Junk Planet
label: atomik | freshchest
production: celph titled, j.rawls, j.j. brown, deeskee, others.
guests: vast aire, louis logic, celph titled, alaska, c-rayz walz, others.
year of release: 2004
website: myspace.com/dutchmassive
1. Junk Planet (Intro)
2. Evaporate
3. Soul Searchin' feat. PackFM
4. It Gets Worse feat. Windnbreeze, Alaska, Majik Most, Cryptic One, Vast Aire
5. Crush Your Interlude
6. BusStopBuildingBlock
7. October 1st (Interlude)
8. Dr. Ama feat. J.J. Brown
9. The Ego Has Landed
10. Just Me & My Walkman
11. Take a Break (Interlude)
12. Pipe Dreams
13. Goonies
14. The Hook feat. Apathy, Majik Most, C-Rayz Walz, Celph Titled, louis logic
15. 1996 Equilibrium Answering Machine Tape Freestyler Disaster
16. My Own Shit
17. Classic
18. Went to a Whole Different Planet (Outro)
bonus tracks
19. Revaporate feat. Majik Most, Celph Titled
20. The Chill Factor feat. Main, Fly Beeds, Seif
One of the signature tunes on this record - "The Hook" - came out in 2002. And reading the shouts, Dutch writes that "this album was created from 1997 - 2002." So let's do the math: the most recent stuff is two years old. Hmm… so what's the relevance of it today? In a market that finds a new trend every other month? Why even bother to listen to this old shish?
Okay now, settle down. Some stuff that Dutch addresses on here are actually even more pressing issues today than they were years ago. A great example of that is "Soul Searchin'" with PackFM. Dutch says: "great emcees are a thing of the past/ cats is either too simple or too abstract." He continues to talk about how bad distribution and recording companies are. And listening to this time machine moment, it's noteworthy how little has changed and how that little got rather worse than better.
But maybe we should take a step back and discuss who this Dutch dude is: part of Equilibrium, the group with Celph Titled and Majik Most who blew into the scene with "Farenheit 813" and "Windows 98." With the latter using the Windows signature start up sound. What spun the rumor that Gates was threatening them with a lawsuit. He didn't. The guys made that up for some extra attention. The 12" came out when having a vinyl record was still a big thing and when there was no CD-R alternative. Heck, chances were that you were good when you got a 12" out. What also explains the incredible number and talent of guests that's on this album. Be it on the previously mentioned "The Hook" that features Apathy, Majik Most, C-Rayz Walz, Celph Titled and louis logic, or be it on "It Gets Worse" with Windnbreeze, Alaska, Cryptic One and Vast Aire.
Dutch is in many ways a bad mouth, spending many songs not saying much. Like the battle verses on "Crush Your Interlude" or "The Ego Has Landed", both over very early 90s beat. But the best song on here is "BusStopBuildingBlock," which in many ways is a tribute to The Nonce. A group that must have influenced Dutch, also considering that he specifically gives Yusef Afloat a R.I.P. in the credits. The flow is very much like theirs, the 'bus stop' rhetoric similar too and the beat by westcoast can-we-please-give-this-man-his-deserved props Deeskee fits the vibe perfectly. Making this song a homage, even if it wasn't meant to be. Deeskee actually did more songs on here: the humorous "Just Me & My Walkman", the interlude "Take A Break", the not quite thrilling "Pipe Dreams" and the friendly "My Own Shit". So Dutch and Deeskee are actually - and quite surprisingly - quite the dream team.
Other producers on this record include J.J. Brown (on the excellent "Dr. Ama" amongst other songs), J.Rawls, Celph Titled, Benefit, previously mentioned Deeskee, Ayentee, Main and Dutch himself. Who's actually quite a dope producer, as shown on Interludes like "October 1st" and "Went To A Whole Different Planet". As well as some unreleased material that hopefully eventually surfaces. The beats Dutch selected though are very related in vibe, and the numerous producers are not what's holding this album back. While the songs themselves are actually really good, you can tell that they were not recorded with one release in mind. It's a compilation of tracks by one artist and thus it's kinda hard to really get a feel for the album. And then there's also a "1995 Equilibrium Answering Machine Tape Freestyle Disaster" that also does little for the audience.
But even with these few and not that important dampers, the record is actually really good. It comes out late and it runs the risk of becoming one of those unnecessary sleeper hits. But you're in the know now. There's no excuse to not check this out.
review: tadah
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