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interview : tadah
Okay, please introduce yourself.
I am Time, the crunktastic rap geek.
Any crew affiliations we should know about?
I am currently part of the Audio Transients - who is optikfusionembrace's little movement - and a proud member of Dirty Laboratory. Extra Kool from optikfusionembrace and I are the Grimies and Ancient Mith and I are the Typewriters. Awareness and I are known as CALM.
Uhm, that's a whole lot. Do these groups have any records out?
Yes they do. Satyr has an album out called "Winding Further Down This Road", Extra Kool has an album out called "Ickabod Strange" and Ancient Mith has an album out called "His Story In The Faking."
So where are you from?
I'm from the state where kids kill each other at school: fricking Colorado. Born and raised in north Denver.
How is life there?
Life here is good. I got water, mountains and music. I can't think of three better things.
What else is going on in Denver besides you and your crew? Anything we should check for?
There is a lot of internet beefing graff writers in Denver, that's pretty much it. There are tons of groups doing big things down here. The scene is huge. We went to Cali for tour over the summer and performed with some groups from San Jose and they weren't anything too impressive compared to some people in Denver. The difference between the scenes is the motivation and creativity.
What do we need to know about you?
You need to know that I think Avril Lavigne is freaking hot and I am in rock band called 11:34.
Playing an instrument or singing?
Vocalist. I do more melodic lyrics and some metal yells. Right now we are currently working on an album. There should be some music out in a couple months or so.
What has you make music of two different genres?
I love all types of music and I love to sing. Really it's passenger the pumpkin killer's fault, he is our guitarist and did some guitar riffs on "Litterture." We both listen to all types of music and decided we should make a rock album because it sounded fulfilling at the time.
I would love to attract a rock crowd for doing rock music and I would love to contribute to its culture as well.
What would you like to tell us about you, that we probably don't care to know? (smile)
My favorite cartoon is Darkwing Duck. I worship William Wallace. I'm a part-time lunch lady and the Ying Yang Twins were triplets and I am the third.
Any other fun facts about you?
I have collapsed both of my lungs: one at a show and another eating meatloaf. I am also extremely single.
So, what are you plugging right now?
I am plugging optikfusionembrace's new album "Optimistic Pessimism" and CALM's new album "Anti-Smiles. Ancient Mith also has an album coming out with producer XNDL called "Rush-Ya."
XNDL, that's a German dude, right?
Yes he is. Ancient Mith released a song with XNDL called "1980." It's currently getting college radio play in California and is going to be released on some Subversive compilation someday.
You have an album - "Litterture" - too. Now, don't forget to plug that too.
Yes, it's the hot shit. Computer nerds know about it everywhere.
Is your album so called 'emo-hop'?
No. Emo is whining. I make good old-fashioned music. All music is emo and has feelings or else it would be a robot rapping like Bob Sagget. Music is your interpretation of reality. Reality is shit sometimes, so some of my music may be dark or bitchy, but my life isn't four elements of hip-hop singing in harmony about how happy I am dissing wack rappers. I did that in high school, even though I am only 19.
The first track is actually interesting, as you talk about what hip hop is or isn't. Elaborate.
Hip hop is dickriding, bullshit, patronizers and politics. It's pot heads, fake revolutionaries and alcoholic kids.
I think hip hop (music) is a label. A lot of people separate hip hop and rap. It's too hard to segregate everything. I could be labeled as rap because I say chain or crunk and I could be labeled as hip hop if I talk about spray paint and b-boys, yo! The music business is one sided and frustrating but when you get to the bare bones of it, it's all music.
Well, around here we go by the KRS-One mantra: "rap is something you do, hip hop is something you live." So you don't do Hip Hop music because Hip Hop music equals Rap.
It is hip hop music. But like I said before: it's all music.
But anyway. At the same time you mock yourself, like on the song "Poser".
"We Are Music" is an angry version of "Poser." Poser is a sarcastic asshole song because that is how I am most often approached. I got e-mails, ignorant Vail kids and AOL chatroom's to inspire songs like that. I could write millions of sequels.
How did you get into this lil' culture we call hip hop?
I used to just listen to Ministry, Pantera, Aersosmith and Led Zeppelin. Then one day my brother gave me a DJ Jazzy Jeff & Will Smith album. I hated it but listened to it. And then before I knew it, I knew all the lyrics. One day when I was 13, I sat down I wrote a horrible rap song. I haven't stopped since.
What is it about this culture that influences and inspires you?
What actually inspires me sometimes is hate, frustration and people that piss me off. Other times it's seeing the people and getting feedback from people that say they can actually relate to what I am saying. Seeing support from people really keeps me going.
The whole underground movement right now is great: now you got punk kids, emo kids, metal kids, hip hop traditionalists and nerds all coming out for underground acts.
Some people would say that that's actually a bad thing.
It's never bad when you have a sold out show. It's the punk kids, nerds and everyone else that needs to hear the music. Because they need to get the message and understand the music aside from the media's stereotyping brainwash they pollute the people with on TV and radio. If I did every show for a bunch of hip-hop heads it would be just preaching to the choir every time.
The same people might also say that it's bad that everybody has a record out. What do you add to Rap as a whole?
CD burners did make it easy for everyone to go independent, but trash will be trash. I try to add creativity and diversity to rap. I try to make a point in a song and mix all of my inspiration together, whether I am singing, rapping, yelling or talking monotone.
State of hip hop: good or bad?
Hip hop is going fine depending on what you like. If you like bullshit hip hop, it's doing fantastic. If you like creative things, it's doing wonderful. You just need to get a strong shovel to dig through all the manure. Personally I haven't bought a hip hop album for a while.
That always puzzles me: how can one do rap and then not stay current on what's happening out there in your chosen field? So, how?
I stay current by doing shows and actually being in the scene of things. I don't think an emcee is a recording artist; an emcee is someone doing shows and constantly out there conveying their message. Staying current really isn't a priority for me because I'm going to make what comes out regardless. Rapping isn't just rapping about what's current it's also about expressing myself as a person.
Hip hop has always been about competition. Where is this aspect of competition in your music?
It seems no matter what you do: 500 people hate you and 500 people like you. My only competition is in my head. If I keep going nothing is wrong. I write to the best of my ability and try to play every show like it's my last. Hopefully my next song or next show will make it 501 people who love me and 499 who hate me. But I hear new songs every day that make me realize how uncreative I am and how much I suck.
Tell us what you hope we'll get out of your album.
I think people will get a chance to think and listen. I tried to make the album question things set in stone and make the listener think about things instead of me preaching. I hope people will get the message that everything we do is trash 'Litter'ture and it's your choice to find your own jewel in all this trash. I just contributed.
As a vegetarian, I of course was interested in "Vegetarian's Suck". But after listening to it, I guess it's a fair statement that it can take some effort to listen to your lyrics. Why should we still do it?
The name pisses people of instantly. Then they listen and they are like "oh, it's about a damned cocky vampire who is on the verge of suicide." No one has to listen to my lyrics and there really isn't a set reason to listen to my lyrics. Vampires don't like stakes - steaks - and they suck - blood. Bam. I'm sooo good at naming songs.
Is that maybe why you put the lyrics online?
I put the lyrics online so people could understand what I was saying. I also wanted people to read my 'Litter'ture since I am such a cocky ass mofo.
Who does your beats and who are these people?
The Equation did "Molly Tha Superhero" beat. He did some production on Ancient Mith's album "His Story In The Faking." Valley Sequence makes crazy techno drum and bass beats and dropped me some beats. He works with Ancient Mith and lives in Down South like a G. Equilibrium lives in CA and he has done some remixes for Mars Ill. Satyr is the second half of optikfusionembrace, who is also a godly rapper. AwareNess did most of the album. We practically live together. I love him this much [opens arms very wide].
What do you really enjoy listening to right now?
Corey Taylor, Maynard, Satyr, Extra Kool, Ancient Mith, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Depeche Mode, Too $hort, Frankie Lymon, Chimaira, WHAM and Psychokinetics, they are my home dogs.
You must have a website, right? What is it?
dirtylaboratory.com, check it out. It has pictures of me in my tighty whities.
Okay, any shout outs and/or last comments?
Stay calm and get your prescription for your anti-smiles.
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