduce yourself.
Doc West: I'm Doc West, the Beat Physicist
DJ Rude One: I'm DJ Rude One, a.k.a. Ravishin' Rick Rude.
Now, you are two guys: so who does what?
Doc: We Both do production and DJ. Rude does all the scratching. He is a true showman not just some cat who can scratch.
Any crew affiliations we should know about?
Doc: Earatik Statik ,Mass Hysteria, Hylandaz
Rude: And Pace Won.
You're from Chicago, right? Tell us about your neighborhood.
Doc: I am actually from Mass. But I have been a Chicago resident for 7 years now. I live in Bucktown/Wicker Park
Rude: Shit is real out here. We shoot cops on the regular, kid.
Uhm, is that a good thing? (smile)
Doc: The realer the better.
But how is life there?
Doc: It's real ill. It's the northwest side of town. Too many yuppies and not enough bullets though.
Rude: Trife. What you thought?
You got an album coming out. Please tell us about it.
Rude: It's a breath of fresh air. We got the gutter street shit and we got the boom-bap. Basically it's just good hip hop. We got Kool G Rap, Mr.Lif, Akrobatik, Pace Won, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Binkis, louis logic, Earatik Statik, Rubberoom, C-Rayz and a ton of fresh cats on there.
Doc: The album is called "From Now On" on EV Records. It's a introduction to Single Minded Pros. It's me and Rude One doing the beats with Emcees we wanted to work with and like on the mic. Good Music. So many styles you don't know which one is coming next.
How do you hook up with all these people?
Doc: Some we contacted from their info on their records. Some we know personally. Some we ran up on when they where doing shows in the Chi. Every situation was different.
Rude: Yeah, we just reached out to 'em or hit 'em with beat tapes as they passed through Chicago.
Anybody you didn't get to hook up with?
Rude: Not really. But we were trying to do some shit with Canibus that fell through. We basically got everyone we where trying to fuck with on this first album.
You have a good mix of Chicago and non Chicago emcees on the record. Was that a coincidental or conscious decision?
Doc: We originally where going to do an eight song EP and the project keep expanding. We started having access to more artist that we wanted to work with by doing shows and other connections and we wanted the best possible product. That was what we where thinking when we made this record.
Rude: We recorded like 30 joints and just pared it down to what we thought were the best songs. We're from Chicago so we had to represent with the illest cats from here.
Some of the songs are rather old and previously released. Why did you put them on the album?
Rude: They're bangin' and were never made available on CD 'til now.
Doc: The album is our debut and even though some of the songs are old they are still brand new to a lot of people who never heard Single Minded Pros. And without them I don't think the album would have the same flow.
Tell us what you hope we'll get out of this record.
Doc: Satisfaction. I want the satisfaction of knowing that all the hard work we put in meant something. I want people to realize that there are still all kinds of Hip Hop out there and you don't have to sound like anyone but yourself. I want people to think quality beats when they think of Single Minded Pros.
Rude: That we make some of the best songs you've ever heard by the featured emcees. Like S.M.P caters to a particular emcee's sound better than previous producers. We want you to say, "Damn, that's the song I've been waitin' to hear by such and such."
So how often do you create a beat with a specific emcee in mind? Or do the artists most of the time simply pick a beat off a beat CD?
Doc: We make beats for each artist we want to work with. So when we know we will be working with that artist, we don't send everybody the same beat CD and they just pick a beat off it. We send like four or five beats with that person in mind.
You said earlier that you pretty much worked with everyone you wanted to on your 'first album.' Who's there left to work with on a second album?
Doc: Wow, lots of cats. But lets just wait and see on that one.
How would you describe your type of Rap?
Doc: Our style is little bit of everything: Boom Bap with some griminess and add originality; that's our style.
Rude: The good kind.
You've also done some mix CDs. How do they fit into the big picture?
Doc: I love doing mix CDs. They are great promotional tools and just fun to make. We really mix and don't just scream between tracks. Rude just did a hot one "Gleamin' The Cube" featuring a lot of Single Minded Pros tracks and other tracks that Rude produced.
What do we need to know about you?
Doc: I am half of the collective called Single Minded Pros or SMP as a lot of people know us as. I love music, baseball, soccer, the cowboys, Godzilla Movies and Sade.
What's your favorite Sade album? I'd go for "Love Deluxe".
Doc: "Lovers Rock". I can listen to her all day.
What would you like to tell us about you, that we probably don't care to know? (smile)
Doc: I am a Treckie. Yeah I have been a fan for years! Live long and make hot beats!
Do you dress up Treckie style?
Doc: Not yet. Me and my man ReDe are going to hit a convention one day and I will though. I will go as a black Kligon.
Any other fun facts about you?
Doc: I was hit by a van the last time I was spinning with Rude One.
Ouch. Now when you hang up your superhero artist cape, what else do you do for fun?
Doc: Well, as with most Super Heroes, some things I can not reveal to the public.
Rude: Cross my fingers that Ken Griffey Jr's hamstring wont come undone for an entire baseball season.
How did you get into this lil' culture we call hip hop?
Rude: Watchin' older cats in my neighborhood break in the park.
Doc: Well, my older brother Mitchell (R.I.P.) was also a DJ and he started me spinning. And he would take me to New York City to buy records and I would listen to WBLS. The first time I heard Mr. Magic on the radio I was hooked.
What is it about this culture that influences and inspires you?
Rude: I was drawn to the music. I tried writing and breakin',but for me the most inspiring thing about the culture is the music. Dope beats, fresh lyrics, and ill cuts.
Doc: The ability to express yourself. To express your life style and allow listeners in on how you see the world. It doesn't matter what kind of rapper you are you can tell your story to the world. That's why our album has all style emcees on it from Kool G Rap to Mr. Lif.
How do you express yourself, considering that you don't rhyme?
Doc: We express ourselves through our music and the emcees we choose to spit on our beats. The types of records we choose to play when we DJ out in clubs. There are ways.
What was the last album/showcase/experience that had you go: man, I better step up my skills before I step out with something again?
Doc: The last time I saw Mass Hysteria live. Mike and Gee are monsters live.
Rude: The last time I watched DJ Presyce. That kid is nuts with it.
File sharing on the internet: I do it too, or I'll do you if you do it?
Rude: Nah. I still buy vinyl.
Doc: Sorry, I am old school: I buy records. I don't download anything. Never have.
What do you really enjoy listening to right now?
Doc: The Roots "Tipping Point", Mass Hysteria "Chicago Underworld", Earatik Statik "Feelin Earatik" and Pace Won "Telepathy".
Rude: Old Mobb Deep, Alchemist's "1st Infantry" and the new capital D album.
What do you want to achieve before you retire?
Rude: I have a list of emcees I want to work with and I want to cross off about 10 more names and call it a career.
Doc: I want to win the World Cup and make good records.
You must have a website, right? What is it?
Rude: Yeah, and it's the illest:
Any shout outs and final comments?
Doc: Look out for "From Now On" In stores October 19th everywhere.
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