Side Tracks
label: dj process
production: dj process
year of release: 2004
1. Introduction
2. Skew It On The Bar-B (Ashby Remix)
3. Old Timey
4. Trouble In The Water (Pop Remix)
5. Our Man From Woodland
6. Sic Wit Tis (Khaylee Remix)
7. Deaf Charge
8. Can I Get It (Prza Remix)
9. Do You Believe (Sike Remix)
10. Three Times Nope
11. Anything Goes
See, that's the beautiful thing about doing this job. Because one day you wake up, you walk to the post box, and voila, there's a record in it. Now the typical day continues that you stay excited until you put the record in your CD player, and you start cringing. But every now and then you get a record - by an artist you've never heard of before, no less - you pop it in, and a couple of nature's own happy synapses pop in your brain.
DJ Process was part of one of those days. Because once you put this CD in - that is, if you're able to find it - you'll be happy. Happy with the dope beats, sometimes happy with the dope remixes, and happy because your snobby sucker of a friend doesn't know this yet, so you can rub it under his nose.
We should start with something that's not totally satisfying, to then gain from there. So let's start with "Skew It On The Bar-B (Ashby Remix)". Obviously, this remixes the OutKast song. And while the words fit the beat, and vice versa, one thing was lost: the extreme drive and punch the original had. This is really solid, but it does not get us growling. Much better is "Trouble In The Water (Pop Remix)", with a funky guitar and De La Soul will be happy whenever they hear it.
Further on the remix tip there's "Sic Wit Tis (Khaylee Remix)" where your knowledge will be tested. Who is this? Sounds kinda like Chopper, heck, we better listen to the words, because he might mention his name sometime in the song. The beat is kept harder and brasher, keeping the voice very rough and keeping the poshness away from the whole thing, on a Too $hort tradition tip. Next is "Can I Get It (Prza Remix)" and Process really reinvents this J-Live song. It's actually very, very good, and once again, J-Live would be happy with this interpretation. What then leaves "Do You Believe (Sike Remix)" by The Beatnuts. Okay now, The Beatnuts are really dope when it comes to production. But again Process comes through. Sure, he shouldn't have slowed down the lyrics, but the beat, starting out melancholic and then turning snotty, turns the thing in something new, and not just into something almost like the original.
In between these remixes, there's instrumental offerings. And they work as they are: "Old Timey" builds nicely, still going when you think that the summit can't possibly be any higher. We finally reach a flat area before the loud and incredibe crescendo, only to end with some moments of peace for us to fully get the adrenaline back to normal. "Our Man From Woodland" stays calmer, but as all the beats on here, there's never too little going on. Instead the beats are thick and complex, they change sometime into the song, like "Deaf Charge" mutates from rather standard beginnings to a three headed monster. And while Process really fails with "Three Times Nope" - the guitars are just bad - "Anything Goes" is again so frickin' dope, that we don't even see the point of stressing too much about that one glitch.
So there you have it. The adventure of a music journalist. Who's out to find the good music for you. Especially the good music that you - heck that you and I - have never heard of before. Because there is good music out there. Really good music. Like DJ Process'es music.
review: tadah
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