urbansmarts hooked up with our good friends of domination recordings, to share their message board. so thanks to them and thanks to you for contributing. however, first read the...


if you are not opposed to free thinking and talking, and not offended by people under no control, by cursing, postings of questionable pictures, by fellow posters dissing the hell out of you, then enter the board. also if you are willing to enter an environment over which the staff of urbansmarts has no control , as well as can't be held responsible for, well hop on in.

if you however are easily offended and are opposed against everything, then please go back picking daisies.



this link gets you back to urbansmarts.com too

note: urbansmarts can not be held accountable for anything happening on the board. we are not responsible
for the links posted,
people offended, things said, mentioned, claimed, and everything else and so on and etc.