presents State Lines
label: domination

production: cadence

guests: yesh, dooley o, raw produce, mike g of the jungle brothers, eddie meeks, esoteric, mike ladd, zimbabwe legit, others.
year of release: 2004
1. Makin' It sound Like The Intro
2. Yesh and Cadence "Take the Time (Cadence's Choice)"
3. Shorty Raw "It's Only Right"
4. Dooley-O and Jughead "We Ain't Singin'"
5. Raw Produce "Flow Chart"
6. Cade Money On The Cut Pt. 1 (What I Believe)
7. Eddie Meeks of Prophetix "A.T.F. (All Time Favorite)"
8. Lord Cyrus "Beats Rhymes And Life"
9. Esoteric and Cadence "Deep Freeze"
10. CMNR of Word Association "Perfectionist"
11. O.U.O and Zimbabwe Legit "Crash Thru"
12. Sev Statik "The Sky Is Falling"
13. Binkis "Hard"
14. Mike G of the Jungle Brothers and Cadence "State Lines"
15. Mike Ladd "Gravy"
16. Cade Money On The Cut Pt. 2 (Stages and Studios)
17. Quite Nyce "Patience And Persistence"
18. Paradigm "Butterflies"
19. Yesh and Cadence "Take the Time (Yesh's Choice)"
Getting access to Cadence's music is really easy. Think of these Sundays when life is not too complicated, the mind still caught in drowsiness, producing only happy thoughts. Then the sun comes up and you consider a promenade alongside the lake. This is "Take the Time" (lyrics by Yesh and Cadence) or, more so even, the wonderfully weightless "It's Only Right" (lyrics by Shorty Raw).
Cadence stands for intelligent music and elaborate production, a jazzy attitude and much respect to his fellow emcees. Considering the array of eloquent individuals, we're to expect a lot of wittiness and wordplay. And we will not get disappointed.
Of course, music wise, it's not all sweetness and sunshine. Mike Ladd for example, cooks his "Gravy" darker than others. Still, while the awkwardness of this brainstorm doesn't really fit the easy-going rest of the album, it somehow becomes, the more you listen to it, its peak. "Deep Freeze" (lyrics by Esoteric & Cadence) and "Butterflies" (lyrics by Paradigm) creep somewhere through the same underbrush; in the long run however, the lighter tones prevail.
And between the flutes, the organs and the strings, it soon gets clear: Cadence is as much a movie addict as an assiduous sound collector. And he loves to build in different layers, a chorus and a bridge. With all this, the album gets very playful. Like on "Crash Thru" (lyrics by O.U.O. & Zimbabwe Legit) for example, or "The Sky Is Falling" (lyrics by Sev Statik). With their movie inspired beats, these tracks spread a tongue-in-cheek happiness, which at times even turns into real sarcasm, like on "Hard", where Jax' and Flux' pretty aggressive rhyme style collides with a mellow piano beat.
Maybe it's in the nature of Cadence's production style or due to the variety of contributors that this album got very diverse. Still, at times we would ask him to make a decision. A decision on one instrument rather than three. We would ask for more understatement, omission, maybe to make two beats out of one.
Apart from that, we all like Sunday afternoons, I guess. And this is why "State Lines" belongs to the type of music you're not very enthusiastic about in the beginning, still you'll find yourself playing it all the time. Music so unobtrusive, it takes a little while for you to recognize that this is really what hip hop needs now.
review: denise
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