Kickin It To Hell N Back
label: Crookneck

production: Sereck, Sandro.

guests: Sinus, Def Wish.
year of release: 2004
Non Stop
Bring Down The House
Small Talk
Programme The 808 feat. Sinus
Shut Your Funk Up
To Hell And Back feat. Sinus
Straight Outta...
Bloodlines feat. Def Wish
The Nightwalker feat. Sinus
Your Turn To Die Tonight feat. Sinus
  Straight Outta...
Okay, I'm very, very late with this one here, but it shall get proper praise now. Why? Cause it's damn good, that's why. Heck, listen to "Straight Outta…" a song that should have been on my best songs of 2004 list and you'll agree. This is one of the funkiest tunes I heard in quite a while, the beat is irresistible and the rappers cannibalize some N.W.A rhymes - now how can that be wrong? Exactly, it can't. So why was it not on those best of lists? Heck, brainfarts are a mo-fo… if you know what I mean.
The quality of the album does not stop there though - there's plenty more on this record that's just plain right. Heck, the dudes dig up their Roland for "Programme The 808" feat. Sinus. Ah, you gotta crack a smile when you hear this as we hear some circa 1986 type drum programming, with the kicks the bells and all that other good stuff. The emcees also adapt the way the recite the hook to the styles of that year. But with the flow they transport this right into the complex 2000+ years. And while they never really have world changing matters to speak on any of the songs, it fits the vibe and the vibe is dope.
The vibe can get really gritty, like on a "To Hell And Back", which is pure quality in a Rubberoom/Britcore type of way - a fact that gets confirmed as the troupe mentions UK Hardcore on "Non Stop". That song is like a wall of fists that knocks you the fish out. A little to the up-paced side of things, the bass and the constant clashing of sounds, along with some clever rhymes, makes this another winner. Much more minimal is "Shut Your Funk Up" with synthetic sounds grinding and blubbering, while the rappers do a weird kind of "The Scarecrow Speaks", lecturing us from the pedestal. And the trilogy (ie "Programme The 808", "Shut Your Funk Up" and this one) is complete with "Your Turn To Die Tonight", with more bass, scary lyrics and an overall threatening vibe.
Basses these guys like especially: "Bring Down The House" attempts to just do that with the low boom. The beat gets more complex and thick while it goes along. Battle rhymes (basically the agenda throughout this record), with a hook to chant during a show, complete the track and yes, Sereck does not only do most of the beats (with the notable exception being "Straight Outta…"), he's also the rapper with the better - very effortless - flow. Not to take anything away from Brass or Sinus though, with the latter being a constant guest on here, appearing on four of the eleven songs.
Oh yeah, and just for the records: them guys are from Australia. Does it matter? Course not. So do yourself a favor and pick this up. You might have never heard of them people, and you're hesitant and blah blah blah. Just do yourself a favor and pick this record up.
review: tadah
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