Shades Of Reality

production: J-Zone, 7L, Insight, Low Class Production (Vanderslice & Green Steez)

guests: Breez Evahflowin, Karniege, Wordsworth, Insight, Oktober, Loer Velocity, others.
year of release: 2005
Authentic Made feat. Smiley The Ghetto Child & Breez Evahflowin
Resident Evil
Get What You Deserve feat. Substantial, Karniege, & Breez Evahflowin
Born In The Ghetto
Some Days feat. Wordsworth
Life is Dirty
Strugglers Paradise feat. Insight
My Testimony
The General
Force of the Rush feat. Loer Velocity & Oktober
Bust my Gun
Monday Night Raw
Best Kept Secret feat. Young Sin & Karniege
Lost In Paradise
16. Shallow Graves feat. Science
  Some Days feat. Wordsworth
On his new CD "Same Shit Different Day" Lyrics Born states that "he believes God rewards those who show risk." Meaning that to take a step in a different direction then what you're used to is a greater feat then standing in your comfort zone your whole life. The same principal applies to art when being reviewed. Those who take risks and succeed musically are generally those who will carve a new era into the side of Hip-Hop. With that in mind Access Immortals debut CD while consistent with quality in both production and rhymes fails to forge any new ground.
Hailing from Brooklyn, Access fits the description of a NY emcee to a T. Laid back flow, street poet and introspective while at the same time having a boisterous composure throughout. All these characteristics are present throughout "Shades Of Reality" but some don't translate well into the musical structure. Meaning that Access's braggadocio tracks while better then many out there are still somewhat run of the mill. A good example of this is on the J-Zone produced "Monday Night Raw." On a very typical sounding J-Zone beat Access doesn't do anything other than rhyme to really grab your attention. The chemistry between the emcee and the beat never shows up. Other tracks such as "Force Of The Rush," "Best Kept Secret" and "Lost In Paradise" are lackluster and also never get the chance to really grab your attention.
Yet, luckily these songs don't spoil the entire the album. There are some excellent songs abounding throughout. Major credit has to be given to the producers on the CD and especially Vanderslice who has a polished boom-bap sound and good ear for samples. The albums best cut is a somber track called "Some Days" featuring Wordsworth. Wordsworth sets the stakes high with a very personal story about losing one of his friends to drug dealing and Access matches Wordsworth performance with a strong verse about the downfalls of society. The chorus ties this song together perfectly and is an example of Access potential. Doing songs with meanings and a message is where Acess truly shines. "Born In The Ghetto," "Life Is Dirty," "Strugglers Paradise," "Bust My Gun" and "Shallow Graves" are all elements that could be utilized to create an album up to par with some of the elite NY releases.
When putting out a debut album that has a buzz surrounding it if the emcee doesn't live up to that hype he may never get another chance. Luckily for Access he shows enough potential on this CD to cement his place into artists to look out for. It may not be anything groundbreaking but in due time Access will garner more of a signature sound. Until then enjoy the solid album that is "Shades Of Reality."
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