All Over
label: legendary

production: the grouch, j-thrill, eligh, dj epic & goldfingaz, bloe.

guests: brother ali, del the funkee homosapien, slug, murs, jc, reese one.
year of release: 2004
1. Intro
2. CMA2
3. Windows
4. Raise Up The Levels feat. Brother Ali
5. Tactics feat. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
6. Bad Side feat. Slug
7. Good Side feat. Murs
8. The Immigrant
9. Fuel 2 The Fire
10. Thas Whus Up! feat. JC
11. Jane Is A Groupie
12. Are We There Yet?
13. Make It Mine feat. Reese One
14. CanUstaycool?
15. Bye, Bye
So there was this one time when this journalist faced most Living Legends members and them grilling him about what's his favorite and/or best Living Legends release. And the goal was at least as much about them wanting to hear certain names, as it was about them being genuinely interested. luckyiam.PSC was waiting for the journalist to mention the first CMA album "Overall." The records don't show if he was able to cough up that name (apparently he's a little bit of a Scarub fan), but he survived to tell the tale.
None the less, this is the second album by CMA, the team up of The Grouch and luckyiam.PSC. Which is kind of an OutKast combination: two artist that are not necessarily appearing to be a match made in heaven. But with the two different styles set in motion, there's a combination and merger, that gives an interesting result. And they even fit the space to add a third surprising element to the mix on the songs "Tactics" and "Bad Side," when they team up with Del The Funkee Homosapian and Slug respectively.
One of the hits - and an obvious first single - is "Windows." The two do some reminiscing over a dope J-Thrill beat, featuring one of those quirky hooks that the good digging people will certainly be able to identify. Another great one is "Good Side" a logical elaboration on Murs' song "God's Work". And so it's also just logical that Murs hops on here too. The Grouch really hooks up something hard without being heavy, PSC destroys the track with some clever rhymes, good content and a quality delivery. Sure The Grouch is spicing this with a lot of irony, but that's just the cool hunk talking. Murs brings it down to a less tongue in cheek level, giving a stance for all that's nerdy and reliable.
There's however songs on here where the content is not exactly lighthearted: "The Immigrant" sticks to more serious issues, talking about immigration and might be the first rap song ever to do it in such a coy manner. Further there's the political "Fuel 2 The Fire" which samples a lot from "Fahrenheit 9/11", and if you've seen the movie and remember the context, you'll be able to make some sense out of it. Otherwise this stays way too uncommented. Further you can even find some deeper message in "Jane Is A Groupie," even though there's of course a lot of humor in this song.
Humor we'll lose once we hear the horrible beat on "Make It Mine" by DJ Epic & Goldfingaz. This is probably the only completely forgettable song on the record. Albeit not everything is blowing us out of our socks, even the lesser songs on the record, like "CanUstaycool," show plenty of quality. And the album actually leaves us with another one of the best songs - "Bye, Bye" - featuring a great beat and good lyrical content. It also leaves us rather soon, as this album only piles up fourteen songs and one intro.
On the track "CMA2" The Grouch says that "Overall" was overlooked. With such a cover, it's impossible to overlook "All Over" on the record stores shelves. The people that troop forward to listen to the record, will find at least three brilliant songs ("Windows", "Good Side" and "Bye, Bye") along with many pleasing material and only one real disaster. The sum of all these parts make the record a good listen. Not necessarily something you want to bathe in, or spread all over you, but overall a records you may want to add to your collection.
review: tadah
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