For Your Personal Enjoyment
label: Permanent

production: Anacron, Eligh, N8 The Great, Sunspot Jonz, A. Kruse, Scarub, others.

guests: Good4Nuthin, Sunspot Jonz, Murs, Joe Fixxit, Scarub.
year of release: 2004
For Your Personal Enjoyment
Picture Me Strollin'
Hold On feat. Good4Nuthin
Come Along
Call Of The City feat. Sunspot Jonz
Good Times
All Year Long feat. Murs
Empty Pockets
Love American Style
11. You Don't Know feat. Joe Fixxit
12. Do What You Will...
13. Music To Barbeque By
14. Summertime feat. Scarub
15. Sleepless In LA
  Picture Me Strollin'
This is Himself's second album and after the help of Galapagos4 on "Providence Plays No Favorites" this one here is pushed by, well, himself. But of course with the help of other people, like Anacron - his Netherworlds brethren, Eligh, N8 The Great, Sunspot Jonz, A. Kruse, and Scarub (to name the better known ones). That's on the beats. As for guest appearances, there's Good4Nuthin, Sunspot Jonz, Murs (the third Netherworlds alumni), Joe Fixxit and Scarub. And with Murs and Scarub, two artists with a strong resemblance to Himself are featured on this album. Sure, you could say Himself resembles them, but it's not like one is biting the other, they just all have a somewhat similar way of delivering a rhyme. So Himself is somewhat like a more serious Murs and a less poetic Scarub.
And sometimes he's a little bit Aceyalone too, like on "Empty Pockets," the live show track or "For Your Personal Enjoyment," the opening and explaining track. This is Acey circa "Book Of Human Language" what's quite a compliment for Himself, considering the quality that album achieved. However, apart from incorporating some shades of these three artists, Himself is mainly, well, himself.
What Himself does very well and to our enormous enjoyment, are songs about good all day scenarios. Be it that he's walking somewhere on "Picture Me Strollin'" or that he's inviting us for a cook out on "Music To Barbeque By", to come along to cruise on "Good Times" or just in general the warmer months during the "Summertime," where life is just so much easier.
All of these songs are done with ease, simply because Himself tells a story well and because he finds the right beats to go with the carefree topics (but he can also carry a more "Clueless"). Be it the really weightless "Picture Me Strolling" by Alo, the motivating "Come Along," the very LA "Good Times" or the excellent finishing track "Sleepless In LA" produced by Wizdome. And even the not so brilliant beats like N8 The Great's "Hold On" actually adds a good shade with its danceability. The beat on "All Year Long" (with Murs) is also a little 'eeh', while the song "Empty Pockets" where Himself actually discusses the quality of the beat, is good, as is the must dance to "Love American Style", both produced by Anacron. But Scarub's beat on "Summertime" is pretty bad.
Rather than comparing Himself to all the previously mentioned artists, you can really throw 'em in the same pot. A saying usually with a negative connotation is actually the exact opposite; considering amongst what company Himself finds himself in. And it's a fair saying that Himself is a little bit of all of them, releasing an album that every person enjoying one of those artists, will find personal enjoyment in too.
review: tadah
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